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Elders Show Us How to Have Fun at Christmas Tribal Elders Sign Up Early to 3 Enjoy Fun February Activities Here are some fun activities for tribal Elders during the month of February. Please sign up for activities one week in advance at the Elders Center, because some activities have limited space. Contact Nancy Romero, Elders Coordinator, at 360-709- 1877 for more information, or changes in the schedule.  Tuesday, February 9-Blanket Classes; 5-8 PM (frst seven Elders) at the Elders Center  Friday, February 12-Valentines Dinner; 5-7 PM at the Elders Center  Tuesday, February 16-Movie and Dinner; in Lacey van leaves Elders Center at 2 PM  Wednesday, February 17-Bingo Dinner; 5-7 PM at the Elders Center  Friday, February 19-Meet and Greet Charro; 7 PM (frst ten Elders) at the Lucky Eagle Casino  Tuesday, February 23-Pie Baking Elder Josephine Aldrich wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. She thanked all the volunteers Classes; 5-7 PM at the Elders Center who helped put the dinner together. Also pictured are Garnett Aldrich (middle), and Ray Griswold.  Wednesday, February 24-Birthday Dinner; 5-7 PM at Sizzlers in Lacey On Thursday, December 17, the Elders Nancy didn’t forget the giving either. Not Back then life wasn’t easy and families held their Christmas Party in the Gathering only did her family help with decorating, didn’t have a lot of money, so they really Room at the new Community Center. Nancy they provided the drinks. Gifts were given appreciated even the most humble gift. Romero and her little elves helped prepared to each Elder -- candy, handmade wreaths, Thanks to all from Nancy Romero who Higher Education Grants the room, decking it out with red and green and candle arrangements. Everyone was acknowledges that Christmas is the time Available for All Ages Christmas colors and decorations. The touched, knowing that “It’s the thought that for giving, and the volunteers really gave of Christmas wreaths were made by the Elders counts.” The gift exchange between the their time and sincere effort. Many thanks Currently individuals 60 years of age during a wreath class and were simply Elders was another part of the celebration. go out to Amanda, Cody, Rayna, Scarlett or older may qualify for tuition and fee outstanding. The table-top arrangements As the dinner winded down, the and Ray Romero. We can’t forget the reductions at Centralia College. It is possible were made the night before by Nancy and microphone was passed around for each cleanup crew for donating their time. Thanks that there will be no tuition or fees charges. her daughter Scarlett. Elder to wish season’s greetings. Many Brian Benda, Tom Hayden, Derek Youckton, Contact the Enrollment Services Offce There were smiles and greetings as shared some of their memories about past Casey Pickernell and Darrin Jones: Your for more information. Also the Continuing the Elders arrived and saw the candle-lit Christmas. What an honor it was to be help was greatly appreciated. Thank you for and Community Education Division offers tables, and the festively-decorated room. invited and listen as the Elders shared their helping to decorate. Thank you to Brian and students age 50 or over a “Life Long They weren’t there for just the food, stories. Tom who got a fresh tree because the fake Learner” cost reduction for courses. but the opportunity to sit down and visit Cindy Andy sang a song that Murphy one was missing branches. And thanks to all All ages can apply for Pell Grants. Pell with friends and family. Sharing past Secena requested at a Christmas at the who helped clean up and restore the center Grants are available at Centralia College. Christmas memories, and updating their Shaker Church. It was cute and a lasting back to normal. Federal Pell Grants help cover up to $5,350 grandchildren’s activities. The feeling in the memory. Some of the stories talked about And thanks go to the Lucky Eagle Casino in education and training expenses. Nearly room was overwhelming. how their parents would sneak presents into for providing such an excellent seafood and all universities, community colleges, and There were 70 Elders and spouses in the house, while they were attending the prime rib dinner, and to the cooks, Kevin many trade and technical schools accept attendance, one of the biggest and happiest Christmas Eve program at the tribal center. Bray and his assistant. these grants. For more information call Christmas dinners yet! It was so good to see When they entered their homes, low and What a spectacular way to end such a 1-800-4-FEDAID. everyone. behold, Santa had left presents for them! great year! Another opportunity for higher education is the University of the People. This is the world’s frst tuition-free, on line academic institution. It is dedicated to the global advancement of higher education. Google University of the People and fnd out if this opportunity might beneft you. Chehalis Tribal Enterprise Offers Open Positions Every Week! Looking for a job? Check out our job postings if you’re interested in working at any of the End of the Trail Stores, or the Eagles Landing Hotel. Current job postings and blank applications are available at the new CTE administration offce on Anderson Road, as well as the HR offce at the tribal center. Levi Sanchez and his sister-in-law, Priscilla Sanchez, Tony Medina (R) stopped to chat with Dan and Annie Jones. Contact Brenna Youckton at 360-273-1251 are delighted that Santa dropped off special gifts When Dan received the microphone to speak, he said. “I ext.100 or ext.112. just for them. am thankful to be here this day, celebrating Christmas with the Elders.” Staff Profle: EOT III General Manager and Community Health Coordinator Hoyt, my name is Manny Mike Medina, took me Hello, my name is Christina part time. Then I was asked Medina and I’m the General in and mentored me with Hicks. I am an enrolled to add the Title VI –part C, Manager of the EOT III in encouragement stressing member of the Chehalis Tribe. Family Caregiver Support Grand Mound. My parents the importance of a good I have lived here all my life. Program to my duties. This are Jacqueline (Black) education. All through high I married Dean Hicks on program is available for Medina and Arthur Medina. school Uncle Mike gave me a Valentine’s Day, 1992. My family members who take My great-grandparents are goal: If I graduated he would parents are Jerrie (Shortman) care of Elders. My title was Nancy Beckwith and Murphy give me his 1923 T Bucket Simmons (Chehalis) and the changed to Community Secena. I have one sister who roadster. So when I graduated late Michael W. Simmons Health Coordinator, a full- works with the youth, from high school, he (Quinault). I have three time position. Marla Medina, and a EOT Store III kept his word and gave brothers from my parents’ Community This is a worthwhile half brother, Marco it to me. I enjoyed marriage, but have a total position. Our program has Black, who lives in General Manager spending time with of seven brothers and two Health Will Writing Clinics for Taholah. My sister and him working on cars sisters from my dad. I also tribal Elders who are over I both grew up on the including my T Bucket. have my precious little Coordinator 60 years old, and there are Chehalis Reservation I was young and the dog, “Odie.” monthly health education and graduated from Oakville High School car was really powerful, but fortunately I My interests are basket classes. I started work at the End of the Trail 1, matured enough to stay out of trouble. weaving, supporting the Canoe Family on I like my position since it keeps me the “Lil Store”, as a cashier after I graduated Since working here I’ve seen a lot of the Canoe Journeys, attending the Indian involved with the Elders. The Elders are like from high school. From there I worked my employees and managers come and go. Shaker Church, and spending time with my caretakers of our past. I love to hear stories way into a supervisory position. When the The changes and improvements to our family (which is the most important one.) about when they were growing up, what life “Big Store” opened, I advanced into the business enterprises have been great. Good I started working for the tribe back in was like for them when they were young, Assistant Manager Trainee position under management and support helps improve 1994 as a Community Health Representative and what they use to do here on the rez. I Ron Myers. While working I took classes at our enterprises. I’m very grateful as a tribal (CHR). I attended Grays Harbor College and encourage everyone to take time to say hello Centralia College in Business Management. member to be given the opportunity to be a received an EMT license. I continue to have to our Elders, let them know you care about It was tough, but I dedicated myself to part of the continued growth. Hard work and a current CPR/ frst aid card. I have received them, spend some time with them and get to learning as much as I could. determination equals success. all kinds of training in the health feld. know their stories. When I was growing up, my uncle, I then started working for the tribe in My offce is located in the Wellness the Native Women’s Wellness Program, Center. You can reach me at 360-273-5504 the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, ext.1741 or
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