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4 Conference (continued from page 1) Tax Case (continued from page 1) tribes and assuring tribal leaders are was signed on Dec. 7, 2009, it requires took about 38 depositions of County discovery when applied to the Bracker prepared when attending D.C. forums. accompanying congressional action for the witnesses and subpoenaed thousands of Analysis. Since both sides moved for Jewell James, Lummi Nation, also indicated agreement to become effective. The deadline pages of documents. (The County took about summary judgment, if it is granted for a need for an ATNI lobbyist to get the ATNI for Congress was December 31, 2009, but 15 depositions and subpoenaed documents either side, there will not be a trial or live resolutions to NCAI and passed. “Through was extended until February 28, 2010. as well.) The more facts were found, the testimony. ATNI, make sure our voice is heard. This is The proposed settlement would provide stronger the support of the Tribe’s case The Motion included a 48-page brief, your organization,” he said. for two payments through the long process became. over 150 facts which the Tribe felt were Bill Allen, Cowlitz, said the tribe, recently for IIM account holders. Payment will Then the Tribe’s legal team brought a relevant and supported by affdavits, an recognized by the federal government, compensate plaintiffs and all expenses summary judgment on one issue in the case. Expert Report from a Harvard Professor still lacks a land base. “We need help from associated with the settlement, including The Tribe argued that the Judge should rule on the Tribal and US interests in protecting ATNI.” He said the tribe’s federal resources, attorney fees. for the Chehalis Tribe and CTGW because tribal sovereignty from this type of taxation, like health care, are being taxed by the state. Russell said the issue is confusing to most the Department of Revenue had determined and excerpts from the depositions the Tribe “Contract health needs expansion and we due to newspaper and other articles that have the tax issue in the Tribe’s favor. The Judge gathered. need the health care money to operate,” he been written since the proposed settlement ruled against the Tribe because he said he The last pleading went to the Judge on said. was signed. Some tribal leaders say they are would decide the case and not rely on the January 22, 2010. The Tribe is now waiting Hunting rights are being questioned, said being questioned about when tribal members Department of Revenue and, if the Tribe to see if the Judge will decide the case on Joel Moffet, Nez Perce. “Our hunting rights will receive their payment. “We don’t know wanted to deal with that issue, it would summary judgment or if it will go to trial. in Yellowstone country are getting harder what to say to them,” said Vice-chair of the have to go to State Court and not Federal The Judge has ordered the Tribe to go to a to do. We can only hunt on federal lands Spokane Tribe Glen Ford. Court. The Judge and the Tribe agreed to a mediation to see if the parties can settle the which are outside of our reservation. But ATNI is a regional organization formed “Bracker Analysis,” weighing the interests case and that will have happened by the time stipulations hinder our buffalo hunts.” in 1953 and is comprised of 57 tribes of the Tribe and US against the County this article is printed. If the case doesn’t Another major concern is the Internal from Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Western interests. settle, then it will either become a summary Revenue Service’s (IRS) taxation polices Montana, Nevada, California and Alaska. There is an upcoming trial date set for judgment or go to trial. that are affecting tribes. “They want to tax A majority of ATNI members are also April 13, 2010. Before that, however, Whatever the result at the Federal our elders and stipends received from the members of NCAI. ATNI meets annually both the Plaintiffs (Tribe and CTGW) and District Court (unless it settles), this case is tribe. I told IRS that we, as nations, should to discuss matters of importance. ATNI’s the Defendants have moved for complete important and unique and will probably be not be taxed, especially on trust land,” said mid-year conference will take place at summary judgment on written motions appealed to the Ninth Circuit Federal Court James. “They [IRS] are making rules on the Grand Ronde, Oregon, May 17-20, 2010. on the facts the Tribe developed during of Appeals and possibly the Supreme Court. sly.” During the conference, the Chehalis In 2006 there were 126 tribal audits, Canoe Family sang and danced to honor our and by 2009, the number had jumped to an visitors. Great job, Chehalis Canoe Family. Primary Care Provider Gives You estimated 260 tribes. “The IRS is demanding W2s and 1099s for every transaction in Thanks to the Volunteers Indian Country that has a dollar value,” The Chehalis Tribe and volunteers An Ongoing, Caring Relationship he said. James said the IRS is looking at provided a fantastic seafood dinner at the everything from children to elders, from Lucky Eagle Casino Event Center for By Dr. Solis, Medical Director health to education, from housing to clothing conference attendees. It was an awesome vouchers. “Even tribal cultural gatherings feast to honor visitors from all over the What is a PCP? In terms of health care, a community members. A limited supply of and arts. All of these and more are declared United States. PCP is a Primary Care Provider. This is the seasonal fu vaccine is also available. taxable according to the IRS.” After the dinner, visitors took turns someone who generally sees you whenever Call the clinic at 273-5504 to request a Senator Patty Murray sent a taped thanking the Chehalis people for hosting this you come to the clinic, takes care of all your vaccine. Remember, if you are allergic to message to ATNI and said she is a strong event. medical problems, and gets to know you eggs, you cannot get either the injection or supporter of tribal sovereignty. “It is Chehalis Trbal Chairman David Burnett as a person. It’s important to see the same the nasal mist vaccine. refreshing to have an administration to says, “I would like to express appreciation person whenever you come to the clinic honor the government-to-government to Cheryle Starr for all her hard work to so that important information does not get Pharmacy relationship. I will continue to work on organize the conference. Many tribal “forgotten” and symptoms that are persistent Pharmacy pick up hours are 3:30 - 4:30 issues important to our tribes. I believe we leaders agreed this was the best ATNI do not get overlooked. A beneft of seeing PM daily. If you come at other times, you have a responsibility to the resources.” She meeting in a long time, and that Chehalis the same provider each time you come to the may be asked to wait because the nurses are assured ATNI, “As Congress continues to was a gracious and generous host tribe. All clinic is that you don’t have to explain your often busy with patients. If you have any address issues facing the country, I will these comments made me proud. I would condition over and over again to different questions about your medications, you may make sure tribes are included and your voice also like to thank all the volunteers; Linda people. request to speak to a pharmacist or provider. will be heard.” Daniels, Sharon Hall, Charlotte Lopez, You will be asked to choose a PCP if you Sometimes you may feel there is The Inter-Tribal Monitoring Association Joyce Thomas, Donna Koernke, Christina are a patient at the CTWC. Each provider a discrepancy between the amount of (ITMA) explained the proposed Cobell Hicks, Nona Youckton, Curt DuPuis, Annie has different experiences, qualifcations, medication prescribed and the amount verses Salazar settlement during a Tuesday Jones, Carla Thomas, casino employees, and interests. Try to choose someone you received. If you feel the need to do so, afternoon workshop. Majel Russell, legal Don Secena, Shawn Ortivez, John, Pam, feel comfortable with, and who has the you may open the container and count counsel for ITMA, said the settlement is and Guy Youckton, Booner Brown, Dennis qualifcations to treat whatever condition the medication in front of the pharmacist, 59 pages long and fled in 1996 on behalf Cayenne, Ray Secena, Vernon McCrory and you may have. You may change your pharmacy technician, or nurse. You must do of present and former benefciaries of anyone I missed. It makes a heart proud decision if you feel that, over time, your this before you leave the pharmacy or clinic. Individual Indian Money (IIM) accounts seeing the community come together! PCP is not compatible with you. We at Once you leave the premises, nothing can be across the United States. “We all should be proud that our tribe the CTWC are striving to deliver quality, done to resolve the reputed discrepancy. Although the proposed settlement represented us so well in Indian Country.” evidence-based care, and this is one important step on our journey to do so. Nutrition Counseling More Chehalis Tribal Pat Odiorne, who manages the Diabetes Life-Changing Event Combats Drug and Wellness Clinic News: Program, is a Registered Dietician. She is now doing dietary counseling for CTWC Alcohol Abuse, and Re-Kindles Traditions H1N1 Vaccine patients at the request of providers. If you The H1N1 vaccine is at the clinic in would like to use her services, please ask great supply and is available to tribal and your provider for a referral. By Heather Youckton, on behalf of the Chehalis Canoe Family Chehalis Canoe Family circle up! It’s time Journey takes much work and effort year to get ready for the 2010 Paddle to Makah round. Did you know that traveling with Tribal and Canoe Journey. The Chehalis Canoe Family approximately 70 people (average number community will be holding regular weekly meetings: of Chehalis tribal travelers for 2009 Paddle members Tuesdays at 6:30 PM at the Chehalis Tribal to Suquamish) costs about $350 per day for walk to help Center. food and drinks? Did you know that we only prevent and The Canoe Family always welcomes have six months to get ready? manage new members of any age. We have many We anticipate traveling on the 2010 diabetes. people who make up our family: paddlers, Journey to Makah for 18 days. Please see Pictured (L- land crew, crafters, and those who provide our tentative schedule below: R) are Lynn support in countless other ways.  July 6: Start of the journey (tentative) Hoheisel, Amy Please contact any Canoe Family  July 19: Landing at Makah Loudermilk, member to hear about the Canoe Journey  July 24: Last day of protocol (tentative) and Cindy and what it has meant to them. It is an Contact Heather Youckton if you would Gamble. They exciting drug and alcohol free event that has like to receive emails about the Chehalis participated the potential to change your life. Canoe Family at heather.youckton@hotmail. in the monthly Preparing for the annual Canoe com or call 253-320-1588. diabetes prevention The Chehalis walk. Canoe Family Photo by Kate sang and Harmon danced at the Casino Chehalis Basin Little League Community Prevention welcoming visitors during Dinner the ATNI The Oakville Chehalis Basin Little League Conference. needs volunteer umpires for the 2010 March 24th at 5:30 PM Pictured (L- baseball season. Your time is greatly at the Community Center appreciated. The season starts in March R) are Diana This dinner meeting will be held to Pickernell, and ends in June. address underage drinking. Snacks will Whitney Sign up for Little League will be be provided along with a raffe for a Lewis, Skylar on February 20 and 27 at the Oakville $100.00 gas card. Bracero, Elder Elementary. COME ON! Give and enjoy a few Henrietta Please contact Lorrie Bonifer at Boyd, and hours of fun. 360-709-1717 or email Lbonifer@ Miss Tribal Please contact Dean Johnny at 360- Days Deidra 584-8859 to sign up, or ask how you can Hawks. help Little League in your community.
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