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4 Tournament Summary Tribal Days (continued from page 1) throughout this tournament.” someone said “Our Eyes in the Sky”. When the fnal game of the tournament ended, awards were handed out to each division: A big thank you to Carla Thomas once 1st Place received championship jackets; 2nd Place received hooded sweatshirts; 3rd Tony Medina Leads Fun Youth Activities again, she took over much of the women’s Place received crew neck sweatshirts; 4th Place received T-shirts; All-stars received duffe On Saturday and Sunday while baseball was and co-ed softball tournament this year bags; Special awards for MVP; Best Bat, Best Glove; and Best Catcher being played and I greatly appreciate it. We had ten the sound of a Co-ed and nine women’s teams making a Men’s Hardball 1st Place- Little Boston siren echoed through big tournament to put together. We played 2nd Place-Little Boston II the air. Children against the rain most of the weekend Darrin Jones, Tournament Director 3rd Place-Wolf Pak (Puyallup) were seen running but the women wanted to play rain Ange Youckton, Shannon Jones, Scorekeepers 4th Place-Young Bucks (Nisqually) towards the or shine. Since I had the Men’s basketball court tournament to run, that put to participate Carla in charge of the softball in the fun tournament. “Good Job, activities Oscar,” and that Tony “Thank Medina You” scheduled for the youth. Lots of smiles, competition, and enjoying each others company resulted as every youth Congratulations to our 2010 Miss Tribal Days Princesses! came out a Pictured (L-R) are Miss Tribal Days: Deidra Hawks, Junior Miss: winner and Geraldine Youckton, Lil Miss: Pai-nuh-nah Carter, Head Start picked prizes! Miss: Malikah McNair. Great job Tony! to Carla’s helpers, Fau Boyd, Pam Youckton, and Geo Jack. The Little Boston Team from Port Gamble S’Klallam won the men’s The Baseball Tournament A Huge Thank You goes to Ray Secena, hardball championship jackets. They won in resounding fashion by th Friday May 28 kicked off the weekend Jr., who is always willing to help out on defeating the younger Little Boston team by 10 running them in the with the co-ed portion of the tournament. the felds. After the rain delay on Saturday, seventh inning of a scheduled 9 inning game. The weather provided some challenges for he had the baseball teams and crew work both the players and tournament directors. It together and to get the feld in game shape Women’s Slow Pitch Softball rained off and on throughout the night. The by 5:00 PM game. It was pretty amazing to 1st Place-Natives (Returning Champs) weather cooperated a little, by not raining witness his crew in action after seeing “Lake Cheryle Starr, Tournament Director 2nd Place-Taholah during the day as players splashed through Tohahawk” early Saturday morning. They Carla Thomas, Scorekeeper and Assistant 3rd Place-Muckleshoot the infeld to their assigned positions. The hauled sand, raked, shoveled and, believe it Tournament Director 4th Place-Cal-Horizon (Lower Elwha) rain didn’t dampen spirits as play continued or not, used a shop vac to take water off the through the tough conditions. Rain caused feld,. Job well done! the Friday night hardball games to be A “Big Thank You” goes to the work postponed until Saturday. Friday night it crew of Tom Hayden, Penny Gleason, continued to rain making a rescheduling Bruce Klatush, Ange Youckton, and Tom nightmare, but Saturday morning it Colson. You did an awesome job -without cleared up. Ray’s clean-up crew and other you this weekend tournament wouldn’t have volunteers were seen working diligently taken place. Also Thank You goes to Jerry for six hours and at 5 PM that night the Youckton, CJ Youckton & Jimmy James Tomahawk Stadium hosted its frst game. who also helped clean the grounds. Most of the games were held at the Thank You to all the people who kept Oakville High School Baseball feld. The the books and umpired games: Lisa Powell, men’s bracket of the tournament fnished Jeff Powell, Jodie Smith, Paul Gardipee, there also as a heavy rain came down Andy Zaidy, Jesse Gardner, Ange Youckton, Sunday night. It was a show down between Carla Thomas, Diane Pickernell, Shannon the two Little Boston Teams. This year the Jones, Chet Delamater, Darrin Jones, Casey winner was Little Boston 1 who won the Pickernell, Bruce Klatush, Tony Youckton, tournament in bold fashion ending the game Jerry Youckton, and Troy from Skok. in the seventh inning by achieving a ten run Thank You goes to Chubby Pickernell advantage in a scheduled nine inning game. who made his way to the felds to announce games in the Tomahawk Stadium on Sunday. The Lady Natives returned and defended their championship. They were Thank you from Cheryl Starr, Events He tried running away back to his old trailer, able to defeat Taholah in the championship game. It was an outstanding Coordinator but he got caught twice. display of the combination of offense and defense by all the softball 2010 Chehalis Tribal Days was dedicated Fish Pit Crew, Thank You for making it a teams. Hope to see everyone next year! in memory of Steve Medina. He was our success this weekend: Don Secena, Dennis announcer for Chehalis Tribal Days for Cayenne, Shawn Ortivez, Robert Cayenne, Coed Slow Pitch Softball many, many moons. He was a man who and all the youth that helped out serving the loved this game, and was willing to help food. Thank you to the Salad Makers for the 1st Place-Taholah Stars anyone no matter what team you were from. oh so many tasty salads. Cheryle Starr, Tournament Director 2nd Place-All Nations He’ll always be in our hearts… another Cancer Walk Crew: Thank You for Carla Thomas, Lisa Powell- 3rd Place-Skokomish Angel in the Sky, making this Annual Event a success. We Scorekeepers 4th Place-Quileute (LaPush) This year was a rough one, it was had lots of walkers this year. Thank You Taholah successfully defended their championship against the All Nations Memorial Day Weekend and still fresh in to Joyleen McCrory, Orinda Goddard and coed softball team. It was a great day for baseball! No photo available. our hearts of our loss, holding back our everyone else who helped with this great tears and asking for a moment of silence event. for Steve. The teams and crowd cheered his Thank You goes to Joyce Thomas for name afterwards, because of his kindness coordinating the 3 on 3 Tournament this Cancer Walk (continued from page 1) and dedication to baseball. The BEST part year. We hope that this new event can be our theme stated, ‘Walking together for past, with participants having to walk to the gas was seeing the big eagle in the sky fying bigger every year. Watch for fyers. present, and future of a loved one.’ Walking station and back. We had Breast Cancer, in the sunshine over right feld before the Thank You to all who made Tribal Days a for a cure.” said Joyleen McCrory, Family Colon Cancer and Prostate Cancer Survivors start of the Tomahawks game. Then Carla success! Mother Nature made it a challenge, Services Assistant Director. Each participant walking. Raffe tickets were issued at the informed me there were 2 eagles fying over sending some heavy rain showers for most received a tee-shirt, bag, pedometer, and an halfway point at the gas station. This gave the women’s feld the same day on Monday, of the weekend, but with everyone’s help aluminum sports bottle. walkers a little break, rehydrating with water Memorial Day. The old people would say we made it through it ending the tournament “I would like to thank all the programs while laughing and joking with each other as it was our loved ones coming to check on late Monday evening. We hope and pray and businesses that donated to the 3 Annual they walked together. There were a number rd us. For me I already knew who it was, he everyone got home safe. Cancer Walk. I heard we had a great number of tribes represented in the walk: Chehalis, was watching the game checking it out, as of walkers,” said Orinda Goddard, Assistant Quinault, Skokomish, Muckleshoot, for the Vocational Rehabilitation Program. Nisqually, Lower Elwha, Yakama, Quileute, She added, “Due to playing softball all and Warm Springs. Pets were represented by weekend, I was unable to participate in the two dogs that walked with their owners and whole Cancer Walk. Hope next year I will one even wore her tee-shirt.” be able to be among all of you that walk for Volunteers were available to assist with a cure!!” walkers and provide water along the path Some of the gifts received from the and call-out for support vehicles for those departments, programs and enterprises of the who requested it. Law Enforcement was also Chehalis Tribe included: a $50 Shell card, available insuring safety for the walkers. a $50 Fred Meyers Gift Card, iPod Shuffe, At the end of the walk, you could hear the a tent, a cooler, planter with plant, three cheers and applause as walkers made it sleeping bags, camping gear, balloon tank to the fnish line. Many walkers had their and balloons, two $25 Shell cards, a one- pictures taken after completion of the walk. night stay at the Eagle’s Landing Hotel, a We look forward to seeing you next year. We $100 Casino Steakhouse and $50 buffet gift can never thank you enough. certifcates, four movie passes, a set of pots Photos taken at the Chehalis Tribal Days rd Tony Medina, Youth Center Director, encourages youth during the hula hoop and pans, and more. 3 Annual Cancer Awareness Walk 2010 will relay race. This was one of the many fun activities for the youth during the Fred Shortman, Editor of the Chehalis be available soon. Requests for copies may Tribal Days Memorial Weekend. Every youth was a winner and received Newsletter concluded: “This 5K walk be made by contacting Christina Hicks at prizes for their participation. started at the Family Services building 360-709-1741.
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