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4 Tribal Days Tournament Summary (continued from page 1) When the fnal game of the tournament ended, awards were handed out to each division: headstones, weed-eat, and cut the grass that 1st Place received championhship jackets; 2nd Place received hooded sweatshirts; 3rd the riding lawn mowers couldn’t get. It was Place received crew neck sweatshirts; 4th Place received T-shirts; Allstars received duffe quite a teamwork effort -- people worked bags; Special awards for MVP; Best Bat, Best Glove; and Best Catcher alongside each other to get an important job done. As they worked together, families Men’s Hardball 1st Place- Little Boston Pistols shared their memories of their loved ones 2nd Place-Little Boston with other families. It was quite a unique Darrin Jones, Tournament Director 3rd Place-Nisqually healing experience. Ang Youckton, Shannon Jones, Scorekeepers 4th Place-Young Bloods A fantastic lunch was provided at the youth center with a selection of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken that was provided by the casino. Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator, had a raffe and some nice gifts for everyone who worked in the cemeteries that day. It was hard work, but very gratifying to see the cemeteries well groomed for those who visited to pay respects, pray and Devon Boyd, age10, won this year’s leave fowers on Memorial Day. Eagle Award for retrieving the most foul balls. That Good Ol’ Indian Baseball Feeling Friday was the start of the baseball Jr., Fred Shortman, Shawn Ortivez, Johnny tournament. The weather cooperated Atkins, Lori and Mike Tovrea. Many thanks The Little Boston Pistols from Port Gamble S’Klallam won the men’s throughout the weekend, making it an to those who donated salads, pop and chips. hardball championship jackets. They lost the first championship game, outstanding sunny weekend. There were The vendors also made this tournament a and won the second game defeating the other Little Boston team. 11 men’s teams, eight women’s and eight success. They provided not only food, but coed teams who showed up to play hardball Coastal Salish artwork, toys and souvenirs Women’s Slow Pitch Softball at Tomahawk Stadium. This year, most of throughout the tribal grounds. There was the games were held on the reservation some impressive artwork for sale: beadwork, baseball felds and only a few games were and cedar bark hats and baskets, as well as Cheryle Starr, Tournament Director 1st Place-Natives (Returning Champs) held at Oakville High School, making the crocheted items, printed shirts, hats, and Carla Thomas, Diana Pickernell, 2nd Place-Muckleshoot tournament more convenient and enjoyable. sweats. Scorekeepers 3rd Place-LaPush The excitement of baseball was in the air. The Elders provided breakfast, lunch 4th Place-New Blood You could smell the delicious foods wafting and a rummage sale at the Elders Center. from the food booths and hear the announcer Volunteers assisted in setting up the The Lady Natives returned and defended their championship. They on the loudspeaker, the ringing of the bat as rummage sale. were able to defeat Muckleshoot in the championship game (11-1). a ball was driving into the feld and the wild Congratulations go to: Amy, Sandra, “G”, Norm, Laria, Leesa, Treen, cheers of the crowd. Youth Awarded for Gathering Foul Balls Sharon, Maxie, Dora, Melissa. Way to play outstanding baseball, ladies! There’s nothing like good old-fashioned A special “Eagle Award” was handed out Sorry, no photo available. Indian baseball! to a youth who collected the most foul Don Secena said, “This is a great balls during the weekend. This is the third traditional gathering. This tournament kicks year for this little known award, which Coed Slow Pitch Softball off the summer’s Indian baseball season. is sponsored by Sally Pikutark. She was It’s nice to visit with all of our friends and inspired by the memory of how her son and Cheryle Starr, Tournament Director 1st Place-Taholah family who travel from other tribes that we Marvin, Jr., returned foul balls many years Carla Thomas, Diana Pickernell, 2nd Place-Muckleshoot don’t see often enough. Also it is Memorial ago. The winner of this year’s Eagle Award Scorekeepers 3rd Place-LaPush Day weekend, a special time to remember was Devon Boyd. Congratulations and great 4th Place-New Blood the ones who aren’t here anymore.” hustle in returning all those foul balls! Kids Just Want to Have Fun A Tournament that will Live on in our On Saturday and Sunday, the sound of Memories the siren flled the air, signaling that it was On Monday the Memorial Day Weekend time to start youth activities. You could see Baseball Tournament came to an end. Many children running towards the basketball teams played enthusiastically all day. Even court anticipating the exciting activities though they were tired, that “never quit” at the Youth Center. Tony Medina, Youth competitive spirit kept driving them to Center Director, could be seen pulling do their best. At the end there has to be a his wagon full of prizes to the basketball winner, but the good sportsmanship that all court as children laughed and smiled in the teams displayed throughout the weekend Taholah (in blue uniforms) won the championship, and Muckleshoot (in anticipation of the prizes they could win. was something to be proud of, making this orange) had to play all day to finished the second. It was a great day for With the weather being so warm, the squirt tournament something special to remember. baseball! guns were the frst to go. Because it was Memorial Day, there was an ending prayer by Annie Jones honoring and Thanks to Great Food and Shopping thanking all the teams and their families who Jones, Corey Sullivan, Roger Sullivan, The annual fsh and clam bake is came to this annual gathering. Everyone Volunteers! Shannon Jones, Ray Lopez, Rueben Lopez, always an attraction for the Memorial Day prayed for the safety of families as they Cheryle Starr sends out a special thanks Jerry Youckton, Carla Thomas; Youth Center Weekend. The fsh, clam and oyster plates returned to their homes, and prayed for those to all the volunteers who contributed activities, Tony Medina, Marla Medina and remained priced at $5.00. A delicious who had passed on. to making this weekend so successful: Teresa Pannkuk; Tournament Preparation, seafood feast was made available for Afterward, both George “Chops” Tournament directors, umpires and Carla Thomas, Angie Youckton, Saturday and Sunday. The food went fast, so Youckton and Dale Klatush, Sr., agreed that scorekeepers; Darrin Jones and Angie and Joyce Thomas. when you’re here next year, don’t hesitate, this was a particularly memorable Memorial Youckton for running the Men’s Hardball or you’ll miss out. Another awesome job Day Weekend Tournament. “This baseball Tourney; Carla Thomas for helping run by our Vice-Chairman, Don Secena and his tournament had the most people we’ve seen. the Women’s, and Coed Tournament; group of volunteers: Mary Secena, Robert It was good to visit with families and friends announcers, Chubby Pickernell made it Cayenne, Dennis Cayenne, Ray Secena, who came out and enjoyed the weekend.” for Saturday and Steve Medina; grounds keepers, Ray Secena, Jr., and Amil Starr Jr.; clean up crew, Carla Thomas, Geo Jack, Cancer Walk (continued from page 1) Ethan Wittwer, Cheyne Youckton, Devon Boyd for all their hard work; umpires and and Jo Aldrich (Chehalis). Many walkers of This event wouldn’t have happened without scorekeepers, Any Zaidy, Casey Pickernell, all ages completed the walk. you and your support. Big thanks to all our Chet DeLamater, Tony Youckton, Joey After, the last walker fnished, the raffe programs and vendors for the donations, Fulton, Doug Davis, Wayne Barr, Darrin began. Everyone received some kind of including: Lucky Eagle Casino, Great Wolf prize for walking, so nobody went home Lodge, Tribal Enterprises, Eagles Landing Pictured from left to right are: Nora Ortives (Lil’ Miss Head empty-handed. The best prize was being Hotel, SDIP, Native Women Wellness able to walk for a cure for cancer. Program, Language, Tribal Days vendors, Start), Emily Pickernell (Lil’ We would just like to give a special and Business Committee. There was even Miss),Malena Canales (Jr. thanks to all the walkers and all the helpers. more that donated. Thank you all for making Miss),Deidra Hawkes (Miss Tribal Days). Summer Youth Workers Dental Care Hours Draft a Will Clinic Head Start Wanted! At the Wellness Center Graduation The Chehalis Tribe and Lucky Eagle A reminder to all patients of the Chehalis June 22, 10AM - 2:00 PM Casino are looking for summer Tribal Wellness Center Dental Program: Are you an Elder age 60 or over? Would at the Youth Center youth workers. There is criteria We are open for late appointments on you like to get help with drafting a will? If to qualify for the summer youth Mondays. The CTWC is open from 9:30 so, The Northwest Justice Project will be positions, so contact the below June 26 numbers if you are interested. AM-6:00 PM Mondays only. This late conducting a Will Clinic here at the Chehalis day helps patients get appointments after Tribal Wellness Center. There is a will packet starts at Contact Chehalis Tribal Human school and work. There are still late and you will need to get an Individual Trust Resources at 360-273-5911 5:30 PM Monday dental appointments available— Inventory Report (ITR) or Trust Inventory call 360-273-5504 for an Report from the BIA and bring it with Contact Allison Carter at the Lucky you. This will be a one hour appointment. Everyone is invited. Come join Eagle Casino Human Resources at appointment today! Schedule one by contacting Christina Hicks, us in celebrating our Head Start 306-273-2000 ext. 223 Tuesday-Thursday Dental Hours are Community Health Coordinator at graduates. Any questions contact Lloyd 8:00 AM-4:30 PM 360-709-1741 or email chicks@chehalistribe. Commander at 360-273-5514.
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