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P. 1    FREE Vol. December 2009 2/12 CHEHALIS Honoring Elaine Sutterlict- Elders: Program TRIBAL McCloud News NEWSLETTER  Enjoys teaching and learning our New Community Center Offers tribe’s culture and Something for Everyone history, page 3 The New Community Center has been  “People of the Sands”  fnished, and staff are moved into their new offces. Drop by and check out the Chehalis youth learn to make new classrooms and see fun activities being offered in our beautiful new Christmas ornaments building.  Youth Center: Tony Medina, Marla  Working alongside the Elders makes for lasting Medina, Theresa Pannkuk, Jerry memories, page 2 Youckton, 360-273-9674.  Higher Education: Racheal Mendez, 360-709-1698  TELO/Education Program: JJ Elders Prove Tribe’s Bazzar Has Chehalis Tribe’s Shortman, Nathan Floth, Tawni Willis, Jason Gillie, 360-709-1578 Area’s Best Christmas Shopping Grand Mound Plan We currently have 116 students signed up for the Tribal Education Receives Award Program. Our staff works with students who are in kindergarten through grade By Lennea Magnus, 12 in the school district as well as in an after-school program held at the Planning Director Community Center. The after-school The Confederated Tribe of the Chehalis program hours are 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM, Reservation’s Grand Mound Development Monday through Friday. Plan was chosen as the winner in the  Heritage: Elaine McCloud, Heritage category of rural and small town planning Coordinator, 360-709-1748 by the American Planning Association, We are resuming our family tree classes. Washington Chapter, and the Planning They are held on Mondays starting at Association of Washington. The award 5 PM at the new Community Center in was presented at the APA WA/PAW annual classroom 4. If you are attending for the frst conference in Vancouver, Washington, on time, please obtain your family tree from November 13, 2009. Enrollment so we have a place to start. It’s The award recognizes the best examples easiest to enter the building from the south The Annual Elders Bazaar attracts many vendors to come sell their wide of land use and community planning in the entrance, go through the library and then to variety of beautiful hand-crafted items. The Elders also had a raffle, bake State of Washington. the classroom. sale and food for customers to purchase to raise funds. The concept for the Grand Mound Plan  Cultural: Diane Devlin, Culture By Fred Shortman, Editor developed from a conversation between Coordinator, 360-709-1621. Chehalis Business Committee Chairman The Cultural Program will be working The Annual Elders Christmas Bazaar was which went very smoothly and with much David Burnett and retired Thurston County on pine-needle basketry in December. At the held on December 5 at the Lucky Eagle success! Commissioner Bob McLeod, establishing beginning of 2010, we will work on making Casino Events Center. There were over The Elders were seen bustling around a new model of intergovernmental coil baskets in the Red Cedar Hat Club, held 70 vendors who showed up to have their their own portion of the bazaar, providing partnership. The Chehalis Tribe funded the every Thursday. This is an open weavers crafts available for sale. The bingo hall was some delicious food for purchase. project and served as lead planning agency. table. No need to sign up, just drop in and packed to the gills, making it one of the The chowders that Chops made were Lennea Magnus, Chehalis Tribe Planning join the weavers. The classes start at 3 PM largest bazaars around. outstanding! They also were raising money Director, worked closely with project and run to 6:30 PM every Thursday, unless With the Christmas spirit in the air, through a raffe. All of the vendors donated consultant Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc. in the tribe has another community event many families have their Christmas lights items from their tables to the raffe. Some producing the plan. running on the same night. Then the class is put up and are now out shopping for that of the raffe items were donated from the A series of public meetings kicked off in rescheduled. special gift for their loved ones. Coming to Elders themselves. March 2008 and continued throughout the  Language: Dan Penn, Language the Elders Bazaar is special to fnd unique The silent auction went well also. Items year, with meetings hosted at the Eagle’s Coordinator, 360-709-1747 Native hand-crafted goods. And yes, you included a knitted blanket and a beautiful Landing Hotel, Lucky Eagle Casino and the Language classes are held on Wednesdays, could fnd it at this bazaar. beaded barrette which was received from Great Wolf Lodge. The July 2008 meeting at 5-7 PM. Carving classes are at the woodshop There was beadwork, carvings, clothing, the Beckwith family, a beautiful wreath the Great Wolf Lodge was attended by over by the Tribal Center on Wednesdays, blankets, drums, paintings, and much, much with cedar ornaments which the Red Cedar 100 tribal members, agency representatives Fridays, and Saturdays. Please check with more. There were wall-to-wall venders and Club donated, a nice leather jacket from Phil and local community members. me on scheduling changes. The canoe has you could shop at your leisure. And as last Hamilton, a beautiful drum from Betty and In October 2008, Thurston County been moved into the woodshop, so come on year, Nancy Romero worked very hard for Lloyd Fulton, a carving from Jake and Tiny commissioners were briefed on the Grand over and check out the progress and work on the Elder Program to make this a successful Jones. and much more. Mound plan and approved a staff work plan other carving projects. Everyone is invited. event! Great Job Nancy, your hard work and Many thanks go to all who volunteered incorporating its elements. The fnal Grand Come meet Mr. Dave Wilson, Master Carver dedication is greatly appreciated. During and helped with the donations. Mound Development Plan was produced from Lummi. her vacation, she received many phone calls Congratulations to all the winners!! and presented to the tribe in January 2009.  Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator, from vendors, and put this event together has moved into her new offce. She is in See Bazaar, page 4 See Award, page 4 charge of scheduling events. Spaces are available to be used for events you might Chehalis Tribal Weavers Learn Complex be interested in holding. So contact her to reserve a room. She can be reached at 360-709-1524. Herringbone Style from Master Weaver  Elders have been having lunch at the gathering room. Check with Nancy By Dianne Devlin, Culture Coordinator Romero, Elders Coordinator, for her Chehalis Tribal Weavers gathered at the new Each of the purse’s designs features patterns events calendar at 360- 870-0141. Community Center Cultural Program class created with black-dyed cedar and yellow the weavers with a packet of detailed instructions and full-color photos on the room #166 to master the herringbone weave. cedar. The in-lay work of the two different techniques to completing a herringbone Fourteen women met for a full weekend of colored cedars created unique patterns that cedar woven purse. For the fnal stage of the weaving taught by Kathey Erin. The two- personalized each weaver’s purse. purse, weavers where offered six different day class, held the weekend of November In addition to one-on-one directions patterns to choose from to compete the front 21 and 22, began each morning at 9 AM and from the Master Weaver, Kathey provided lasted over nine hours each day. But the hard See Weavers, page 4 work and dedication paid off for each of the ladies. PO Box 536 This was no beginners’ class. Kathey City, ST Zip Erin, Master Weaver from Sequim, has Street Address taught weaving classes for 15 years. Oakville, WA 98568 Kathey explained that she considered the * Return Service request herringbone cedar to be the most advanced FirstName LastName basket weavers class she teaches. She told Chehalis Tribal Newsletter us she was very impressed with the skill level of the Chehalis tribal weavers who attended her class that weekend. Everyone who attended the class learned to master PRSRT STD the herringbone weave by designing a cedar PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA purse mostly comprised of the herringbone weave, except the woven design in the front US POSTAGE PAID of the purse. Chehalis Tribal members display their beautiful herringbone baskets at the ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL advanced classes taught by Kathy Erin. Front row L-R Evelyn Penn, Cheryle NEWSLETTER is a publication of the Shown in the photo above is the diversity Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis of purse patterns, which demonstrates the Starr and Jessie Goddard. Top L-R Winona Youckton, Orinda Goddard, Reservation. creative talents of Chehalis basket weavers. Elaine McCloud, Diane Devlin, Sally Pickutark, Jodie Smith and Gloria Jones.
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