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4 Graduates they enjoyed in the past, and perhaps things Fireworks (continued from page 1) (continued from page 1) they might enjoy in the future. Other gifts were given purely for laughs. like to congratulate Rodney once again The graduating seniors were: Courtney on attaining his bachelor’s degree from Brown; Centralia (College) High School; Evergreen State College. Parents Stacy Youckton and Tony Brown To get the graduates involved into the Sr., Grandparents on mothers side Percy celebration, JJ Shortman called each of them and Alice Youckton. Todd A. DeLamater; to the center stage. They were told to put Oakville High School; Parents Cheryl on the goofy looking glasses provided for “Mimi” Cayenne and Chet DeLamater, them and let the game begin. The students Grandparents on mothers side, Jane Klatush- were put against each other one-on-one and Cayenne and Frank Cayenne, Sr. Hillary were required to answer a question correctly Powell; Gig Harbor High School; Parents in order to have their chance at choosing Randi Powell-Johnson, step-dad Dave a prize. The students had a good time, and Johnson, father Earl Powell; Grandparents Walter Lewis awaits his next customer. The stand “Black Magic” was located enjoyed their prizes. Georgia and Albert Meier; Great- at the new Thunder Alley location and painted by Wakisa Wittwer. Tony Medina, Youth Coordinator, was grandparents Alvin and Georgina Davis- last to present a gift to each graduate. Tony Meier. Jacob Secena; Oakville High School; upcoming New Year. They’ve been doing cash. Great job Wakisa! Some of the stand has watched many of the graduates grow Parents Sam and Leah Secena; Grandparents this for years -- travelling to the Chehalis owners use their own creative talent to paint up through activities at the Youth Center, Lee and Francis Starr and Ray and Roberta Reservation to purchase freworks because their own stands. and shared several funny and embarrassing Secena. Halisa Higheagle; Olympia High some of the product Law Enforcement was active setting up moments. As they blushed, the audience School; Parents Tony and Billie Higheagle; isn’t available and enforcing the safety zones. The tribe fell into a ft of laughter -- not laughing Grand Parents Yvonne and Gary Peterson. outside the reserves an area behind the baseball feld at them, but joining in the expression of Micheal W. Russell; Rochester High reservation. for stand owners and families to watch embarrassment. Tony presented each student School; Parents Dina and Randy Russell; The a pre-freworks show and the main with a gift card for the Capital Mall and also Grandparents Robert and Marion Russell economy freworks show. Diana Pickernell encouraged them to further their education and Jerry and Carolyn Sloppy. Kelsey affected and her daughter, Deidra Hawks, through college. Potter; Gig Harbor High School; Parents all areas received freworks donations from The slide show was a time to reminisce Jorja and Tim Potter; Grandparents Carl and of sales stand owners for their pre-freworks for the graduates, friends, and family and Beverly Peterson; Great grandparents Alvin this show, dedicating it to Diana’s son, to celebrate the fete they accomplished. and Georgina Davis. Twins: Darrin F., Jr., freworks Paul Snell, Charles Palmer, Tashina Pictures of each student were displayed on a and Daniel BA Jones; Oakville High School; season. Bumgarner and many other loved large screen for all to see. Families clapped, Parents Darrin Jones and Debbie Starr. Jerry Some ones who have passed on. Then others and cheered as they watched photos of their Meas; Taholah High School; Parents Anna stand owners contributed to the pre-freworks show. loved ones. and step-dad Joe Hartman; Grandparent struggled to At home on Tahown Drive, Sidney The TELO program then called each Lucy Cush. Brittany Charley; Rochester make a proft. Prices of Sanders (12 years old) provided his own graduating senior up on stage to give them High School; Parents Josie Charley and many products went up which in turned pyrotechnics to become quite a show maker their gifts and adorn them in a beautiful Brian Sharp lessened what consumers were able to of his own, learning from other tribal Pendleton blanket. The gifts each person Congratulations graduates! Best of luck to purchase. Some of the stand owners members on how to put on received were small momentous of things each one of you in the future. commented that their return consumers his own professional spent less or didn’t even show up. show. He dedicated Tribe Receives United The Centralia Chronicle came the show to his late great- out and interviewed some Way Award for Helping stands owners and wholesale grandmother, Rosetta businesses. The wholesalers By David Burnett, Chairman can only sell to licensed stand Klatush. Barnaby owners and their workers. The Chehalis Tribe was given The wholesalers have Canales and “Special Recognition” by the to be careful, because there his work crew United Way of Thurston County are always people who think of Dustin for 2009. The award was they can walk up on their docks Klatush, Jason given at the annual and purchase freworks. This is Canales, Chet meeting of the United not allowed on the reservation. The DeLamater, Manny Way. The recognition wholesalers purchase business licenses Medina, and Omar was due to the long- from the tribe in order to set up their Cruz set up the tribe’s annual term commitment satellites. It makes it convenient for the freworks show. It was one of the top three the tribe has made small business owners to be able to get largest private freworks shows in the state in supporting the product. of Washington. The stand owners permit charities of Thurston The tribe provided land fees paid for half of it and the Lucky Eagle County and the on Anderson Road Casino donated the other half. The class B surrounding region. to stand owners cakes and mortars were a heart-pounding I am proud of to rent, and tribute to celebrate our independence. the tribe and the provided It is now the second biggest freworks bridges that are being power, lights, display in the State of Washington, built by our donations. Director of Government and Public Relations Jeff portable and one of the last hand-lit shows. Warnke (left), Chairman David Burnett, and Assistant We have made a real General Manager Ena Myers accept the Special toilets and Another outstanding job by you and effort to reach out Recognition Award given by the United Way of Thurston containers your volunteers, Barnaby! to our neighbors, to Many thanks to others who to understand their County. The Chehalis Tribe received this award for their dispose of helped clean up after the show: It work, and to support contributions to local counties’ non-profit organizations. cardboard. was nice that people who came out their efforts. Over the Counties. We give greater consideration A lottery to the show cleaned up. The grounds past fve years, the tribe has donated over to organizations providing human services was drawn for crew also did a great job: Correna $850,000 to local charities. such as food banks and social services. locations and Young, Jeremy Fanning, John Bird, The Chehalis Tribe considers support Periodically we consider certain capital some stand owners Jerry Youckton and Ray Secena. Also for local non-proft organizations, primarily projects, or events. But those are exceptions traded for different the youth workers deserve a big thank you: those in Thurston, Lewis, and Grays Harbor rather than normal donations. locations. With Jacinda Medina and Michael Boyd. a new location available many relocated. A big, huge THANK YOU That is how Thunder Alley was born. Also thanks to the Fireworks Committee, and Law Enforcement for for your support! Daryl Boyd said, “We love it. It’s a great the time they committed in inspecting location.” Many agreed saying, “We’ve each and every stand: Pam Youckton, re-located to this new location. We work Greg Burnett, Harry Pickernell, Lucy together and it’s a friendly atmosphere.” Hill, Chris Ortivez and alternate Chris Greg Burnett said, “I actually got to know some of my relatives who I didn’t Richardson. know before. If someone needed help, we all pitched in and worked together.” The artwork on the stands is quite Photos of the tribe’s fireworks show outstanding. Stand owners are inspired by were taken by Janessa Bumgarner. Toni and Charles Black’s house their children who come up with the names This was her first time that she’d burned down in December, 2008. of their stands. Others use their last names been out to see the fireworks show Before the couple received insurance so their repeats can fnd them. Other use a since her sister passed away. It was money to rebuild, tribal members freworks product that inspires customers to nice that fellow tribal and community helped out with money from fund- purchase at their stand. Wakisa Wittwer does members honored her sister and raisers and donations. an outstanding job and earns a little extra others in the celebration. Pilates Classes Community 2009 Paddle to Suquamish 2nd Kick Butt Day Feel free to join the Chehalis Canoe Family At the Youth Center Every Tuesday and Friday health Walk anywhere along the canoe journey, share and August 19th starts at 10 AM at the Wellness Center learn with the canoe families. Community support is greatly appreciated as we practice our We will have another round of picking up cigarette butts, and we will weigh them With Pilates you improve muscle Every third Thursday culture with the youth, Elders and other canoe against what was picked up June 17. strength, fexibility, balance of each month families. This is a drug/alcohol, and violence free and coordination. journey! Everyone is welcome! Prizes are one 20-inch girl’s bike Walkers needed to prevent diabetes. Blessing of the Tulap tit Weath Canoe: One 20-inch boy’s bike Put on your walking shows and get All are Welcome! It doesn’t matter what moving. Help keep the walking stick. Saturday, July 25 at 10 AM at the Tribal Center One I-pod, squirt guns and water balloons. Healthy smoothies are provided in the ftness level you are. Come join the fun Itinerary: Lummi: July 26-27; morning and a healthy lunch will also be and wear comfortable clothes. Everyone is invited leave July 28 at 11 AM provided. Hope to see you there! Please sing up and walk. Land in Suquamish: August 3; protocol to follow until Aug. 8. All prizes will be raffed so everyone who participates can win. You only have to Contact Christina Hicks, 306-709-1689 Contact Lynn or Pat at the Wellness Any questions contact Sylvia Cayenne for participate to win, not pick up the most. for more information. Center, 360-273-5504 schedule. 360-273-5911.
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