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3 Blast From the Past: Chehalis People at Pioneer Days, Centralia’s Borst Park, 1932 Top Row LR-Charley?, George Sanders, Daisy Sanders, Clarence Youckton, Maggie Brown, Ralph Heck, Jack Moses, ?, Leslie Beckwith, Elmer Hayden, Bob Choke, Andrew Sanders, John Hayden Jr., Mike Simmons. Middle Row: ?, Lucretia Bill, Joe Revay, Susie Williams, Wilfred Sanders, ?, Bessie Hayden, Adam Heck, Bertha Bob Holding Cindy, Katherine, Jessie Sanders, Celia Bobb, ?, Lucy Sanders, Sophia Heck, Frank Pete. Bottom Row, Charlie?, Dan MacJoe? Bill Willams, Murphy Secena, Irene Secena, Donna Mae Heck, Anna Bell Walker,?,?, Harriet Pete, Lillian Hayden, Hattie Hayden, Rachel MacJoe, Eliza Bobb, Maggie Benn, Mabel Hayden, Johnny Benn. Bottom Middle: Stricklin?, Hazel Pete, CHEHALIS LEGEND Museum Honors Chehalis and Cowlitz Unnamed Story on How the Sun was Stolen Tribes with Native American Room This Legend was received from the Smithsonian Institute. Article Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator Once upon a time, there lived He was a very good oarsman, and a chief who kept the sun in a box. Blue Jay said, “That is Tsi sti saatq, When his daughter went to gather he was a very good oarsman.” And berries, she carried the box along they believed him. When they were and opened it a little so that she traveling along, the slave began was able to see. When she had to say “Tses, tses, tses.” The Blue flled her basket, she carried the Jay said to his brother Robin, “He box home to her father. always spoke so when he carried me The people in other countries about when I was a little boy.” But were very poor. They held a council the Robin did not remember. And in which they deliberated how they Blue Jay said, “Oh, you are good might obtain the sun. Finally they for nothing,. You are older than I am decided to send kali-qoo to the and you do not remember him.” chief to steal the sun. Finally they arrived at the berry When he reached the country, patch and the girl opened the box a he assumed the shape of an old little. As soon as the sun appeared, The Lewis County Historical Museum have opened a Native American Room. slave. The people found him and the slave jumped up, seized the Hazel Pete (Chehalis) and Mary Kiona (Cowlitz) Exhibits are inspirational took him home to their chief. Blue box and opened it. And it became exhibits on display. Jay lived in the house of the latter. daylight. He ran away and they were The Lewis County Historical Museum citizens. Age 12 and under are free. Yearly He said “Oh, that used to be my unable to catch him. The people has opened a Native American Room. A memberships are available for $35 per year father’s slave. He lost him one almost killed Blue Jay because his blessing was performed on September 26 to per family, $25 for senior citizen couples, day. His grandfather had been lies had been the cause of their representatives of the Chehalis and Cowlitz and $18 for individual senior citizens. my father’s slave.” The people losing the sun. Tribe. Many items displayed were donated It is a honorable and respectable exhibit believed him and gave him to Blue Kali-qoo took the sun home to by family members. with some very intricate Native artifacts and Jay. his chief, who gave it to the people The museum is located at 599 Front information. When the chief’s daughter saying, “Henceforth, we will all Way, Chehalis. It is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. The cost is went picking berries; they took enjoy the sun and not one man alone $4 for general admission and $3 for senior him along to paddle the canoe. shall have it.” Tribal Staff Profles: Chief Building Inspector and IT Senior Analyst Don has worked for the Chehalis woods as a cedar technician Hello, my name is Steven Washington. My mother and one Tribe since early 2006, but has (better known as a “shake Raher. I grew up in Sioux of my sisters live in Aberdeen, done projects around the tribe for rat”). He and Gail started City, Iowa, and graduated so it’s wonderful to be near over 12 years. He was a general their family in 1977, and from the Naval Academy at family again. I have a 20-year- contractor and built the fsh house. have three kids. Josh, the Annapolis. The frst part of old daughter attending college in He also hired and worked with oldest, works here at the my time in the Navy was California. (My ex stayed behind tribal members rebuilding the tribe in facilities. Stephanie spent on a nuclear submarine. in Massachusetts, to be near her youth gym/classrooms, and social was born next, in 1979, and I was the Reactor Control family.) I have to state that since services addition. He was the site Brandon was born in 1984. Offcer, which means moving to Washington, I see supervisor for the elders/Head Don Terry, Don and Gail moved their that I ran the reactor and Steven Raher more fog in a week than I had Start building construction Chief Building Inspector family to Oakville in 1981, supervised the men who IT Senior Systems Analyst ever seen in my entire life! On and other projects. Don began and their kids completed maintained the electronic equipment. After the other hand, I will not miss knee-deep working in construction in 1986 specializing their schooling there. my submarine duty, I was transferred to snowdrifts in the winter and Boston-area in major residential remodels, and new You can usually fnd Don out in the Washington, DC, where I taught computer traffc. construction and had his own company for feld, conducting inspections on buildings courses for the Defense Department and the I really like working here. In a large 15 years. around the reservation. He is responsible federal government. This was before desktop city, and in a big company, people tend to Don was born in Centralia, went to for keeping them up to current building computers were common, and most of my compensate for the crowding by being a grade school in Rochester, and graduated codes so they last as long as possible and students had never touched a computer. little standoffsh. When you pass someone from high school at Lake Quinault in 1973. are in great condition with an emphasis After ten years, I left the Navy, got in a hallway or on the sidewalk, it’s almost During his summers, he worked with his on safety. Currently Don is overseeing the married, and settled in Gloucester, considered rude to make eye contact. The dad in the woods, cruising timber, laying out fnal inspections of our Community Center, Massachusetts, the home of the Fisherman- atmosphere is much friendlier and more logging roads and working on regeneration as well as the addition to the Public Safety at-the-Wheel statue and the setting of “The relaxed here. surveys on the Quinault Reservation for the Building. As the scatter site administrator, he Perfect Storm.” I worked as a software I work for Kameron Naini, Terry Quinault Allottees Association. works with tribal families to help them get engineer at several companies in the Youckton and Daymon Thomas in the Don joined the Navy the year he funding from I.H.S. to repair or replace their Boston area, including Dunn & Bradstreet, Information Technology Department. It is graduated, and served during the Vietnam septic and water systems. Houghton-Miffin, and IBM. a real honor to work with the many good pullout aboard the aircraft carrier USS In his spare time, Don enjoys camping, Last January I left Massachusetts for people here at the Chehalis Reservation. Midway. When he got back, he married his spending time with his six grandchildren, high school sweetheart, Gail Norris. Don wood working, and going to the ocean for supported his new family by working in the razor clams and beach combing.
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