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Blast from the Past! 1976 Interview of Henry Cultee by Madronna Halden 3 Henry Cultee was born July 4, 1888. His Chenois Creek were separate Indians from dived 5 times and they are still living. His bitterroot with the Yakamas (it was gathered father was Chinook “Columbia River” the Humptulips. Henry doesn’t know their grandfather had said “Don’t lie; because the east of the mountains in the early summer Indian and his mother was Lower Chehalis. language; no one spoke it in their days. world has many eyes. If you lie to me; why and late spring). They used to trade strings At the time of this interview Henry When he was a child; he used to be you’re not lying to me…the world is looking of dried clams for it. The clams were cooked was 85 years old. His Indian name is asked to “measure the mouth of the south at you. It will see you and you will live a frst; then dried and strung. You could eat Samamanauwish. It means two channels. wind.” They’d send him out on the tide short life.” He had said if they got to the them without re-cooking but you had to have He said “I’m living right here and I got fats barefoot and he’d skip along with his river before the birds were up; they would pretty good teeth to do so. The Yakamas a channel on this side and a channel on hands outstretched; measuring the mouth live long. But if they slept late; they would were also fond of whale. this side. And that channel is right there; of the south wind. This was so it would live a short life. Governor Stevens told them people says, right in the middle of the Chehalis River. get ashamed at how big its mouth was and When he dived he would rub his body “We going to take over all this country. My grandpa’s brother lived on that island. And we going to pay you for this country, It’s a spawning ground for sturgeon in the Lower Chehalis each person, man, woman, baby, all. He lay early days; you know. The sturgeon used down his hat. It was one of those great big to go out there and spawn and he used to Elder Henry Cultee stovepipe hats, you know.” He said “I’ll give go out there and hook at sturgeon. He was all the kids, the old ladies, babies and all… the greatest guy to smoke sturgeon. He July 4, 1888 to hat full of gold.” All some of them got was gave away sturgeon to everybody. This November 17, 1988 four hundred dollars apiece. Wasn’t enough Samamanauwish; that was his name too. He to fll my pocket. Wasn’t gold but they was a great fsherman; so I guess that’s why Henry Cultee was born gave us a check. We could have sold this I’m a great fsherman today.” July 4, 1888. His father whole Grays Harbor County to Russia and Khaisalomish (Cosmopolis) was his was Chinook “Columbia got more money than four hundred dollars grandpa’s name. They called him Gravel Bar River” Indian and his apiece. All of this Chehalis Territory, way Pete because his name was Cosmopolis Pete. mother was Lower down to Westport, Ocean Shores and that The right way to call it is Khaisalomish; Chehalis. His Indian name was all we got. They offered two cents an that means small rocks; big rocks. And then is Samamanauwish. It acre for good farming land, and if sand or the white man comes over. He says; we anything no good, swamp you know, one can’t say Khaisalomish. We pronounce it means two channels. cent an acre. Riley Pete said ,“I’m going to Cosmopolis. We could spell it easier. They put mine in the frame. He says four hundred said that was a Greek name. We’ll know that 1988 photo of Henry dollars for my whole country?!” I don’t was an Indian name that means rock (small celebrating his 100th know whether he spent that money or what. rocks and big rocks). Henry always had a birthday at the Oakville I went to his funeral, you know, but he had Shaker Church. hard time about that. so many relatives; they must have took that Henry went to school at Bay Center. He four hundred dollars that he had in a frame. never liked it much, because the white kids That’s all he got for the Oakville Treaty, you would throw dirt and water on him because know. he was Indian. Then he and his cousin; Nina stop blowing. Henry didn’t know if it really with twigs from the river. They would be These people at Oakville, they’re nearly Bumgardner were taken to the Cushman did any good; but after he’d skip along for maybe 5 to 6 inches long; ones that had sunk all related to me. Now my cousin over here, School in Tacoma. awhile; measuring its mouth; it would stop into the river when it was running. He would he raised a family at Taholah. I raised a Henry spoke Chehalis, Quinault, and blowing. rub and rub under his arms; this would take family at Skokomish. Now my other cousin, Chinook. He said the Quinault and the When he was growing up; he was told away all the odor. He has never had odor John Hayden, he raised a family at Oakville. Chehalis could understand each other. by his grandmother to bathe fve times. If he under his arms. The old people were careful. He was my frst cousin. See, his mother and The Quinault’s kind of “stretch things did this in the winter (when the water was They kept their beaches perfectly clear. They my mother were sisters. I was married to out”. The Chehalis spoke more quickly. “alive”) and “beat the birds” (early) at doing used to bury their garbage. When they killed one of the Heck family, yea, my frst wife. Satsop means “Little creek.” Satsop was a this he would live a long life. Henry said it a deer; they would bury what was left… I didn’t really get married. I stole her from little different language than Humptulips. must be true ‘cause he was still alive. His what they didn’t pack out. Nowadays this Oakville. I took her this way and they try to Humptulips means “Fast water.” Three younger brother died some time ago. When isn’t true. A lot of Indian “live like whites.” fnd us. They couldn’t fnd us. I was always days after a rain the river would clean itself his brother was sent to dive in the river; he’d The Indians used to trade all the time. one jump ahead of them. So we moved to out. No other river would do that. Westport be crying and then he lied to his grandfather Indians east of the mountains used to Taholah during fshing season and I couldn’t and Humptulips had the same language. about it. Henry said he lied for him too. raise corn and trade it over here. The live there with those people unless I was They had friendly relations between them. Henry and his cousin toed the mark and Indian mostly traded a plant called married…so I had to get married (laughing). Your Voice Needs to be Heard Regarding Salmon Ceremony (continued from page 1) Dams on the Chehalis River By Glen Connelly, Environmental Specialist As I’m sure all of you know, the Chehalis culture. They don’t understand that man River has been fowing through our cannot control nature. watershed and into the Pacifc Ocean for Please don’t be fooled by their claims tens of thousands of years. Salmon and that dams will somehow help fsh, or other native species have fourished here improve the quality of the water. There is and the tribal people have learned to thrive no scientifc proof to support those claims. here too. The Tribe has a direct connection The Chehalis River can never be controlled. to the river and its web of life. Flooding is The only thing we CAN control is human a natural part of a river system and without development. If communities along the river it, the river basin would not be so beautiful, continue to dump tons of fll into the food or so productive. The Tribal community plain, bulldoze wetlands and cut down trees has learned to live with foods and has along the rivers, then we will all continue tried to focus development on the Chehalis to have damage from foods and increased Reservation in areas that do not food. human suffering. Sadly, many people who do not Please support the natural environment understand the language of the river. They and allow the river to perform its natural Spring Chinook salmon is cooked in our traditional manner at the fish pit. thinking that the river needs to be controlled functions. Get involved with food A ceremony is performed and the Chehalis Tribal Community gathered, and contained. There has been a loud outcry planning in the watershed. Write letters to remembering to honor the salmon. Pictured in the background is Shawn elected offcials, write letters to the local Ortivez and Tommy Colson. from the communities who that mistakenly built in the food plain. They say the only newspapers and make your voices heard. If the Salmon Ceremony for the second everyone got some and those that were way to prevent damage from fooding is we give the river room to live, the river will Friday in May on the 14 , but the fsh just unable to come were sent plates home with to build dams and change the Chehalis continue to provide us with plentiful food, th weren’t there yet, so it was postponed to family and friends. Then everyone helped from a beautiful, natural running river, to a clean water, recreation and beautiful scenery. the following week with the hopes that the clean up the wonderful facility. I think controlled, well behaved stream. They don’t If we ignore the needs of the river, then we weather and fsh would cooperate.. That next everyone enjoyed the event. Thanks to understand that dams will damage the river will surely suffer the consequences. week we had some sunny days and the ants Cheryl Starr for help with everything. Many and the salmon that are part of the tribal showed up and along with them so did the others helped as well and deserve thanks. fsh. Two fsh were caught by Shawn Ortivez Please know that you are appreciated even if and Bill Secena by Tuesday. A meeting we didn’t mention you by name. 2010 Paddle to Makah 4th Chehalis Canoe was held and we continued to have good On Thursday May 20 tables were flled Family Journey thoughts as we fshed Tuesday night. Our with tribal and community members the Tribal Center parking lot then leave for prayers were answered when Bill Secena gathering to honor the salmon. The Squaxin. had one more and Bruce Klatush had two, ceremony honoring the salmon is not well making the total for the Ceremony fve. It known. The frst salmon caught is placed Itinerary: would have to be enough. on a cedar plank with traditional foods. Leave for Squaxin; July 7 The notice went out announcing the It is honored with a prayer and a song Leave Squaxin: July 8; arrive in Nisqually Salmon Ceremony for Thursday the 20 and thanking the salmon for sharing its life with Leave Nisqually: July 9; arrive in Puyallup th everyone kicked into high gear. Annie Jones the Chehalis people as it is sent headfrst Leave Puyallup: July 10, arrive at Muckleshoot and her staff made the salads and donated back into the river. The salmon returns to Leave Muckleshoot: July 11; arrive at everything - it was delicious. Elder Curt his fellow fsh and sings the song of what This is the schedule for the Chehalis Canoe Suquamish-2 days layover. DuPuis made fsh soup to make the fsh go honorable and kind people the Chehalis are, Family. Feel free to join in anywhere along Leave Suquamish: July 13; arrive at Pt Gamble further, all with ingredients from his own so the salmon will continue to return to us. the canoe journey, learning to share with Leave Pt. Gamble: July 14 arrive at Pt Townsend garden. Ray Secena and his Crew helped get The Salmon Ceremony was more than the canoe families, and travel with “One Leave Pt. Townsend: July 15; arrive at things ready at the Community Center. Carla just a delicious meal and fellowship. This Heart, One Mind” through the Puget Sound Jamestown Leave Jamestown; July 16; arrive at Lower Thomas and Andrea Youckton did some last year the ceremony opened with a prayer waterways. Community support is greatly Elwha-2 day layover minute shopping for the fried bread, dessert, from Francis Starr and closed with prayer appreciated as we practice our culture with Leave Lower Elwha; July 18; arrive at Pillar and drinks. Lucille Cayenne made some from Marie Bird. Elders Mel Youckton the youth, elders and other canoe families. Point, Clallam Bay excellent cobblers that everyone enjoyed. and Dan Gleason spoke of the history of This is a Drug/Alcohol, and Violence Free Leave Clallam Bay: July 19; arrive at Makah Charlotte Lopez, Andrea, and Carla made the Salmon Ceremony and some of the Journey! Everyone is welcome! Makah; 3-4 days for protocol to follow the fried bread and prepped the desserts, important fgures involved in its founding. after they made all of that they helped serve One of those was Ross Davis, who we Blessing and prayer for Tulap tit Weath and Updates on journey contact Sylvia Cayenne lunch and spread the fsh out perfectly so remember and appreciate for his hard work. Canoe family: Tuesday, July 7 at 12 Noon at at 360-888-6638.
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