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Chehalis Tribal Students 2 Parents Urged to Keep Children Safe on Internet Getting Better Grades The Internet can be a wonderful resource  Never trade personal photographs in the mail or scanned photographs over the for kids. They can use it to research school reports, communicate with teachers and Internet. By Tawni Willis, Chehalis Tribal Education Assistant other kids, and play interactive games. Kids  Never reveal personal information, such who are old enough to punch in a few letters as address, phone number, or school name The education program is excited to and attendance. on the keyboard can literally access the or location; use only a screen name; never announce the number of students eligible We have also started recognizing world. agree to meet anyone from a chat room in for our dinner and a movie incentive has parents with students who are performing It’s important to be aware of what your person. th increased yet again! Sixth through 12 grade exceptionally well in school. Being involved kids see and hear on the Internet, who they  Never respond to a threatening email or students are showing great improvement. in your student’s education is very important meet, and what they share about themselves message. We are thrilled to have so many students to their success. online. Just like any safety issue, it’s wise  Always tell a parent about any participate. Our after-school program (TELO) is to talk with your kids about your concerns, communication or conversation that was These students have qualifed for dinner underway and busy. We have collaborated take advantage of resources to protect them, scary. and a movie with their second quarter with Tony and the Youth Center for students and keep a close eye on their activities.  If your child has a new “friend,” insist on grades: to participate in an activity at TELO or with being “introduced” online to that friend. Jeanette Boyd, Michael Boyd, Alyssa the Heritage and Culture Program before Getting Involved in Kids’ Online Charles, Sid Cole, Heather Daniels, Little going to the Youth Center. There was some Activities Chat Room Caution Bear Davis, Loyala Davis, Heidi Gaiser, resistance in the beginning, but this has Aside from these tools, it’s wise to take Chat rooms are virtual online rooms Deidra Hawkes, Geo Jack, Junior Jack, become a successful routine for the students. an active role in protecting your kids from where chat sessions take place. They’re set Raven John, Tammy Klatush, Ray Lopez, If your student is not signed up with our Internet predators and sexually explicit up according to interest or subject, such as a Shelby McCrory, Jordan Merriman, Kayla program, they are missing out on many great materials online. To do that: favorite sport or TV show. Because people Nyreen, James Quilt, Kayley Trott, Marcus services and incentives. Please call or come  Become computer literate and learn how can communicate with each other alone or Youckton, Jordan Bird, Rikki Sutterlict, see us at the new Community Center to get to block objectionable material. in a group, chat rooms are among the most Kaileen Bray, Jacqualyn Bray, Bobby Jones, your children into the program so they (and  Keep the computer in a common area, not popular destinations on the Web - especially Gordon Klatush and Richie Revay. you!) can be recognized for their efforts. in individual bedrooms, where you can for kids and teens. In addition to the 6 -12 grade incentive Remember: “In order for you to succeed, watch and monitor its use. But chat rooms can pose hazards for kids. th th program, the Chehalis Tribal Education your desire for success should be greater  Share an email account with your child so Some kids have met “friends” in chat rooms Program has begun a similar program for than your fear of failure.” you can monitor messages. who were interested in exploiting them. our K-5 grade students who demonstrate  Bookmark kids’ favorite sites for easy No one knows how common chat-room th good behavior, good effort, good access. predators are, but pedophiles (adults who are grades  Spend time online together to teach your sexually interested in children) are known to kids appropriate online behavior. frequent chat rooms.  Forbid your child from entering private These predators sometimes prod their chat rooms; block them with safety online acquaintances to exchange personal features provided by your Internet service information, such as addresses and phone provider or with special fltering software; numbers, thus putting the kids they are be aware that posting messages to chat chatting with - and their families - at risk. rooms reveals a user’s email address to Pedophiles often pose as teenagers Students dedicate themselves to academics by doing their homework in the others. in chat rooms. Because many kids have after school program. The Youth Center rewards them for participating with  Monitor your credit card and phone bills been told by parents not to give out their all the programs before coming to play. Pictured (L-R) are Shayna and Kiara for unfamiliar account charges. home phone numbers, pedophiles may Pickernell, Savanna Bird, Tawni Willis, Donnelle Edwards, Roberta Youckton.  Find out what, if any, online protection is encourage kids to call them; with caller ID offered at your child’s school, after-school the offenders instantly have the kids’ phone center, friends’ homes, or anyplace where numbers. Take Care of Your Loved Ones kids could use a computer without your Warning Signs supervision. by Being Responsible with Your  Take your child seriously if he or Warning signs of a child being targeted by an online predator include: spending long she reports an uncomfortable online exchange. hours online, especially at night; phone calls Prescription Pills  Forward copies of obscene or threatening from people you don’t know, or; unsolicited messages you or your kids get to your gifts arriving in the mail. If your child Internet service provider. suddenly turns off the computer when you By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Specialist Coordinator  Call the National Center for Missing and walk into the room, ask why and monitor Exploited Children at (800) 843-5678 if computer time more closely. Withdrawal Sharing medications with friends or According to an Associated Press you’re aware of the transmission, use, from family life and a reluctance to discuss family members may start out innocently. investigation reported in early 2008, “A or viewing of child pornography online; online activities are other signs to watch for. Maybe they are stressed out, or have a vast array of pharmaceuticals, including contact your local law enforcement Contact your local law enforcement major headache. Please realize their body antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood agency or the FBI if your child has agency or the FBI if your child has received chemistry is different than yours and even stabilizers and sex hormones, have been received child pornography via the pornography via the Internet or has been the sharing vitamins can be dangerous. found in the drinking water supplies of at Internet. target of an online sex offender. Drugs that cause birth defects, such as least 41 million Americans.” Taking an active role in your kids’ teratogenic prescriptions (an agent that Basic Rules Internet activities will help ensure that interrupts or alters the normal development Federal Guidelines to Dispose Set up some simple rules for your kids to they beneft from the wealth of valuable of a fetus, with results that are evident Medications follow while they’re using the Internet, such information it offers without being exposed at birth), are a huge danger. A woman Do not fush prescription drugs down as: to any potential dangers. Check out this taking someone else’s medication while the toilet or drain unless the label or  Follow the rules you set, as well as those website for Internet safety laws, online not knowing she is pregnant could cause accompanying patient information set by your Internet service provider. protections tools. damage to her unborn child. specifcally instructs you to do so. For parent/positive/family/net_safety.html# Taking medications is becoming a huge information on drugs that should be fushed, trend. Drug addicts are turning from crystal visit the FDA’s website. The EOT I Store meth and heroin, to using Oxycotin, a To dispose of prescription drugs not received an prescription pill they crush and snort, smoke labeled to be fushed, you may be able to interior face lift and/or inject. take advantage of community drug take- over the weekend. Please keep your prescriptions locked up back programs or other programs, such The improvements and if someone you know needs something as household hazardous waste collection enhanced the stronger than Tylenol or Ibuprofen, have events, that collect drugs at a central little store giving it them see our staff at the Chehalis Wellness location for proper disposal. Call your city more eye appeal. Clinic. or county government’s household trash and Pictured is Wilma Keeping drug, alcohol, tobacco free will recycling service and ask if a drug take-back Graciano working enhance your life and your family’s, so that program is available in your community. the morning shift it is a healthy, beautiful life. Here are tips for disposal of drugs when said, “We’re a take-back or collection program is not receiving a lot Be Careful When Disposing Your available: positive comments Medications  Take your prescription drugs out of their on the changes to Many people toss expired or unused original containers. the store.” medications in the trash or fush them  Mix drugs with an undesirable substance, Chehalis Business Committee down the toilet. Some components of such as cat litter or used coffee grounds. David Burnett, Chairman these drugs end up in our lakes, streams,  Put the mixture into a disposable Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman and water supplies. According to the U.S. container with a lid, such as an empty Jessie Goddard, Treasurer Fish and Wildlife Service, “The improper margarine tub, or into a sealable bag. Newsletter Cheryle Starr, Secretary disposal of unused medications by fushing  Conceal or remove any personal Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member them or pouring them down the drain may information, including Rx number, on 420 Howanut Road be harmful to fsh, and wildlife and their the empty containers by covering it with Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: habitats.” black permanent marker or duct tape, or (360) 709-1726 (office) Fred Shortman, Communications Additionally, throwing medications away by scratching it off. (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator in the garbage may be dangerous since they  Place the sealed container with the can end up in the mouths of children or mixture, and the empty drug containers, in Articles and opinions expressed in this household pets. the trash. publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. Community Dinner, May 19, 5:00 PM The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages Chehalis Tribal Community Center tribal members to submit letters, articles, This event will be focused on the dangers of prescription drug abuse. Join us for photographs, and drawings to be considered dinner, and receive drug abuse prevention music CDs created by youth in the Youth for publication. These are subject to editing. Substance Abuse Prevention Program. There will be dinner, youth singing and Contributing writers, artists, and performing, and a raffe for $100.00 gas cards. photographers include Chehalis tribal Curtis DuPuis will open, and Oliver Wells, teen author of My Year of Pharmaceutical community members and staff. The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Thinking, will tell his story and have his books available. If you have questions, call Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... Lorrie Bonifer, 360-709-1717, or Gail Hurst at 360-709-1674. Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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