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Oakville Basketball Teams Excel On and Off the Court in 2010 2 By Proud Oakville Parent For the frst time in at least four years, both players learn much more than how to win a members of this team. Rikki Sutterlict was Team Honorable Mention. the high school girls’ and boys’ basketball game. They learn life lessons about how to recognized for his play by being named to Both of the Oakville coaches, Steve teams in Oakville end the year with winning work together, how to accept criticism, how the 2 Team All-League, and Bobby Jones Reinitz and Tracy Bray, were named nd seasons. Being a member of a team takes to encourage each other, how to maintain received All League Honorable Mention. Coaches of the Year by the League. This quite a commitment from our youth. control of emotions, and most importantly, The girls’ basketball team (10-5) had award is usually reserved for the 1 place st Academics come frst, and each player how to respect themselves and others. Our their frst winning season in four years. team in the league, but due to the excellent must maintain passing grades throughout players truly are role models on and off the There were eight team members from our play by our kids, Oakville received this great the season. In addition to their school work, court. tribal community: Tammy Klatush, Jeanette honor! players attend practices 4-5 days a week, The boys’ basketball team (13-7 record Boyd, Skylar Bracero, Kayley Trott, Alyssa If you see our players out in the and play in games the other two days. This here) ended their season with a trip to the Charles, Heather Daniels, Jordan Merriman, community, congratulate them for a job commitment starts in November and goes State 1B Basketball Tournament in Yakima. and Deidra Hawkes. Jeanette and Jordan well done—both on and off the court! through the end of February. Rikki Sutterlict, Bobby Jones and Richie were both named to the 1 Team All-League st Basketball is a team sport, and the Revay, all from our tribal community, were and Tammy and Skylar both were named 1 st 2010 Oakville High School Basketball Teams 2010 Oakville Middle School Basketball Teams Oakville high school girls basketball team fnished with a 10-5 Record. Oakville middle school girls basketball team went undefeated this 2010 season. Oakville High School girls team has improved faster than was originally projected with hard work and a commitment to learning the game. They finished the season with a 10-5 record. Pictured top row (L-R) are Sierra Pictured top row (L-R) are Little Bear Davis, Kayley Sharp, Kayleen Bray, Smalley, Jeanette Boyd, Jordan Merriman, Assistant Coach Casey Doyle, Coach Gail WhiteEagle, Jaala Berentsen, Natasha Lewis, Brittany Maas. Coach Tracy Bray, Deidra Hawks, Kayley Trott. Middle row (L-R) are Skylar Bottom row (L-R) are Jaqueline Bray, Jessica Ryea. Bracero, Tammy Klatush, Heather Daniels, Hayley Hutchings, Brya Hill. Front row is Alyssa Charles The middle school boys basketball team played well and had an outstanding Oakville high school boys basketball team fnished with a 13-7 Record. undefeated season. The High School boys basketball team had a great season and qualified to go the State Tournament. Pictured top row (L-R) are Bobbie Jones, Rikki Sutterlict, Edwin Ryea, Tucker Reinitz, Coach Steve Reinitz, Coach Riippa, Pictured top row (L-R) are Ray Lopez, Jr., Jarod Ruymann, T.J. Trott, Bryan Witt, Kodi Berentsen , Asa Hutchings, Ryse Pettit, Elwyn Johnston. Coach Marvin Youckton, Coach Ray Lopez, Jeff Vroman, Shawn Bottom row (L-R) are Richie Revay, Cody Brown, James Quilt, Ronnie Youckton, Tommy Tinney. Front row (L-R) are Marcus Youckton, Jordan Rosbaugh. Front row is Tucker Johnson Bird, Johnathon Smalley. Not pictured is Geo Jack. Chehalis Tribal Youth Speaks Up Youth Against Alcohol and Drugs pictured (L-R) are Ethan Wittwer and By Karlea Youckton, Eighth Grade Rochester Student and Chehalis Tribal Youth Grace Quilt taking piano Would You Say NO? When people hear children, and children away from mothers lessons. The the words Native American or Indian, and fathers. I have watched those who once early music the frst thing that comes to mind is lazy, had it all, go from having it all to absolutely lessons unsuccessful drunks. That is one of the nothing. This is exactly why I will be one teach youth biggest stereotypes that has been around of the very few to change the statistics how to read for many years. In 1989, it was shown that and actually amount to something. If I can and write approximately ffty percent of all American prevent just one more youth by my example music, before adolescents have used alcohol, compared to to stay away from addiction, then that’s all proceeding to approximately eighty percent for American the reason in the world that I need to say, practicing on Indian or Alaskan Native youth. I don’t the piano. want to be just another statistic. I want to “No to be known as one of the very few Native drugs and Chehalis Business Committee American youth to lead by example and take alcohol!” David Burnett, Chairman a stand to say, “No to drugs and alcohol.” Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman Being a youth that has grown up on Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer the reservation, I have been unfortunate Cheryle Starr, Secretary enough to have witnessed many loved ones, 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member young and old, that have fallen victim to Oakville, WA 98568 alcoholism and drug abuse. Many have even (360) 709-1726 (office) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: lost their lives. I have had the frst hand (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications experience at my family being torn apart Coordinator. Go to this direct link by this terrible disease called addiction. I for online newsletters copies: www. refuse to cause any more heartache, and Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions pain towards my family. This experience has of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal really opened my eyes to the reality of how Business Committee. drugs and alcohol can really affect people and their life-long goals. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages This disease is no laughing matter. tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered It takes mothers and fathers away from for publication. These are subject to editing. Karlea Youckton is an 8th grade Contributing writers, artists, and student attending Rochester photographers include Chehalis tribal Middle School. She works hard community members and staff. to maintain her grades to be The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis eligible to participate in her Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... favorite sports. Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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