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Youth Speak Up at Underage Join These Exciting Prevention Activities 2 Drinking Prevention Dinner Soaring Eagles Above the Infuence Lorrie Bonifer, 360-709-1717 or Lbonifer@ (SEATI) is the brand-new youth prevention ASAP. We can get you team! We are looking for additional youth registered. to participate in the program. We have activities throughout the year and also attend Youth Artists: Get Your Prevention youth conferences across the state. We will Design on T-Shirts be going to the Youth Spring Forum in May The Prevention Department’s youth at the Great Wolf Lodge, as well as Standing team, Soaring Eagles Above the Infuence, Tall the following week at the Great Wolf is holding a contest for all youth artists. We Lodge. Both conferences are youth-oriented will be making t-shirts that need a design. with hundreds of youth from across the state To enter the contest, simply draw or sketch attending. up a design for the t-shirts and bring it into Check us out on MySpace and Facebook the Prevention Department in the Clinic. If and become our fans for upcoming events you design it on the computer, email it to and view photographs of what we do: www. The deadline is April 30. The best design We can’t wait to see you at the upcoming will be chosen and posted on the Prevention events. More information will be posted on Department’s MySpace and Facebook pages. our MySpace and Facebook soon. The winning artist will be rewarded $250. If you want to be a part of SEATI and Contact Lorrie Bonifer for more information attend these conferences, please contact or to submit your designs. The “Soaring Above the Influence” youth group skit demonstrated the Program Recognizes Youth Who Excel in Academics dangers of underage drinking. It was their interpretation of a drinking party and how silly people act when they are drinking alcohol. Pictured (L-R) Congratulations to all our youth striving to High School Graduates: are Britney Maass, Kelsie Klatush, Kelsey Bray, Roberta Youckton, Chayse maintain their academics this quarter. The Attention all Chehalis tribal and Youckton-Bonifer, and Lorrie Bonifer. Education Program staff wish to recognize community members! the following students who qualifed for Graduation is approaching fast for seniors By Fred Shortman, Editor dinner and a movie incentive from the who are in the fnal stages of completing TELO program: their high school education. The Chehalis On March 24, Sixty-seven tribal and When he asked what the acceptable alcohol Skylar Bracero, Kayley Trott, Alyssa community members showed up to listen to level for children was, the kids exclaimed, Charles, Lilly Rhodes, Heather Daniels, Tribe celebrates our graduating seniors with the keynote speakers for a prevention event “Zero!” Deidra Hawkes, Jordan Merriman, Kaileen a dinner and recognition ceremony. geared towards Kick Butt’s Day- educating Tribal member and Police Offcer Arick Bray, TJ Trott, Jordon Bird, Brittany Maass, If you are aware of any community or towards tobacco prevention, and a meeting Burnett conducted an “Impairment Goggle” Gary Ortivez, Geraldine Youckton, Dewey tribal member getting ready to graduate, addressing underage drinking. trial area for youth to understand the dangers Gleason-Wheeler, and Kaleb Merriman. please contact JJ, Tawni, Jason or Nathan at Lorrie Bonifer shared a slide show of driving while intoxicated. 360-709-1749 with all their information. presentation on the negative health effects of There were several other tables available using alcohol and drugs. Some of the photos for people to visit and get information. Fun Basketball Team Passes Serious were pretty graphic and an eye opener for  Cindy Marchand from The Evergreen many of us. Her strong words and stance on State College came out and had a table these addictions came from her heart as a and spoke about her assistance to help Life Choice Message to Youth mother and a person who deeply cares about anyone interested in going to college. people and protecting our youth.  Christina Hicks had “Parent Speak Up” By Fred Shortman, Editor Elder Elaine McCloud’s presentation T-shirts and information for parents to talk On Saturday, April 10, the Harlem Crowns Each player talked about how they escaped was a table full of paper headstones with to their youth about abstinence. names written on them. They were people in  Pat Odiorne shared information on the played our Chehalis Stars in the gym at the the peer pressure of growing up in the inner her life who had lost their lives due to drugs dangers of energy drinks and sugar Community Center. What a great family-fun city. Each player introduced themselves and where they grew up, and told the event -- to watch a game of basketball. “We or alcohol. It was hard for her to discuss content in soda. call it ‘Clownball.’ There’s something new different things they had to deal with in their these personal issues, but her point was well every night,” said manager Herb Caife. respective cities. taken. As she picked up one of the paper The Soaring Eagles Youth Group skit headstones she said, “It doesn’t matter about sent a message to our teenagers and parents The players are masters of ad lib. Many of the players grew up loving the names on these head stones. It was what on what happens when people use alcohol. They take advantage of every situation, basketball and other sports, and participating in after school activities. Practicing and pulling their shenanigans on the opposing the addiction cost the family members and Thank you Soaring Eagles Kelsey Bray, players and the audience. This was very committing to getting good grades kept them loved ones when they died.” She pointed to Chayse Youckton-Bonifer, Kelsie Klatush, entertaining, and it had the audience in fts too busy to get involved in bad infuences a headstone and continued, “This one could and Roberta Youckton. have been a lawyer, doctor, a great leader or Chayse Youckton-Bonifer sang his of laughter. that inner city life could bring. something else. You never will know what Prevention Song with the assistance of But the event wasn’t just about showing Their main message was, “If you want to be good at anything, it’s necessary to put the off the Harlem Crowns’ basketball skills. they could’ve been.” Savannah Bird. Heidi Gaiser also performed The true story was the players’ message time and effort in, and practice it to become Gail Hurst, Bruce Stinson, and Dean a prevention song she made at the Youth about avoiding gangs, drugs and alcohol. great at it.” Johnny also shared how their programs Music Academy. She thanked Gail Hurst for work. Bruce Stinson gave examples of what mentoring her in the fght against addiction. happens when a youth gets caught drinking The message given at this dinner was a alcohol or using drugs, how the legal system strong one in the fght against addiction and works when dealing with this illegal activity. how addiction negatively affects families. Native American Electricians Training Available Are you interested in starting a career as an February 1, 2010. Electrician? The Vocational Rehabilitation  Must be a high school graduate, have a program will assist anyone who wishes to GED or a two year degree or higher. pursue this exciting opportunity to become  Must provide transcripts of education and an electrician. trainings and have good math skills. The Offce of Indian Energy and  Must agree to and sign an Individual Plan Economic Development, and the for success. Department of Labor in partnership with  Must have a current, valid driver’s license United Tribes Technical College, the  May have to relocate for placement to International Brotherhood of Electrical successfully complete an apprenticeship Workers and the National Electrical program. Contractors Association, is offering a seven Additional Minimum Qualifcations The Harlem Crowns are masters of ad lib, and put the audience on the spot week pre-apprenticeship training course  Be physically and mentally able to by bringing them out on the basketball court. Herb Caife, Manager of the in association with the National Joint safely perform essential functions of the Harlem Crowns, instructs and teases Jaiden Smith as he shoots a free throw. Apprenticeship and Training Committee in job, either with or without reasonable Bismarck, North Dakota. Upon successful accommodations. completion of the training, students may be  Be able to get to and from work at job Chehalis Business Committee David Burnett, Chairman offered an apprenticeship position. sites anywhere within the geographical Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman area. Jessie Goddard, Treasurer Application and Acceptance Process  Be able and willing to attend all related Newsletter Submit application with all supporting classroom training as required. Cheryle Starr, Secretary documents to United Tribes Technical  Be able to climb and work from ladders, 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member College. poles and towers of various heights. Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff:  Applications are accepted and screened  Be able to crawl and work in confned 360-709-1726 (office) for eligibility and applicants are further spaces such as attics, manholes and 360-273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications screened with a phone interview. crawlspaces. Coordinator. Go to this direct link  Final acceptance is determined upon  Be able to read, hear and understand Articles and opinions expressed in this for online newsletters copies: www. receipt of the drug test results, the instructions and warnings. publication are not necessarily the opinions physical results, and a background check. If you are interested, please submit a of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal  Upon notifcation of fnal acceptance into completed application and fax it to: Barbara Business Committee. the program, applicant must be prepared Schmitt or Arden Boxer at 701-530-0607, The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages to take the drug test, and a physical, and or scan documents and e-mail to bschmitt@ tribal members to submit letters, articles, travel to training location within three photographs, and drawings to be considered weeks of selection. or for publication. These are subject to editing. Pre-Apprenticeship Program Minimum The application deadline is May 22, 2010. Qualifcations For more related information, go to the Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal All individuals selected for participation in United Tribes Technical College website: community members and staff. the Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis must meet all of the following qualifcations: Please contact Barb Churchill at 360- Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation...  Minimum age requirement of 18 by 709-1633 for an application. Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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