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4 Academy (continued from page 1) Community Center (continued from page 1) or college or be employed. The mentor of dropping out gather at the Community Center to visit with The swimming pool isn’t available to continues to report to the Academy on the  A citizen or legal resident of the U.S and friends and family and enjoy the game of the public yet. It’s early in the game, with student’s growth as a responsible citizen. Washington State resident baseball. Watch for fyers for the dedication personnel being trained on the up-keep and While attending Washington State Youth  Unemployed or underemployed and blessing of the felds. maintenance of the pool and hot tub. The Academy, Ann Marie endured physical  Not currently on probation for other than The big gym at the Community Center water aerobics classes being offered by the training every morning, and spent at least six juvenile offenses not awaiting sentencing, is now available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Diabetes Prevention Program is a step in the hours per day in classroom activities. She is under indictment, charged or convicted of and Wednesdays. It is a beautiful full-size right direction. There are other programs hoping to earn the highest number of credits a felony basketball court, and tribal members have to train certifed instructors, so swimming (eight) for the whole program. So far, Ann  Free from use of alcohol and illegal drugs been playing on the new court on open gym lessons can be provided to our youth. These Marie is on track to achieve her goal and or substances days. Whenever using the gym, please use small, structured classes help prepare the maybe exceed it. She has the opportunity to  Physically and mentally capable to respect and care, and adhere to the rules. pool for more uses. Safety and care is very take senior classes that will carry over to her participate in the program with reasonable Wear your basketball shoes to prevent important in the use of this facility. Watch high school transcript and lessen her work accommodation damage to the hardwood foors. (No street for fyers about future classes. load during her senior year at Oakville High Ann Marie is very proud to announce that shoes.) This will assist in having the gym If you have any questions about signing School. her rank is Cadet Private First Class! Her available for public use. It’s another exciting up to use these facilities at the Community Ann Marie is working hard in the goal is to become Corporal which should possibilities to look forward to: attending Center, please contact Cheryl Starr at 360- classroom, and is also striving for excellence take her about three weeks. Her next home and watching basketball tournaments held at 709-1524. Leave your name, number and a within her group (platoon). Students have pass is for six days in May and then she will the community center. brief request for reservations. the opportunity to become platoon leaders, graduate in June. The Education Program is participate in the school’s ranger program, very proud of Ann for her accomplishments drill team and many other extracurricular at the Academy. Keep up the great work! Get Your Pet Fixed for Only Five Dollars activities. The National Guard provides If you think this would help your child, these opportunities to help students with attend any of the open houses scheduled to Neutering your dog Scatter Creek Animal Clinic rd self esteem, building character and a sense have your questions answered! They are or cat is the best way to 7430 183 Ave SW of accomplishment. Students are rewarded on Wednesday, April 14, and May 19 at lessen stray or unwanted Rochester, WA 98579 for their achievements and disciplined when 5:30 PM; or Saturday, April 17, and May pets around the reservation. (360) 273-5908 necessary. Ann will tell you it is extremely 22 at 10:00 AM. Any questions about this Now there is a way for you Fords Prairie Animal Clinic diffcult and not a walk in the park. You program call 1-877-228-8947, or visit the to do this at low cost. Take 2530 Harrison Ave. defnitely have to have determination and website advantage of this low-cost Centralia, WA 98531 self discipline. You also have to want to do it or email questions WYACadet@olympic. pet spay and neuter offer. (360) 736-0212 for yourself. The program is only voluntary. edu. The next scheduled classes begin on For Chehalis tribal members The student has to want to go. July 18, 2010. and all residents on the  Step 3 - Take your pet to the To be eligible for the Washington State Everyone is invited to attend Ann Marie’s Chehalis Reservation, the veterinary clinic on the day of its Youth Academy, you must: graduation ceremony on June 19 at 10 cost to spay or neuter a pet is scheduled appointment. Bring $5  Be 16 to 19 years of age at the time of AM in the Tacoma Light Center. Contact only fve dollars. with you, which is your co-pay. enrollment Tawni Willis at 360-709-1597 for more Tell the veterinary staff there is a voucher  A high school dropout, expellee or at risk information.  Step 1 - Call (253) 370-6392 to request there for you to cover the remaining cost a voucher. If there is no answer, please of the spay/neuter procedure. Education/Screening Program Offered to Chehalis leave a message with your name and and Six Other Tribes to Prevent Colorectal Cancer contact number. The voucher will be This service is provided by Rez Animal faxed directly to your veterinarian of Resources & Education, a small, non- By Cindy Beck, Patient Navigator CTWC choice. proft organization helping animals on the Chehalis, Nisqually, Skokomish, March is Colon Health Month. Did you program is to increase the colorectal cancer  Step 2 - Call the veterinary clinic to Squaxin Island and Shoalwater know that colorectal cancer is the second screening rate in the United States for all schedule an appointment. Two local Bay Indian Reservations. leading cause of cancer-related deaths in person 50 years of age and older. This will clinics you can use are: Contact us at 253-370-6392. the US? And the third most common type be achieved through two main goals: of cancer in both men and women? In  Community-wide activities including Washington State, Native Americans have education activities to increase the highest incidence of colorectal cancer. community awareness and patient Cancer (continued from page 1) However, it is a preventable and treatable assistance with making appointments for We evening ended with a dinner. All Jerry Youckton, Annie Jones, Dan Jones, form of cancer. When diagnosed early, colon colorectal cancer screening. participants received a Pendleton note pad Joyce Thomas, and Sidney Smith. The grand cancer has a fve-year survival rate of 90%.  Free colorectal cancer screening and and were entered into a raffe. The winners prize $100 Steak House gift certifcate went Colorectal cancer has no symptoms and diagnostic services for those 50 and older of the $10 End of the Trail gas cards were to Penny Gleason. Congratulations! usually develops from small growths in the without insurance or assistance with co- rectum or colon called polyps. As polyps pays for those with insurance. silently grow, they can become cancerous. This Colorectal Cancer Screening Polyps often bleed, and the blood can Program will help SPIPA achieve the second be detected in a small stool sample. This Comprehensive Cancer Control Program simple, yearly screening can help detect a goal; to detect all screenable cancers at growing polyp, which if removed early on, the earliest stage for tribal and community can prevent cancerous growths. Screening members of all SPIPA tribes, and surpass is recommended for anyone 50 years of the CCCP fourth objective; to work with the age and older. Anyone who has had a polyp tribal clinics to screen at least 50% of the removed, or has a family member who’s age-appropriate population for colorectal had colorectal cancer, should be screened cancer. at a younger age. The test is actually This new SPIPA program is modeled painless, and only takes a few minutes to after our successful Native Women’s complete, but most people don’t want to do Wellness Program and our Comprehensive it? Why? Yes, it’s inconvenient, but not as Cancer Control Program. The Colorectal inconvenient as cancer treatments. Cancer Program will work closely with If we can catch colorectal cancer early, staff from these two programs. Additional we can easily treat it and stop its deadly resources funding through this grant include progression. Ask your health care provider provider education and the development of SPIPA Cancer Workshop instructors taught tribal members important about colorectal cancer screening, and make educational materials. information about how to communicate to doctors, and how to understand it part of your health care plan. The SPIPA Colon Health Program, as and manage cancer distress. Pictured (L-R) are John Simmons, Keena the only lower-48 Tribal Colorectal Cancer Aldrich, Jen Olsen, Janet Ott, Dr. Anne Hansen. SPIPA Colorectal Cancer Grant Program, will be involved in state and The South Puget Intertribal Planning national efforts to bring the message forward Agency (SPIPA) has been awarded $600,000 on how to best address colorectal cancer for Tribe Offers Water Aerobic Classes to per year for fve years by the Centers Indian Country. We look forward to learning for Disease Control to work with seven together how to create an effective and Community Members at Own Pool Southwest Washington tribes to design and quality colorectal cancer control program for implement a tribal-based colorectal cancer the seven tribes. control program. The seven tribes include If you are between the ages of 50–64, The Diabetes Prevention Program will a towel, and water shoes are recommended. the fve SPIPA tribes plus Quinault and have a family history of polyps or colon be offering water aerobics classes at the Class sizes are limited, so sign up so we can Cowlitz. Twenty-two states and four tribal cancer, take a positive step toward your Community Center starting in March. Sign start a second class. organizations (SPIPA and three Alaska health. Talk to your health care provider up today! Water aerobics is a great way Just a reminder there will be no life Native organizations) were selected for about colorectal cancer screening. For more to stay healthy. Classes can be available guard on duty, so a waiver of liability must funding through the Center for Disease information feel free to contact Cindy Beck, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, daytime be signed. For more information contact Control’s objective review process. Patient Navigator at the Chehalis Tribal or evenings, from 6:00-7:00 PM. Come join Lynn Hoheisel at the Wellness Center or call The over arching focus of the national Wellness Clinic, or call 360-709-1810. a healthy, low-impact exercise. Please bring her at 360-709-1744. Weaving Research Communities Basketry Workshop Together: Research Protocols in Weavers Teaching Weavers Indian Country At Great Wolf Lodge MPA in Tribal Governance Friday, April 16, starts at 9 AM Sponsored by Hazel Pete Institute of Chehalis Basketry Only The Evergreen State College offers a Master of Evergreen State College at the Longhouse Friday & Saturday Public Administration (MPA) focused on Tribal Governance. Education and Cultural Center April 30 & May 1, from 9 AM-4 PM Featuring Keynote Speaker - Dr. Gregory Doors open 8 AM - Everyone Welcome! esigned for present and future leaders who wish to actively engage in shaping tribal policy Cajete Dand governance issues, the Tribal Governance concentration: HPICB Conference Rate Available “Creating Sustainable Indigenous • Focuses on structures, processes and issues specifc to tribal governments. Community in a 21st Century World” CODE: 1005WEAV_001 • Provides current and future tribal leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to work Registration Fee: $100 Saturday only: $50; Payment successfully in Indian Country. by April 30 and at the door make check payable to: • Informs tribal liaisons of governmental or other organizations. Free to the public. On-line Registration HPICB or Hazel Pete Institute of Chehalis Basketry, • Refects the diversity of issues addressed by tribes, including health, housing, education, at 137 Anderson Rd., Oakville, WA 98568. Kits will be youth, welfare, land use, natural and cultural resources, law enforcement, human resources, conference_registration.html. On-site available for participants costing between $10 and transportation, fscal policy, and economic development. registration begins at 8 AM. For more For more information contact: $50. Door prizes, silent auction and raffe daily. 360.867.6202 Evergreen’s MPA program is designed to accommodate students’ schedules by following a week- information contact 360-867-6889 or email Contact Trudy at 360-273-7274 for more end intensive format. The cohort meets four times per quarter, roughly once every three weeks. Most students complete the program in two years. information.
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