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2 Youth and Elders Work Together Tribal Young Man Gets Noticed, to Make Christmas Ornaments then Named to National Panel By Fred Shortman, Editor Rhapsody Published in eShare Newsletter July 2009 by TOGETHER! On Tuesday December 8, the Culture Simmons We are proud to announce that TOGETHER! I was a peer educator in the Teens Program worked with the youth teaching 4 years old staff member, Jesse Youckton, has been Against Tobacco Use program, a curriculum them how to make Christmas ornaments. proudly invited to join the Native American Center developed by the American Lung The class was divided into small groups displays for Excellence (NACE) as an Urban Youth Association, where teens go into elementary which allowed more one-on-one time to her hand Representative. He will be one of 14 expert classrooms and talk about the dangers of teach young community members the crafted panelists from across the country to serve on smoking and give the kids reasons to not techniques of making ornaments. Sally Christmas this national panel. start. Pikutark, Marie Griswold, Elaine McCloud ornaments. Jesse frst met NACE staff while I also served with the American Cancer and Dianne Devlin, offered several representing TOGETHER! at the Society helping them develop training ornament styles the youth chose shared the special day working with the Community Anti Drug Coalitions of manuals for a youth initiative used in to make. They made angels, youth, building some good memories and America (CADCA) National Leadership multiple states and later adapted the snowfakes, beaded candy working together on projects. Forum in Washington, DC, in February. curriculum to be culturally appropriate for canes, cedar stockings, A similar Christmas ornament class was Jesse attended a NACE workshop and Native communities. I have also served as reindeer, and hearts. repeated for the community on December provided input throughout the workshop, a trainer in different topics around youth They took them home 9, and a third class for the catching the attention of NACE coalition development. to hang on their Elders on December 10. representatives. In 2004 I was a recipient of the Selecky Christmas trees. The mission of the Native American Award as the Youth Advocate of the Year There was no pre- Center for Excellence is to strengthen from the Department of Health in Tobacco registration for the substance abuse prevention efforts in Native Prevention and Control. When I graduated, Christmas ornament classes. They are American communities. Sponsored by I went to the UW where I studied American offered as drop in classes for fun. the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Indian Studies. I had to stop my schooling Many of the youth were joined by Services Administration, the center will but plan to get my degree from The parents and grandparents to help in identify innovative and promising programs Evergreen State College. the making of ornaments. It was a and practices that prevent substance abuse My goal has always been to help our day to hear stories as everyone disorders and related problems among people and I feel I am meeting my goal. Native Americans. I now serve on different boards and Jesse is a member of the Confederated committees across the state and country Sally Pikutark Tribes of Chehalis and has worked at making sure our people get the right showing Roberta TOGETHER! as the coordinator for SPLAT! services, protection and proper education. (11 years old) –Students Protesting Lies about Tobacco Youckton how youth coalition since January 2008. to make a beautiful cedar Jesse Youckton Bio: heart christmas My name is Jesse ornament. Youckton and I am What a fun day 23 years old. I work making christmas at TOGETHER!, a ornaments. community based non-proft that Want to Quit Smoking? Try 7 Tips focuses on youth violence, alcohol, tobacco and drug Will you or someone you love resolve to 7. You don’t have to quit alone. Help is prevention in quit smoking for New Year’s? The American available. Consider joining a stop-smoking Thurston County. I Lung Association is here to help you keep program like Freedom From Smoking® have been the Youth that resolution. January is the perfect time offered by the American Lung Association. Coordinator for the for a fresh start, and with today’s economic For even more help, call our Lung past two years. I challenges, quitting smoking is not only HelpLine at 1-800-LUNG-USA. Our nurses frst got involved in good for your health, but also your wallet. and respiratory therapists can provide expert prevention when I At current prices, when a pack-a-day smoker advice on quitting smoking. was a freshman at quits, it’s like getting a $2000 bonus—tax “Be aware that smokers have different Timberline High free—every year! Having a solid plan can be experiences when they quit,” says Norman School. I stayed the key. Here are seven tips for success and Edelman, M.D. American Lung Association active as a volunteer Jesse Youckton with GeoMarc Panelo, Caitee Borges, resources that have helped thousands give Chief Medical Offcer. “Some may feel for TOGETHER! Meghan Sullivan, Kim Vivian, and Deja Dunning from up smoking for good: tired or even easily excitable. Others may throughout my high SPLAT! at the Capital in Olympia. The group was 1. Talk to your doctor about the different feel light headed, nervous or irritable and school career and attending Policy Maker Education Day. They were over-the-counter and prescription experience headaches in addition to craving beyond. there to educate their legislators about the dangers of medications available to help you quit tobacco or sweets. Know these feelings are second-hand smoke. smoking. normal and may last for several weeks. But 2. Look into the different kinds of self-help eventually they will pass.” Students Get Praise, Dinner and options available to smokers. Visit www. The American Lung Association’s for tools to help you quit, like Freedom From Smoking® program has our Freedom From Smoking®Online. helped thousands quit smoking and is Movie for Getting Good Grades 3. Take time to plan. Pick your quit date a considered the gold standard for smoking few weeks ahead of time and mark it on the cessation programs. This seven-step By Jason Gillie, TELO Program Education Assistant calendar. If you can, pick a day when life’s program is also offered in a group setting, extra stresses are not at their peak, such as many participants fnd the support of Congratulations to the following students as a reward for their outstanding work in as after the holidays. Mark a day on the others a benefcial component of the quitting for passing all their classes, or making achieving their academic goals. Everybody calendar, and stick to it. process. And perfect for today’s busy world dramatic improvements in their academics: enjoyed a delicious meal at the Oyster 4. Get some exercise every day. Walking is is Freedom From Smoking® Online www. Michael Boyd, Alyssa Charles, Jonathan House in Olympia. After the meal, all the a great way to reduce the stress of quitting. which brings the program into Jack, Jr., Sarah Quilt, Marcus Youckton, students agreed to see the movie “2012.” Exercise is proven to not only combat the comfort and privacy of your own home. Ann Marie Youckton, T.J. Trott, Kayley Everybody had a great time. weight gain, but also improves mood and “Quitting smoking is one of the most Trott, James Quilt, Kayla Nyreen, Jordan We recognized the students for their energy levels. important things that you can do for your Merriman, Shelby McCrory, Bobby Jones, dedication in getting passing grades and 5. Eat a balanced diet; drink lots of water health,” adds Dr. Edelman. “While half of Geo Jack, Loyala Davis, Little Bear Davis, having good attendance. Our program and get plenty of sleep. adult smokers will die of smoking-related Heather Daniels, Sidney Cole, Kaileen Bray, continues to encourage any students who 6. Ask family, friends and co-workers for causes, it’s important to remember that Jacquelyn Bray, Jeanette Boyd, and Jordan weren’t able to attend to strive to get their their help and support. Having someone to it’s never too late to quit. The American Bird. grades up. We would love to have all take a walk with or just listen can give a Lung Association offers the best tools and All theses students were invited to dinner the students join us as a reward for their needed boost. resources available.” and a movie with our Education Program academic achievements. Great job, students! 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