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4 Community (continued from page 1) Annual Meeting (continued from page 1) ever show, at the Golden Eagle Restaurant, I apologize for not having an arts and crafts was a success, and he’s been invited back area for the youth. ever since. He has also been seen at other I want to thank the people who put holiday parties in the banquet rooms. He a lot of time into helping me this year: said he was honored to be invited and enjoys Carla Thomas, Boo Thomas and Gus Gus. visiting with tribal members. They’ve done so-o-o much for me. I had There was also a scavenger hunt for meetings after meetings and they stepped up everyone. The youth were seen running and helped me. around looking for the hidden stickers. Also I would like to thank the Lopez Then Anna announced, “Santa is here!” Family, David Burnett, and Don and Mary You could hear the excited whispering of Secena for shopping for me, especially on the children as they strained to locate him such a busy weekend before Christmas. I in the crowded room. When their age group know it was a mad house in town. was announced, the children ran to line up. I also want to thank again Carla Thomas, They couldn’t contain their excitement for a Junior Thomas, Geo Thomas, Bobby Jones, picture with Santa. Their smiles were huge Ritchie Revay, Buddy Boyd, Nette Boyd, as they left the room with their gifts. Thank Patricia Gitchel, Raven Thomas, Anna Tribal Chairman Dave Burnett handed the microphone to Elder Helen you, Santa! Hartman, Tony Medina, Marla Medina, Jerry Sanders during the question and answer portion of the enterprise report at Thanks from Cheryl Starr, Events Youckton, Youth Council members, Santa, the tribe’s annual meeting. Coordinator: This year’s Christmas party, Jodie Smith, Dolly Canales, Bones Gleason, WOW! We were very busy. It came so fast! and all who helped at the Christmas party… for increasing the number of rooms at the This means that if the applicant was born THANK YOU! Eagles Landing Hotel. The Hotel General before 1973, then their parent, grandparent There were a lot of people there this year. Manager Trainee position has been flled or great grandparent, and so on, must be The youth were pretty excited! We gave with a tribal member, Lucy Hill. included on either the original Chehalis away an iPod, electric razor, and a Nintendo The Constitution Committee reported on allottee list or on the 1939 census roll. If DS. The tribal member adults got big prizes, their efforts to gather information from tribal the applicant was born after 1973, then they too. We gave away a new computer, lots members regarding needed constitutional must have at least one birth parent who is of gift cards, and a Flip Camera. I believe amendments and the BIA process that would enrolled in the Chehalis Tribe at the time of Eli Snell won the new computer and Mary be needed to make changes to the current the application and the applicant must have DuPuis won the Flip Camera. Chyler tribal constitution. A primary focus of any at least ¼ degree of Indian blood. Daniels won the electric razor. changes would start with tribal enrollment Val Pickernell won the Nintendo DS. It eligibility and the current freeze on Past Tribal Chairs Honored was fun! I always enjoy this time of year. enrolling new members. Under the current This year the business committee Chehalis constitution, a person is eligible honored our past Chairman, Melvin for enrollment into the Chehalis Tribe as Youckton, David Youckton and our frst Kly Meas, Jr., and his son Kly Meas, follows: Chairwoman, Virginia “Dolly” Canales. III, visit with Santa at the Community They surprised them by giving them Christmas Party. The kids excitedly (a) All persons of Indian blood whose names Pendleton blankets and fower arrangements. awaited their photos with Santa and appear upon the offcial census roll of the They gave some heart felt thanks as they received their gifts. reservation as of January 1, 1939, and shared their insight from the past, present all persons who were original allottees of and future. The recognition was for all their land within the boundaries of the Chehalis hard work and commitment to help the tribe Indian Reservation as established by the and support what we are doing today. Executive Order of July 8, 1864, and their Coho Season (continued from page 1) lineal descendants who are living on the Thanks from Cheryle Starr, Events techniques in the coming year. The selective simply increase the survival rate to release date of the adoption of this constitution and Coordinator fshing would involve traditional techniques and allow migration to the ocean. We want bylaw (April 16, 1973). (There is no specifc I would like to thank Carla Thomas for like fsh traps and weirs. Using selective to begin with Chum salmon since they have blood quantum requirement for persons born helping me get things ready and shop for fshing techniques, we can limit the impacts been really reduced in numbers in the Black before April 16, 1973.) raffe items; Pam Youckton and Sharon Quilt on wild fsh while collecting the best quality River over the last ten years. If Chum are (b) All children born after the approval for helping me at the big table handing out hatchery fsh and selected wild fsh. This unavailable, we will use Coho, but we will of this constitution (July 11, 1973) to any bags and other gift items, and; the clean-up would allow more fsh to be caught with less not be focusing on Coho since they are member of the Confederated Tribes of the crew and Ray Secena, Jr,, for setting up the impact on the fsh that are not of commercial incredibly prolifc in the Chehalis system Chehalis Reservation who possess one- tables and chairs in the gym, and gathering value but have great value on the spawning and its over 400 tributaries. We will focus fourth (1/4) degree of Indian blood or more. room and cleaning up afterwards grounds. on Chum, Fall and Spring Chinook, and (Parent must have at least ¼ Indian blood.) Selective fshing has another advantage: Winter Steelhead with the goal of increasing It doesn’t injure the fsh or leave any marks commercial catches and reduce impacts on Flat Roof Now has Eye Appeal making the fsh more valuable. I’ve heard wild fsh. of selective gear fshermen selling Chum for over fve dollars per pound. These fsh Aquatic Weed Removal normally don’t break the dollar-per-pound In the coming year, we will be working mark. We could market the selective-caught on a few grants that we were successful fsh as a green sustainable product and really in getting. One is another aquatic weed make top dollar. This will only be tested removal project working on Parrot Feather. for the frst few years, but maybe we could This project will begin at the mouth of change to more selective gear and less gill Lincoln Creek and work down to the nets in the long term. This would beneft Whickett property on the west side of the the fsh, fshermen and the rivers, allowing Chehalis River just past Sickman Ford more wild adults to return to the gravel. This Bridge. The other project will be done on the type of fshing could really work well in Whickett property and adjacent land owned conjunction with the new fsh hatchery. by the WDFW and Eldon Lonborg. This The Elders Center and Headstart buildings’ roof project is completed. project will open over 14 miles of habitat by Community members say the pitched roof looks “prettier.” Having an New Fish Hatchery removing barriers to salmon and steelhead improved roof will better protect the buildings against rain and snow damage. Speaking of the fsh hatchery, we are on Davis Creek. Hopefully everyone will be fnally up and running and will have eggs in able to enjoy the benefts of these projects Employee Christmas Party Talent Contest a Big Hit the incubators soon. We are going to collect and goals we have set for the coming year. wild fsh from their spawning grounds and Cheryl Starr, Events Coordinator Wow! We had some fun at our employee Christmas Party!! The talent show was huge this year. It was very exciting and so much fun. 1st Place Winner is Dan Penn; 2nd Place went to the Jackson 5 - Tracy Bray, Gail Whiteagle, Racheal Mendez & Tawni Willis they all did great performances. I would like to thank Carla Construction is in the beginning phase for the Cigarette Stamping and Thomas, Boo Thomas & Gus Storage Building on Anderson Road. The two-story building will allow the Gus for helping me this year. tribe to save storage costs and expand its cigarette stamping enterprise. Kris Salmon for helping with the shopping and gift cards. The casino Reach Beyond the Tree Tops! Strengthening Families Class for the great food and the table games. To the dealers, bosses, and Starts on February 11 TGA staff for the great blackjack Financial literacy night Sign up before February 4 tournament. This was a lot of fun Wednesday, January 20 th 7-Week Course for the staff. I hope they all enjoyed 6:00 pm This worth-while program assists parents/ it. tribal center caregivers and youth (10-14) to build Dan Penn won first place learn how to utilize one of your stronger family relationships. Families at the talent show during most important resources – money. will grow and learn together to gain the employee Christmas communication skills, preparing them for party. His dance and For more information, contact the the adolescent years. trance-like expression chehalis loan Program at (360) brought laughs and 709-1631. Contact Lorrie Boniifer at 360-709-1717 applause throughout his or email for performance. more information.
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