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P. 1    FREE July 2009 Vol. CHEHALIS Honoring June “Tiny” 2/7 Elders: Program TRIBAL Jones News NEWSLETTER  She loves to attend church, and says, “It is a good WIC’S New Food Choices way of life,” page 3 Coming in October  “People of the Sands”  By Patty Suskin, Registered Dietitian with SPIPA 21 Head Start Students Graduate in Check this out:  Fully breastfeeding moms will get the June -- Make Tribe and Families Proud biggest WIC food package! More food than in the past including: canned tuna, salmon, sardines or mackerel, milk, juice, Many community members turn out to celebrate with eggs, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter and beans. graduates as they set sights on kindergarten, page 2  Breastfed babies over six months will get the most infant foods - baby food meats, jarred baby fruits and vegetables, and Tribe Honors High School Economy Affects baby cereal.  Partially breastfeeding moms will receive 2009 Fireworks more food than postpartum moms. Graduates and Encourages  Postpartum moms not breastfeeding will be eligible for WIC for only six months Them to Continue Education Season after the baby is born.  Breastfeeding moms are eligible for WIC By Fred Shortman, Editor for one full year after the baby is born.  The amount of formula provided for The tribe’s annual freworks season is a infants will be reduced. time for families to set up small businesses  No juices until after one year old. to earn a little extra spending money. The  Children age two or over will receive 2%, freworks stands are located throughout the 1%, or fat-free milk only (whole milk will reservation; Thunder Valley 1 and Thunder not be available). Valley 2, Top of the Hill, Thunder City Mall,  Children’s packages will include one Indian Country, Moon Road and one stand at pound of cheese only. the Tribal Center parking lot.  1- 4 year olds and women will receive This year, the tribe made accessible a vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables. new place to set up -- “Thunder Alley.”  1- 4 year olds and women will receive There were 99 stands set up throughout the 100% whole wheat bread, tortillas, reservation, which was 23 more than last oatmeal, bulgur or brown rice. year. For additional information, contact Each year stand owners select the Debbie Gardipee-Reyes at 360-462-3227 or location for their stand, naming their stand, check out Washington State WIC web site At the recognition dinner 2009 high school graduates display their Pendleton building it, painting and then flling it with blankets: (LR) Halisa Higheagle, Jerry Meas, Todd DeLaMater, Jacob stock. That’s just the start. Then the owner htm Secena, Chelsey Potter, Hillary Powell, and Courtney Brown. Not pictured: hires and schedules employees. You Can Help Others With Twins-Darrin Jr., and Daniel Jones, Britney Charley and Micheal Russell. It’s interesting how each stand owner approaches sales and decides on the stock to Health Insurance By Jason Gillie, TELO Education Coordinator sell. Many freworks stand owners depend June 16 was a night to remember for all. happen if one does what they love. High on their return customers who they refer to Do you or someone you know want to have The TELO program was busy all week long School was simply a stepping stone to a as “Repeats.” The veteran stand owners are more meaning in your life? Do you want preparing for the banquet which honored greater life. always looking forward to building a bigger to do something satisfying and of great eleven graduates and their families. The After Rachel’s speech, JJ Shortman raffed customer base. service to your community? Then become room was adorned with colorful balloons off the names of each parent or guardian. Many of the new freworks stand owners a Statewide Health Insurance Benefts and decorations. The Lucky Eagle Casino Each family picked a gift of their choice are learning the ropes to selling freworks. It Advisors (SHIBA) HelpLine volunteer! provided parmesan chicken and lasagna. from prizes ranging from a George Forman is a highly-competitive business and many As a free service offered to consumers by Two-hundred-and-ffty people turned out to grill to gift cards for restaurants such as the have diffculty their frst year. This year, the Washington State Offce of the Insurance share in this momentous occasion! Olive Garden, and Red Lobster. because of the economy, some didn’t make Commissioner, we need volunteers who After dinner Chairman David Burnett The keynote speaker for the night was a proft after paying expenses. Jody Smith want to help others in Lewis, Thurston, and opened the evening with a short speech Rodney Youckton, who encouraged all said, “It was my frst year as a stand owner. Mason Counties get access to health care assuring the graduates that the Chehalis graduates to pursue their educations. He read I was glad to make a little more than I did coverage. Tribe is behind their decisions and wished a poem to the graduates titled “The Race” by when I was just a helper for someone else.” The only qualifcations we require are: them a bright future. D.H. Groberg. The poem was touching, and Many customers traveled great  A desire to help people in need Next in line to speak was the nervous encouraged the young adults to never give distances, continuing their annual Fourth  No affliation with an insurance company Higher Education. Coordinator, Racheal up. Sometimes life gives us hard times and of July tradition of purchasing freworks  Ability to ensure client confdentiality Mendez. She encouraged each graduate to we feel discouraged, but if we try hard and at a Chehalis tribal stand. Some customers  Willingness to provide unbiased seek their calling in life. She also mentioned get ourselves up again, we can accomplish purchase freworks to celebrate a birthday, information the happiness and fulfllment in life can whatever it is we want. TELO would also wedding or even save some for the We train our volunteers to answer questions about health care coverage, make See Graduates, page 4 See Fireworks, page 4 referrals, help evaluate and compare options, facilitate meetings, give presentations, Fish and Smiles are Caught by All at Tribe’s provide offce support, and much more. You don’t need any health insurance knowledge – all you need is a desire to help Annual Head Start Fatherhood Fishing Day others out of the Offce of the Insurance Commissioner in Tumwater. By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist For more information, call us at 1-800- The pond was stocked in preparation catches of crappie, sunfsh, large mouth the kids and their parents. Altogether it 562-6900 and tell the operator you want for the Head Start’s Fatherhood Fishing bass, northern pikeminnow (Chub), and was a great day and we are all looking to talk to someone about volunteering for Day. On June 11 the weather was the stocked trout. Head Start provided forward to next year. There was talk of SHIBA. great for fshing and enjoying the lunch supplies and Fisheries barbecued an event this summer, so keep your ears outdoors together with family. This the hotdogs and set up the spread for open and watch for the posting. year the Natural Resources Department suggested the use of the tribal property Josh Terry in Grand Mound for the Fatherhood spends the Day. Everyone was happy to see the day with his new location, and that there was no mud. daughter PO Box 536 Last year was miserable: It was cold and Lauryn City, ST Zip rainy and the feld was muddy. (age 4) at Street Address This year we had partial clouds and the tribal Oakville, WA 98568 not too hot weather and the kids loved property on Fatherhood * Return Service request it almost as much as the adults. The Fishing FirstName LastName Fisheries Department arranged for over Day. Josh Chehalis Tribal Newsletter 500 fsh to be stocked the day before and said, they proved to be willing biters, although “This is some were hoping for more bites. Greg awesome! Burnett was a great host, since we were It’s one of PRSRT STD PERMIT No. 2 using his leased pasture. He moved his the best OAKVILLE WA horses out for us, and they had done a days we’ve US POSTAGE PAID great job of eating the grass so it was spent (Available-Under Construction) ©Copyright together.” 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL NEWSLETTER much easier to get around. is a publication of the Confederated Tribes The smiles were plentiful with of the Chehalis Reservation.
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