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4 Weavers (continued from page 1) Enterprises (continued from page 1) many meetings and hours to arrange to Cheryle, Dolly, Boots, Cammi, Shoni, and coordinate. Many volunteers helped Tiny, Betty F., Nadine, Bones, Priscilla, wherever they were needed. Lynn, Jo, Dianne D., Sue, Lloyd F., Bruce Diane Pickernell worked on the K., Malissa and son, Boo, Jordan, Helen, NNABA Poster and created the pamphlet and Wakisa. that featured photos with bio’s of each of the The Fisheries Committee prepared the featured weavers. fsh. Thank you Dennis, Shawn, Robert, Christina Hicks did a great job preparing Jerry and Guy for keeping the fsh coming. the Wellness Room, which included And a big shout out to Ray Secena who ran massages and volunteers from the Tribal around endlessly helping us set the fnishing Clinic. Every hour a massage for one lucky touches on the banquet room. elder was raffed off at the conference. The slide show during the banquet was Participants who didn’t purchase a raffe prepared by Shelby McCrory. She did a ticket could pay a small fee for a massage. great job! The Chehalis Tribe Canoe Family Many took advantage of it, too. Christina entertained the guests during the dinner. Hicks also did a super job as the MC at the The LaPush Tribe led by Rodger Jackson gathering and at the banquet held Saturday preformed their Raven and Wolf traditional night at the new Chehalis Tribal Community dances. th The beautiful, new Chehalis Tribal Enterprises building was constructed Center. The 15 Annual NNABA Conference from five pre-built trailers. It stayed on budget and saved the tribe money. Elders Jerry Simmons, Joan Martin, hosted by the Chehalis Tribe was a big Construction of a new storage and cigarette packing plant is in the process. Dolly Canales, along with Theresa Shortman success because it was a community effort managed to sell quite a few raffe tickets where so many dedicated people worked built building. Construction isn’t fnished, and part cigarette packaging plant. Having to help off-set the cost of the banquet. on the project over the course of a year. I there is a new 2-story, 3,500 square foot a centralized area has greatly enhanced the The table vendors selling items at the am sure I have forgotten some of the people storage building presently being built by capabilities and goals of our Chehalis Tribal conference were very generous with their who were so helpful. Thank you! Your time our Chehalis Tribal Construction company. Enterprises. donation items for the raffe. The donation and effort helped make this conference such When it’s fnished, it will be part storage encouraged people to buy raffe tickets in a success! DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT CHEHALIS TRIBAL ENTERPRISES? hopes of winning a hand-crafted Native American item. *NNABA was founded in 1996 and  In August 2009, End of the Trail stores #2  In 2009, the title of top manager of CTE Elder Janice Latch staffed a registration and #3 sold 361,124 gallons of fuel. was changed from “Executive Director” provides opportunities for weavers to study  Chehalis Tribal Enterprises employs to “CEO”, to better refect the CTE table for the Fashion Show that was held basketry and showcase their work. Basketry at the banquet. The fashion show was a 108 people and 35 are Chehalis tribal business mission. also provides a healthy social, cultural, members.  The beautiful, new CTE offces were built beautiful display of Native regalia. Selena spiritual, and economic environment Kearney announced and commented on (The number of non-Chehalis Natives from 5 pre-built trailers. the fashions, and it turned out to be a great for indigenous basketry. NNABA works and Chehalis spouses we employ changes  CTE directly manages and operates eight to ensure access to traditional cultural our ratio of staff. Currently 51% of our businesses. hit with the guests. Some people modeled resources, and gathering sites, and educates employees support Native American  The CTE executive management team their own creations, but for those who did Native Americans and the general homes.) consists of four positions. not wish to do so, community members public of the artistry, practices, stepped up to become runway models. and concerns of basketry. The A big thanks to Kaileen, organization also provides Listing Financial Information Now Will Kelsey, Olivia, Charlie, opportunities for Native youth Rita, Lucy and even to learn and creates markets Selena who pulled that allow weavers to increase Give You Peace of Mind for the Future double duty when their income and artistry in she set down the basketry. microphone to If you were to become and password, location of statements, model. The banquet incapacitated or die, and monthly payment and due date (if was held applicable). You should also include the at the new how easy would it be name and contact information for any Chehalis Tribal for relatives or someone fnancial advisors, such as an accountant or Community insurance agent. Periodically revisit the list Center. Over 500 else to take over your to make sure it is up-to-date. people attended. Kelsey The tables flled and In order for your fnancial directory Bray, Selena fnancial affairs? to be helpful, someone has to know it people overfowed Kearney and Charles Latch, Would they have exists. You may have no problem giving into the bleachers. III, modelled The dedicated crew it to a trustworthy relative or friend, but to search through a it is completely understandable if you are kept the food coming regalia for the beautiful Native until everyone was mountain of paperwork? worried about handing over your account fed. Special thanks fashion show. information while you are still in good If you don’t receive health. After all, what is to prevent your brother Bob from logging into your checking paper statements, would account online and transferring a little bit of New Tribal Hatchery will Release Fish in Early they even fnd out about money to himself? One option is to leave the 2010, You’ll See More Fish in 2013 list in a safety deposit box or fre-proof safe By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist all of your accounts? in your house. (Just make sure that whoever Finally we are open! The hatchery building should begin in the spring of 2010 and will consist of Fall Chinook (King), Chum (Dog) No one likes doing funeral planning will be handling your affairs will be able to is up and running. Everyone in fsheries salmon, Winter Steelhead, and Cutthroat or other things that remind us of our own access it). Another option is to give it to a and at the hatchery is excited and wants fsh Trout. mortality. But death and injury are a fact of lawyer or other fnancial professional. (Once in the building. The Chehalis Tribal Fish Spring Chinook will play a key part in again, make sure the designated person life. Creating a personal fnancial directory Hatchery had its open house on October the new opportunities for Chehalis tribal makes it easier for someone to cancel your knows who to contact.) 9 and everything went great. Marie Bird fshermen. We will begin raising them next accounts or otherwise manage your fnances Besides creating a fnancial directory, gave the blessing and everyone enjoyed the year. The tribe hopes to be able to release if you are not able to. You may also fnd another way to make it easier for your Spring Chinook cooked by Shawn Ortivez, hundreds of thousands of fsh, but this will yourself using it if, for example, your wallet fnancial affairs to be taken care of is to John Youckton, Robert Cayenne and Don take time, and a little more expansion. Our is stolen and you need to notify fnancial assign someone durable power of attorney Secena. goal is to be able to increase tribal catches institutions and creditors, or you forget an for fnances. This specifcally gives him The construction phase is fnally over by thousands of fsh. Sheena Tanner has been hired as our Fish Hatchery Technician. and we can begin the process of producing online password. or her the legal right to make fnancial more fsh for the people. The tribe will be She brings years of experience to this All you need to do is set aside a decisions for you if you are unable. You can following all of the recommendations made position, and she’s looking forward to caring few hours one day. Think about all of create a durable power of attorney document by the Hatchery Scientifc Review Group. for our fsh. the accounts and obligations you have, with the help of a lawyer or computer This will lead to better quality hatchery The goal of the hatchery is to raise wild including a mortgage or rent, loans, credit software. Make sure to choose someone who fsh derived from wild stocks within the native fsh from local rivers. We should see cards, utilities, checking and savings is trustworthy - if you have no friends or basin. We will be getting the eggs from fsh fsh returning as soon as 2013. With more accounts, investments, retirement funds, relatives who are appropriate, you can use a within the Chehalis basin. The eggs will be fsh returning, we will be providing fsh and insurance. On a piece of paper, list the professional, such as a lawyer or accountant. taken from wild fsh that have paired up and for future generations to enjoy and catch. following information about each one: the A little bit of planning can ensure that are ready to spawn, so essentially we will Hatchery staff are working with Fisheries account number, who it is with, company your fnances are taken care of even when be taking eggs that would have gone into to create a plan to begin the process of contact information, online user name you are not able to manage them yourself. gravel and putting them into our hatchery spawning fsh and getting eggs in the to increase survival to release. The releases incubators. Diabetes Awareness Walk Medicare Presentation The South Puget Intertribal Is going to happen this month. Great Wolf Planning Agency Everyone is invited! At the Chehalis Tribal Elder’s Center On Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009 10th Annual Saturday, October 24 Starting at 9:30 am Lodge Native Art Auction and Dinner Sign up at 10 AM Walk starts at 11 AM Medicare Part A covers your hospital care. Will be providing tours to tribal Saturday, November 14, You are eligible to receive Part A coverage members and their families at the Lucky Eagle Casino Come join this 1st annual 5K Diabetes every 3rd Thursday of Awareness Walk. Starts at the Youth Center. premium-free if you or your spouse paid Tickets are $75.00 and are on sale now. Medicare taxes while working. the month. Registration begins at 5:30, and the silent Lunch will be provided. Guest speakers. auction will begin then. The seafood Raffe and door prizes! Martin Estrada, Southwest WA Regional Transportation will be provided. dinner/buffet is at 6:30 with the live Trainer, Offce of Insurance Commissioner Sign up sheets are available at the auction to follow at 7:30. Any questions, please contact Lynn Hoheisal at SHIBA Helpline (360) 725-7108 Tribal Center. 360-709-1744 or For more information, contact Terri Flowers at 360-426-3990 ext. 3202.
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