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P. 1    FREE April 2010 Vol. CHEHALIS Get a Glimpse of 3/4 History on Page 3: Program TRIBAL Words of famous Chehalis Tribal News NEWSLETTER Historian Silas Heck come alive in this touching story. Join Family Tree Classes Precious photos of Chehalis tribal families archived and offered to others to Discover Your Family by Elaine McCloud. Ancestry  “People of the Sands”  The Heritage Program is providing free family tree classes on Mondays starting at 4 Chehalis youth group spread PM in classroom 4 at the new Community. If you are attending for the frst time, the message at dinner please obtain your family tree from the Enrollment Department so we have a place to start. It’s easiest to enter the building from Youth group perform a skit on perils of the south entrance. Hope to see everyone there. alcohol and drug addiction, page 2 Any question please contact Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator, 360-709- 1748 or email Chehalis Tribal Members Become With a Stroke of the Vosper Homes Available for Blessed With New Home Ownership Pen, the BIA Expands Purchase by Tribal Members The Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority will Chehalis Reservation be accepting applications from Chehalis By Jeff Warnke, Director of Government tribal members interested in purchasing Public Relations a single family residence at the Vosper Subdivision. The CTHA has four, three- On March 9 the Chehalis Reservation got a bedroom homes, approximately 1500 square little bigger. With the stroke of a pen, it was feet, available. Applications will be accepted done. The Director of the Bureau of Indian from April 28 to the close of business on Affairs signed the Reservation Proclamation May 11. If you are interested, stop by the and seven parcels of land totaling 213.73 Housing Offce and pick up an application. acres became part of the Chehalis Any questions contact the Housing Offce Reservation. staff at 360-273-7723. Sounds like it should be quick and easy, but, this move was only the third time Attention Artists: Coastal that the Obama administration has signed Salish Art Needed for off on a Reservation Proclamation since inauguration. “It is never easy to get the Head Start Sweatshirts Federal Government to do their job,” said Chairman Burnett. “But we have developed The Chehalis Tribal Head Start Graduation Committee is looking for a traditional relationships with key people in the BIA that Coastal Salish style drawing to be used as have helped us to succeed when other tribes a design on sweatshirts to be awarded to struggle to accomplish this task.” the class of 2010 graduates. The land parcels are not connected and were acquired by the tribe and taken into If you are interested in participating, On March 31, home owners received the keys to their new home from Viginia please submit your drawing by Friday, May Canales, CTHA Tenant Services. Connie Baker was excited to move into trust over the years since 1998, but were all 14 to Heather Galloway at the Head Start. A her new home in the Vosper Division. Pictured (L-R) are Skylar Baker, Ryan made part of the reservation at once. Some winner will then be chosen and announced Pitzenberger, Virginia Canales, Shayden Baker, and Connie Baker. of the parcels include the electronic casino by the Graduation Committee. sign near I-5, the bed and breakfast property on Anderson Road, several abandoned We look forward to seeing our tribe’s By Fred Shortman, Editor creativity! railroad parcels along the Chehalis River On March 22, over 50 tribal and community for the new owners. Following the blessing and the Great Wolf Lodge property. The College Fair at members attended the open house and and ribbon cutting ceremony, everyone was addition of the properties brings the total Great Wolf Lodge ribbon cutting of the Chehalis Tribal invited to tour a house at 11 Sickman Loop. size of the reservation to 4,438.36 acres. There are several reasons why this Housing Authority at the Vosper sub This gathering blessed the houses as the division. After years of waiting, tribal community shared a meal and congratulated move was an important step for the tribe. Tuesday, May 25, 1-6 PM members will live the American dream the new home owners families. Each of the properties that were formerly All welcome! Juniors should defnitely of owning their own homes. This process The words spoken by the Chairman off reservation was in some way under the attend. Bring your parents and friends to started in 1999. Now the vision of houses precisely articulated the blessing of the jurisdiction of a local county, some being in visit with representatives from colleges being fnished and occupied is complete. The houses. “Presently we are looking at these Thurston and some in Grays Harbor County. and universities, trade and technical patience and diligence by everyone involved new houses,” said Chairman Burnett. “When This will clear up those jurisdictional issues schools. in the completion of this worthwhile project the new owners move in, they will become including policing, issuing land use and 200 high school students w/ASB cards is fnally a reality. Excited families moving their homes to raise their families.” building permits, water quality, and fshery and completed surveys will receive a into their new homes were given the keys John Vosper, who sold the property to management. Great Wolf Lodge day pass the last week of March. the tribe, was present to see the ceremony Several of the parcels along the Chehalis Dan Gleason and Marie Bird led a and said, “I’ve had a recurring dream River are on the opposite bank creating a  All Chehalis tribal members who have heartfelt prayer, blessing the new houses completed a higher education degree about seeing homes on the back half of the new southern boarder for the reservation. or trade through the higher education See Homes, page 4 See Expansion, page 4 department are encouraged to attend.  All Chehalis tribal members, community A Dozen Truckloads of Trash Gone, Thanks to Volunteers members and employees come and help us show our youth how successful our By Fred Shortman, Editor community has been. If you have completed a higher education degree and/or trade, It was a cool and breezy please submit a copy of your degree, photo Wednesday morning for of yourself and small quote of your success the Chehalis Tribe’s Spring by May 15. Clean Up Day. There were Any questions, please contact Racheal 40 people who came to the Mendez at 360-709-1698 or email Rmendez@ Tribal Center participating in cleaning up the reservation, including tribal members and employees, Boys & Girls Club volunteers, Lucky Eagle Casino staff, and United Way of Lewis County staff and volunteers. PO Box 536 Elaine McCloud set the tone for the day, blessing this City, ST Zip event , thanking and praying Street Address for the people and Mother Oakville, WA 98568 Earth. Joyce Thomas did Volunteers from the United Way of Lewis County, Boys & Girls Club of America and many a great job organizing employees from the Lucky Eagle and Chehalis Tribe gathered at the tribal center before FirstName LastName * Return Service Requested work crews and dispersing heading out along designated areas during the 2010 Spring Clean Up. Chehalis Tribal Newsletter them to various areas of the reservation. Everyone rain shower as they worked. needed assistance in hauling the trash. With grabbed work gloves and garbage bags, Work crews were seen picking up this many volunteers helping, it made short intent on picking up trash along Howanut, trash that had been discarded by passing work of the areas to be cleaned up. PRSRT STD Niederman, Anderson, Secena and Moon motorists. Groundskeepers were drove Raffe prizes and buffet tickets were PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA Roads and the surrounding areas of the fsh around in their truck to pick up the garbage distributed to the volunteers who worked US POSTAGE PAID pit and ball felds. bags and haul them to our tribal dumpsters. ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL Many came prepared with warm clothing, They estimated they hauled 12 truckloads that day. Everyone got something to eat, NEWSLETTER is a publication of the and got warmed up after the clean up was Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis expecting rain. Mother Nature smiled down of garbage. The Lucky Eagle Casino and Reservation. upon the volunteers by not giving them a the Youth Center truck also provided much See Spring Clean-up, Page 4
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