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Blast from the Past! 1951 Interview of Silas Heck Taken From the Leon Metcalf Collection 3 A long time ago, when I was a little The voice to read what the Trees boy, my father called his neighbors to say. have a feast. And while they were in SILAS HECK And what the Grass says. there having a feast, they were singing CHEHALIS TRIBAL ELDER And what the Animals say when their medicine songs and pounding they make a noise. on the foor, and the boards on the 1874 - 1967 When I see the trees… when the ground, and pounding the roof. cone is ready to drop, then I know the That’s the way they called the Silas Heck was an elder who contributed elk is at its prime. I go out and kill the Spirits, and one man, he got up at a great deal of information on the culture elk, and I have the best meat that a that time and he said, “The world is and language of the Chehalis Indians to person could eat. twirling, and turning, and its moving various non-Indians who were studying That is the reason I said, “Let us in some direction we don’t know. And the heritage. Much of the language give the old people the fat of the the earth and all that belongs to the information came from data by Professor land.” sun goes around, and follows the sun Kincade collected from Silas Heck and And so, whenever a hunter comes wherever it’s going. And whenever the Lillian Young, which he combined with in with a deer, they cut a piece off that world turns over, peoples should turn all available data collected in the past by meat, the very best part, and send a over, too, and start something new.” other individuals. Silas had the foresight boy to take it to some old person that One of the chiefs, he got up and to have information recorded for future couldn’t hunt any more, and give it says, “What are we going to do with generations. to them. When they received that gift the old people? Are they going to they would say, “My grandson, I am starve?” And a young chief, he got up going to give you my life when I die.” and says, “No we can’t let them starve. That’s the subject of the story that I Let us give them the fat of the land, told in Indian. because they taught me.” The voice of the Moon. They taught me everything . The voice of the Clouds. The voice of the Trees. The voice of the Endurance. Heritage Coordinator Values Old Community Input Needed to Document Photos, and Offers Copies of and Record Reservation Cemetery Family Photos to Tribal Members Information and Upgrade Signs By Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator The Culture, Heritage and Language  Find out where you and your family wish I have a large picture collection I inherited Bible School (1959). I have a handful of Programs are in the process of starting to to be buried from my mother Hattie Hayden Pikutark. community members in various pictures like document all cemeteries and we are asking  Assign or reserve areas or plots at each I have spent a great deal of time and picking huckleberries or having dinner at the for your help. Please watch for fiers that cemetery money preserving them. I organized them Mess Hall. will be going out to the community.  Select cemetery name sign styles to a certain degree and matched up any I have pictures of the next generation of We will be having four dinners. Each  Discuss other issues that need to be negatives I found to the picture. Then I went cousins especially those we used to baby sit dinner will be for all families of a specifc covered to Camera Exchange and made copies of or who used to come over and visit, also the cemetery. These dinners will be to discuss the negatives. Surprisingly many of them Thomas children. I also have some pictures each cemetery and cover different issues Watch for fyers! Contacts for this produced very sharp and clear pictures. I of kids at the Little White Church. such as: project are Joyleen McCrory, 360-709- think they were shot from a 120 mm camera. There is still a lot of work that I have  Unknown/unmarked graves 1573, Dianne Devlin, 360-709-1621, Elaine I have the older pictures coded. If there is a to do as far as organizing. I have pulled  Show documented grave sites McCloud 360-709-1748, or Dan Penn, 360- red dot in the photo album it means I don’t pictures from their books for various events  Record families at each cemetery 709-1747. have the negative. The original picture and like NNABA and they haven’t been put the negatives are kept separately back. Very few of the color pictures have The earliest family picture I have is of been organized like the older black and Grandma Bessie, Uncle Walter Walker and white ones. Life just seems to keep getting Aunt Susie as children. I have pictures of in my way. Probation Services Available at Grandpa John Hayden’s mother, Lucy Bill I am in the process of trying to organize and three of her grandsons. If you sent my this huge collection and eventually have mother a graduation picture, the chances them scanned into the computer and Public Safety Building are good that I still have it. She did tell me available for people to download onto disks that she had “lent” out a picture or two so or make copies. people could make copies and they never Some of you may have received an email Hi, my name is James Cayenne II. I’m the If you have matters dealing with came back. So she told me that after that her with a picture attachment every now and new Chehalis Tribal Probation Offcer. I probation, report directly to me. All calls policy was that she would make copies for then. If you have an email address, I try to want to get the word out that if you are on are confdential. Feel free to contact me. people who wanted them. email a picture or two while I am scanning. probation you need to come in and check in My offce hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, I have pictures of Grandpa Abe Parsons; This has been a task I have been working on with me if you have not done so already. Or Monday thru Friday. I’m located in Bruce Auntie Annie Simmons; Uncle Walt Walker; for many years and will continue working if you know someone who is on probation, Stinson’s old offce at the Public Safety Aunt Susie (Walker) Reichart; Grandpa John on. My email address is Emccloud@ let them know they need to check in, so I Building. You can contact me at 360-709- Hayden; Grandma Bessie (Walker) Hayden If you would like me to can get those individuals back on track. 1606. and nine of their children (Jessie, Wallace, email you a picture that I might think you Lillian, my mom, Elmer, Johnny, Mabel, would enjoy, please let me know. Otherwise Clifford (Buddie) and Dorothy. I have if you need a picture for a certain event pictures of most of the generation of cousins (memorial, birthday, family reunion, etc.) that I belong to. If you stayed with us at one and if I have such a picture, I will do my Staff Profle: CTWC Medical Receptionist time or another like at Portland or Lizzie best to get it to you. Johnson’s house, I might have a picture or I can be contacted at my Heritage Greetings, I am Mary loose to apply for real jobs. two with you in it. Coordinator work number, 360-709-1748, Secena, the Medical I applied for the new My mother went to Chemawha Indian or my home number, 360-273-0378. Please Receptionist for the Chehalis Medical Receptionist Boarding School in Salem, Oregon. I have be patient with me as this is a very time Tribal Wellness Center. position and became the frst the yearbook from the year she graduated. consuming task, but I do want you to know I am from Raft River, in Medical Receptionist for the A couple of her friends were Elizabeth that I am willing to share my wealth of between Queets and Lake new clinic. Ken Dyball was Arquette and Eliza Bobb. I have a small pictures with people who will use them for Quinault. I have been in this our frst Physician Assistant. collection of pictures of her and her friends their own personal use. I hope they won’t community since 1974. I The clinic was dedicated to in Portland. end up sold to some anthropologist who is have two wonderful boys. Ms. Lorraine Goldman for I have a small group of Chehalis tribal writing a story on the ways of the Indians One is Michael Anthony the hard work she did to pictures like Pioneer Days (1932/1933), the from a long time ago. Hicks, whom my brother get funds for the clinic. She Chehalis Sewing Club (1939), and Vacation Richard I. Hicks and CTWC was the Secretary for the Mary Jane Shale adopted Medical tribe back then. and raised. His father Ken Dyball, Glenda is William P. Heck. My Receptionist Smith (nurse) and I were other son is Calvin Page the only ones in the clinic Cayenne through my frst for a long time. Eventually marriage with Frank Cayenne, Jr. I am now our staff started growing when we received married for 11 years to a wonderful man, more funds. The clinic added the CHR Don Secena, and we have fve beautiful and Dental Programs. Ted Kramers, a grandchildren. Family Counselor from Taholah Indian In 1974 I worked as a Teacher’s Aide Health Clinic, came to our clinic to provide for Head Start with Helen Nolson, and counseling for clients once or twice a week. Roberta Secena. Rosetta Klatush was the In 1982 I transferred to Taholah Indian cook. In 1975 the Chehalis Tribe started Health Clinic for about seven years and an Indian Action Team with carpentry completed my circle and returned and training and a secretary class. Many of us re-applied for my old job. I’ve been the Do you know any of the women in this photo or where the photo was young women took the secretary class. Medical Receptionist for 31 years now all taken? If so, contact Elaine McCloud at 360-709-1748 to help her identify The men in the carpentry training built the together. I love my job and the people here, everyone in the picture. clinic. We women learned everything from and I’ve worked with plenty of nice people Photo donated by Elder Bettie Fulton sewing, accounting, typing, shorthand, and have seen many of them come and go. speed writing, medical terminology, how to I have lived over half of my life here answer the phone, and secretary skills. In in Oakville and can’t wait to retire and Correction from March 2010 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter: the sewing class we sewed aprons and shift do all kinds of arts and crafts, sewing and The new ball felds at the Community Center will consist of two softball felds and one dresses that we modeled for our new clinic relaxing over a cup of tea, enjoying all of little league feld. that was opened in 1977. After two years our beautiful grandchildren, and catching up of experience under our belts, we were let on my soaps.
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