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4 Basketball Tourney (continued from page 1) Enterprise (continued from page 1) access. Space was designed in collaboration of dirt. Perhaps you’ve noticed it. It’s at the with the various heads of the departments. north end of the reservation across from The building was built at the direction EOT II along Anderson Road. of the Tribal Council for all the right The 2.6 acre site is being developed by reasons, and the various departments and Chehalis Tribal Enterprises as a 34-site RV their staff members are looking forward to park, complete with water, electricity, WiFi, enjoying the benefts and effciencies of their and a sanitary dump. “Mt. Chehalis” was improved storage building for years to come. created as the frst stage of site preparation and it will soon disappear as the work on the RV Site, AKA “Mt. Chehalis” site progresses. Confederated Construction The elevation of “Mt. Chehalis” stands Company (CCC), the tribe’s construction at 120’ above sea level. Not much of a entity, is the prime contractor for the RV mountain, perhaps, but that is one, big pile park. Chehalis Tribal Recreational Vehicle Park Site Plans In the 18 U girls division pictured here is Taholah playing Chehalis during the Youth Basketball Tournament. The game was very competitive and everyone had fun as they demonstrated their basketball skills on the court. 18 and Under Girls our tourney the exact same time as Taholah - Iya, Alicia Nisqually’s tourney. Next year we’ll have to Chehalis - Jordan, Tammy schedule this one earlier in the tournament 14 and Under Boys season, so be looking for us earlier in the Chehalis Marky - All Stars: Geo, Jacob and year next year. Jordan The most outstanding person in the Chehalis Ray Ray - All Stars: Oscar, Shaun, whole tournament would have to be Marcus Logan Youckton. He has a great attitude about the game and about helping out in whatever This was a fun, happy-go-lucky opening needed to done to make things happen. He tournament. It was an exciting one to say wanted to play on a team in every division, the least. There was the very frst-ever Point but he cut his hair and couldn’t fnd enough Contest (frst ever in Indian Ball). Everyone girls that wanted to was invited to participate. Our own Kayley But seriously, he kept himself involved Trott from the Chehalis Tribe took it for the in this tourney in two different brackets the girls division. Dustin Larkin won the boys 14U and 18U. In the older bracket where Updating Your Current Address division. The winners of this event received his lil’ team was struggling, he had came to $20 cash prizes. It was a lot fun and we me and said, “I know Auntie, all I have to with the BIA Can Find Big Money should make this an annual event.. Aaaye. do is play hard all the way through this win Another new one for us is the MVP’s or lose, right Auntie?” I answered, “Right Whereabouts Unknown (WAU) is the term other had a balance over $6,000. from our 18U championship game, receiving Marcus, play hard and have fun doing it!” used for an Individual Indian Money (IIM) To fnd out if you have a WAU account, $100 cash prizes. Winners of this were (They came back from being down by 17 account whose owner’s current address go to the OST website at Cedric of Skok (2nd Place) and Jordan of points and made it a close game losing by information is not available to the Offce of wau. Each of the listed names represents an Nisqually. only 2 points). the Special Trustee for American Indians account which may contain money for the As you can see, the Chehalis Tribe was He also is part of the Canoe Family and (OST). Some WAU accounts have thousands account owner. However, some accounts represented by having six teams in the they were running concessions, so of course of dollars just waiting for account owners! have only land ownership interests. The tournament. This was awesome because he was in there getting orders out as we Two account holders were glad they Trust Benefciary Call Center (TBCC) is without them this whole thing would have arrived (8 am!). I’m very proud of this lil stopped by the OST outreach booth at an another source to check. Call the TBCC, toll been canceled...couldn’t have that! It was guy. He is a great leader and I’m proud to American Indian festival in August of 2009. free, at 1-888-678-6836 Monday through to our unfortunate timing that we scheduled say he is my nephew! When the account holders updated their Friday from 6 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday address information, they found that one from 6 AM to 11 AM. account held more than $14,000 and the 2010 Fisheries Steelhead Season Successful By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist Health Fair (continued from page 1) Cowlitz Tribe. The ladies were given a with breast cancer and answered questions The Chehalis Tribe Fisheries Program is 2010 Steelhead season, there were usually raffe ticket, and a passport, which they took from the audience. Christina Hicks also staying busy even when they aren’t fshing. excellent fows for fshing and 15 fshers to each table for someone from each table talked about the NWWP, and mentioned The new fsh hatchery has been opened participated. The new fsh house was really to initial. Once this was completed, it was that each of the SPIPA tribes have this and fsh are in the building. Sheena Tanner nice to enjoy with amenities like the new returned to the registration table for a gift program. She also asked the ladies who is happy to have some fsh to care for, and digital scale and the large two-room walk-in bag. Each gift bag included breast health did monthly CBE and mammograms to looks forward to watching them grow. The cooler. The space available for us is great information, pink ribbon car magnet, key raise their hands, and also asked those fsh are Rainbow Trout that will be released and we look forward to expanding the use of ring, bracelet, sun screen, lotion with SPF who haven’t done these screenings to at the ponds property for the Fatherhood the fsh house with processing. 70, and a pedometer. raise their hands. Only a few hadn’t had a Fishing Day on June 18 . More fsh are in We didn’t have any major food this The passport created interaction, ensuring mammogram. th the works and eggs will be online in the year, so impacts on fsh from them should that all tables were visited, and information  Lori Stone, from the National Cervical near future. Hopefully some of the fragile be small, and the downstream migrant trap was exchanged. Along with the blood Cancer Coalition-NW Pacifc Chapter, did runs can be helped by the Chehalis Tribe’s has counted lots of Spring and Fall Chinook pressure and diabetes screenings, H1N1 a presentation on HPV, cervical cancer, conservation effort and recovered with the and thousands of Coho. Hopefully ocean shots were also available. All the ladies had and screenings, and answered questions. hatchery. survival conditions are good and we can their pictures taken. They were printed on All these workshops had about 35 in The Steelhead season wasn’t as bleak look forward to an upturn in the number of the spot and given to them in a frame. attendance. as the Spring Chinook last year, as good fsh returning to the Chehalis. numbers of fsh returned and we had lots The Spring Chinook forecast doesn’t There were also four different workshop There were door prize raffes every 30 of large fsh caught. The fshermen began allow for a commercial fshery this year, but presentations: minutes, the grand prize being a one night to catch Steelhead in December and fshed the Salmon Ceremony fsh will come from  Jutta Riediger from Tribal Bear Program stay at the Eagle’s Landing Hotel. Also until February operating on a two-day-a- the Chehalis River and there will be a Tribal did a 30-minute presentation on Hepatitis given away were two $50 Lucky Eagle week schedule. The fshermen made just Salmon Ceremony for 2010. The fshermen C, STD’s and HIV/AIDS. Grand Buffet gift certifcates, two $25 Shell over $18,000 and paid over $500 in fsh all remember what happened in the 80s with  Pat Odiorne, Diabetes Prevention gas cards, candles, relaxation gifts, T-shirts, tax to the Fishermen’s Fund. The Steelhead Spring Chinook, and nobody wants a return Manager, did a healthy cooking demo and bags, travel mugs, aprons, bath sets and lots averaged over eight pounds, and the biggest to those days with returns of less than 300 made homemade “chili mac.” more….. fsh was over 23 pounds. During the 2009- fsh. Last year there were only 650 Spring  Theresa Youckton, a Chehalis tribal Thanks to the many sponsors that helped Chinook counted on the member, talked about the importance make this a successful health fair: AVON, spawning grounds. The of women’s health screenings, monthly DOH-tobacco funds, the Northwest Portland forecast for this year is breast exams, CBE, and mammograms, Area Indian Health Board, and the Offce of even lower than last year and talked about her own battle twice Women’s Health. so these fsh need to be protected. Men’s Health Fair Facilities Master Plan Wednesday, June 2 Thursday, June 3 Sheena Tanner, 4 PM - 7 PM 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM Hatchery At the Community Center at the Community Center Technician, Gathering Room The facilities Master Plan looks at releases Rainbow buildings, sidewalks, open space and parks. Trout into the There will be a barbecue, over 20 The Plan focuses on the land between rearing troughs vendors. Grand prize raffe: STIHL Howanut Road and Secena Road, and from at the Hatchery. chainsaw, Cabela gift cards, 1 night Anderson Road to Niederman Road. These fish will stay at Eagle’s Landing, gas cards, Come see how your ideas have ft together into plan options, and share your be grown before and more. A free-throw shooting thoughts on the proposed options for future releasing them on competition and lots of information development on the reservation. the pond’s property about staying healthy. Contact Please contact the Planning Department for the Fatherhood at 360-273-5911 or Ena Myers at 360-709- Fishing Day in June. Christina Hicks at 360-709-1741. 1811 or email
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