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Honoring our Elders: 3 Janette WhiteClaw “..enjoys time with her grandkids and reading the Bible...” Jeanette WhiteClaw was born to Elsie (Beckwith) and Alfred Pepion. She is 64 years old. Her maternal grandparents were Lizzie (Williams) and Ernest Beckwith. Her paternal grandparents were John and Julia Pepion. Her only sister, Carol, has already passed on. Jeanette’s mother, Elsie, had five brothers and four sisters, and her father came from a large family from the Blackfeet Tribe in Montana. He had nine brothers and ten sisters. Several of her father’s sisters lived to be over 100 years old. Jeanette has five children; three sons and two daughters from her first marriage. She has 27 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She has been married to Janette smiles and waves a greeting to her fellow Elders as she and Richard Hazen since 1997. her husband arrive at the Elders Christmas dinner. Elsie raised Jeanette and her sister, remembers he would give her anything she and had jumped into the water. Jeanette back then, people did not getting paid for Carol, by herself. She spent much of her asked for like money or a camera. said they were smelly and dripping wet. their time, so they worked at it because childhood in California. Jeanette went Jeanette remembers once when she Somehow her grandfather discovered that they believed in the tribe. They had good, to school in Eureka, California, until the and Albert Jr. fnished early from picking she was with her boyfriend. The rumors friendly relationships.” middle of 11 grade, then she got her GED. blueberries, so they went to the river to were that they were “getting too friendly.” She has words of encouragement for our th She remembers her mother attending beauty fshing. Because they hadn’t returned from When she returned from swimming, he youth. “Respect your elders. Our children school for a year, but she didn’t pursue that berry picking, her grandpa started worrying grabbed her and marched her in the church should be encouraged to respect each other career choice. Her mother enjoyed washing about them. He searched the farm where all wet and smelly. Later, when he found and make good sound decisions, like our dishes and continued being a dishwasher up they were supposed to be berry picking, out who the boyfriend was, and what had parents did with us in the past.” And, she has to a year before she died. and discovered they weren’t there. He was really happened, he tore the pages up. He suggestions on how to improve opportunities Jeanette looked forward to coming home really worried and didn’t know where they had mistakenly though her boyfriend was an for our youth. “It would be nice to see more during the summer to her Grandpa Ernest could be. When he fnally found them, he older guy. activities for them to keep them out of Beckwith’s house. Her grandmother had was so mad he punished them by saying, Jeanette stays at trouble.” died in childbirth and her grandpa did his “No dinner, ice cream, and no swimming.” home these days, best to raise all nine kids on his own. She When he fnally calmed down, he ended up dedicating her free time was real close to him. She considered herself cooking the fsh they had caught, and taking to her grandchildren by one of his favorites, along with Albert them swimming anyway. He told them that, babysitting. She says Ortivez, Jr. more than anything, he was just worried she treasures every In the summer they would go blueberry about them. moment she spends picking and then go swimming. He would When Jeanette was visiting during the with them. She also set his net, and in the evening he would go summer months, she became good friends reads the Bible and check his nets and go sell his fsh. Jeanette with Janice Beckwith and Lorraine Klatush. goes to church. says he taught her so much from how Jeanette remembers walking over to Jeanette is very to drive a car to how to play slahal. She Lorraine’s to visit. Lorraine had a boyfriend, frank when asked remembers asking if she could practice but Jeanette remembers she wasn’t allowed what she thinks about driving the car and he said she could. She to have a boyfriend. So she would ask the tribe today. She drove round and round: It seemed like for Larraine all kind of questions about having feels discouraged over an hour. Her grandpa had gone in and a boyfriend. When she asked Lorraine if she due to the outside took a nap, and when he woke up and saw kissed him and Lorraine said yes, Jeanette infuence of non- Jeanette still driving, he poked his head out remembers she acted like a typical preteen Indians working and hollered at her to “bring that car back.” girl and got all giggly. for the tribe who Her grandfather had two beautiful When she was about 13, she had a don’t understand gardens. In the summer he was always boyfriend in Little Boston at the Camp our ways. “It’s getting food ready for the winter, but he Meeting. They didn’t do anything but sneak not like when This 1956 photo was taken at the Little White would fnd time to lay a blanket out, and she a kiss. Her grandpa had a little book that he Grandpa was on Church during the Christmas program when would get to lay in his arms and take a nap. wrote information in and he wrote, “Jeanette the Committee,” Jenette was eight years old. Pictured front (L-R) She said she would have beautiful dreams has a boyfriend.” said Jeanette. “It Winsor, and Janette’s sister, Carrol Joe. are Lorraine Klatush and Janette. Back is Joyce while she slept in Grandpa’s arms. She A bunch of kids had gone to the beach was all volunteers Elders Can Continue Living at Home Two Kinds of Bankruptcy Get by Using These Easy Safety Tips Clear Explanations By LaVonne Fox, PhD, OTR/L Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding for Chapter 13 fling. people or businesses unable to repay their Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically remains outstanding debts. The two most common on your credit report for up to 10 years. For the majority of Native American on to for support and balance. types of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 Also, you must wait eight years after having elders, living at home is their preference  Wear shoes or slippers that are fat, and Chapter 13 – named for chapters of the debt discharged before fling again. and, in most cases, is the preference of nonslip, ft well, and are comfortable. Federal Bankruptcy Code. their families. The main reason elders  Have someone help you move furniture Filing for bankruptcy is generally Under Chapter 13 (“reorganization”) bankruptcy, debtors with steady income have to leave their homes is because they and extension cords in each room so you considered a worst-case scenario because are allowed to keep property they might have fallen and hurt themselves. There are can move around safely without tripping. the results are so long-lasting and far- otherwise lose, in exchange for agreeing to simple changes you can make in your home  Paint or put bright colored tape along the reaching: Bankruptcy can remain on your use future income to repay creditors over a that will make living at home safer and edges of steps so you can see where each credit report for up to 10 years and make it more comfortable. Most of the tools and step begins and ends. diffcult to obtain credit, buy or rent a home, three-to-fve-year period. You are assigned a trustee with whom you develop a proposed products you need to make these changes get insurance or even a job. debt repayment plan. are available in your local hardware store or Make Your Bathroom Safer It’s also expensive and complicated: The bankruptcy court decides whether to home improvement center. You can begin Chapter 7 bankruptcy can cost thousands accept or alter the plan, or to dictate another making some of these simple changes right  If it is hard to sit on the toilet, you can of dollars in up-front lawyer’s fees, plus now. buy a piece that attaches to your toilet set fees for a court fling, mandatory credit plan. After it’s approved, both you and your creditors are bound by the plan’s terms. to make it higher so you don’t have to counseling and budgeting courses, and Generally, you make payments to a trustee Increase Lighting Throughout Your bend down as far. Chapter 13 is even more expensive. Under who in turn distributes the funds according Home  Change your showerhead to one that Chapter 7 (“liquidation”) bankruptcy, an to the plan’s terms. Once all payments are allows you to control how hot the water administrator or trustee is appointed to completed, the court will formally grant a  Open the curtains and use natural light. is so you don’t burn yourself. sell most of your assets, aside from certain discharge of your debts.  When light bulbs burn out, replace them  Put non-slip strips or a rubber mat on exempted necessities such as your primary Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically remains with higher wattage bulbs; especially the foor of the tub or shower so you residence, a car, clothing, home furnishings on your credit report for up to seven years. the lights over the counters and stove in don’t slip and fall. and work tools. Pensions and 401(k) Also, you must wait at least two years after the kitchen, in the bathroom, on porches  Have someone put grab bars around accounts are usually protected as well. having debt discharged before being able to and sidewalks, and in entrance halls and the bathtub and near the toilet so you Once assets are liquidated, the trustee fle Chapter 13 again. stairways. have something to hold on to. All that distributes the proceeds to your unsecured Under bankruptcy law, before fling for is needed is a screwdriver and tape creditors. In exchange, many unsecured bankruptcy you must frst receive credit Walk Safely measure. debts, such as credit card and medical counseling from a government-approved  If you have trouble balancing or get bills, are forgiven, or discharged. However, organization within six months before fling.  Remove all rugs that you could slip or trip tired easily when taking a shower, buy a secured or fxed debts, such as mortgages, To fnd an approved credit counselor in your on. bath bench to sit on while you shower. student loans, taxes, alimony and child area, visit the U.S. Trustee Program at www.  Remove clutter in the hallways, It’s safer and makes it easier for you to support typically are not erased. doorways, and stairs so you can walk Eligibility for Chapter 7 is determined In addition, after fling but before your safely and easily through your home. take your shower. by a “means test” which requires you to debt is discharged, you must also complete  Remove or replace any worn or torn confrm that your income does not exceed an approved debtor education program. (Go carpeting and linoleum. Nail down trim If you are interested in some grab bars, a certain amount. The court uses the means to or foor boards that are uneven or sticking shower mats, walkers, canes, or a portable test to determine whether or not you have de_approved.htm to fnd one.) You must out. toilet, and you are an elder, please contact suffcient money available to make at least receive certifcates of completion from  Make sure no nail heads are sticking out. Christina Hicks at the Chehalis Tribal minimal payments to creditors under a each program in order to proceed with your  See if someone can put handrails in the Wellness Center at 360-709-1741. You Chapter 13 plan. If you fail the means test, bankruptcy. hallways so you have something to hold must be an elder over age 55. your case will be dismissed or converted to a
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