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2010 Head Start Graduates Receive a 2 For 10 Young Tribal Members, June Celebration Heard for Miles Around 10 was a Night to Remember th Jason Gillie, Education Specialist The evening began as families and based on the new TV show on NBC, community members gathered in the Casino “Minute To Win It”. The games ranged Event Center to honor and recognize the from “Hanky Panky”, where the students graduating class of 2010. The graduates had to compete to see who could pull all the included: Shelby McCrory, Rikki Sutterlict, tissue out of a box the fastest, to “Johnny Loyala Davis, Tammy Klatush, Rhyse Apple Stack”, in which each student raced Pettite, Heidi Geiser, Shanin Clancy, and to see who could stack/balance four apples Head Start Graduates stand up and clap with excitement as the ceremonies Frazer Meyer. Michael McClear and Akasha on top of each other. The graduates had ended, receiving a tremendous roar of applause from the community. Sleight were also recognized, but were a blast, the crowd had fun watching and unable to attend. rooting for their children. In the end, each By Lloyd Commander, Director After everybody had their fll of a student received a Pendleton blanket and a wonderful meal of seafood, chicken jacket from the Tribe, a computer, and a gift The Chehalis Head Start held graduation Jake Jones, Tere’ Cabrera, Ashton Boyd, skewers, prime rib, and salad; the evening activities at the Lucky Eagle Casino on Alexis Starr-Wright, Lucille Kilburn, began. The Education Department had personalized to each student. Sunday, June 25. Over 200 family and Christine Edwards, Daniel Gitchel, Gary Good luck in the future to each and every friends attended to celebrate with the twenty Walvetne, Falisity Bumgarner, Mariah several games for the graduates to play graduate. –fve students who completed their frst step Galloway, Raina Gosenberg, Alyssia Hoxie, in their education. Grannie Annie Jones was Isabella Lujan, David Pickernell, Jr., Payton special speaker and gave an inspirational Simmons, and Clarence Youckton speech for the 2010 graduates. Our program We would like to thank the Chehalis Youth Create Beautiful was exciting as we shared a wonderful Business Committee, Lucky Eagle Casino dinner together and the celebration was and the parents of the graduating class (led heard for miles around!! by Heather Galloway), the Head Start staff Beadwork for Fathers Day Head Start graduates are Latrevious and many others that helped make this event Groninger, Keziah Gleason-Velasquez, possible. Many thanks to the volunteers By Diane Devlin, Culture Coordinator Haezen Charles-Cayenne, Kadenze who held fundraisers and the community Shortman, Rhapsody Simmons, Leonard members who donated money, to fund this Zehe, Adrian Snell, Katrina Hawkins, worthwhile event. Tribal Youth gathered at the Community math skills. The calculation and math Fayette Filby, Enrique Rivas, Nora Ortivez, Center on Wednesday, June 16 to attend required to construct and draft out beading a Cultural Class to create a Father’s Day patterns is often overlooked or not realized The Dangers of Teen Sexting Gift. Kids made beaded animal shaped key as a way to use math skills. The concepts of chains and perler-bead items for their dads, “different” and “same” will be used in later uncles or grandfathers for Father’s Day. The kids had a great time making different school years in math in both visual and word problems. These concepts are critical frst Dawn Boley, Domestic Violence Advocate animal shapes, like dogs, cats, spiders and steps in learning to classify objects based on Did you know? I want to share some very Federal and state laws make it illegal to frogs from pony beads strung together. their visual characteristics. important information all parents and create, distribute or possess sexually explicit Some of the kids designed patterns from Kids can start very young to begin the youth should know about cell phones and photographs of minors. This is true, even perler beads placed on page boards and then steps towards beading and in turn practice sexting. What is sexting? Sexting is defned when minors are distributing pictures of heated to bond the beaded patterns together. math skills by learning to bead. Use extra- as sending sexually suggestive messages, themselves. The kids fnished their project by creating a large pop-beads that are about four inches photos or videos between cell phones or via Minors involved in sexting can personalized Fathers’ Day Card. Dan Penn wide as a way to introduce these ideas to the Internet. be charged with possession of child helped the kids learn how to say Happy young children. Later pony beads are a good New technologies have made it easier pornography, a serious crime in every Fathers’ Day in Chehalis. The kids added the way to further develop beading skills and and faster than ever to share information state. Offenders are required to enter a Chehalis words for “Happy Fathers Day” to perler beads are great ways to help young across town or around the world. Faceless national database of sex offenders for the the cards they made. hands shape ideas and design. Perler beads forms of communications, such as email rest of their lives. Note: Early Math Skills with Hands-On come in many colors and can be cylindrical and texting, give false security of being Activities. Breading with pony beads or in shape. Page boards come in shapes that anonymous and safe. I assure you it is not If you receive an inappropriate image or perler beads is a great way to teach kids the can be flled in with the beads or kids can safe! Images can easily be shared with text…. basics in beading. create their own design. There are endless numerous others and can never truly be  Do not forward the image to anyone. Even better, designs and patterns kids can follow or taken back. Texting or emailing leaves a Think about how it could hurt the person beading create themselves. digital footprint that can be easily traced by involved. strengthens If you would like beading ideas for your law enforcement. child call me at 360-709-1621.  39 % of teens said they had sent sexu-  If the text is from a friend, tell the friend ally suggestive messages by text, email, you do not want any more texts like that. or IM.  If the texts keep coming, block that  20 % of teens said they had sent or sender. “Unfriend” the person from your posted nude or seminude photos of social networking account. You may themselves. need to change you number. Only share your number with trusted friends. Standing Tall Conference Continues to Inspire Youth By Colleen Klatush and Theresa Pannkuk, Chaperones Standing Tall! You would think the title says it was hard to put this year’s conference it all wouldn’t you? It’s the second year for together. So we talked about tribes me attending this Conference with the youth combining together to keep the Standing Tall of the Chehalis Tribe. As a chaperone I was Conference going. I thought it was a great honored to be given the opportunity to go. idea to teach our youth, helping them into Thanks, Tony Medina, for inviting me. adulthood, and to assist their future plans by Youth made some beautiful beaded gifts for fathers day at the community The Conference was started 21 years keeping them on the right path. center. Pictured are (L-R) Jubilee Kainz showing her beaded key chain and ago by Ken and Jessie Stevens from the This is the second year that the Jordan Wyatt selecting the color beads for his project. Quinault Tribe and has grown stronger and conference was held at the Great Wolf larger every year. They invite motivational Lodge, and we’d like to keep it here. It was Chehalis Business Committee speakers from across the United States. a great experience for me and I hope that David Burnett, Chairman Chance Rush is a hit every year, he’s very more of our youth will get the chance to Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman inspirational to the youth. I was able to have the same experience I did of rekindling speak with him one on one and discovered old friendships, and making new friendships. Newsletter Jessie Goddard, Treasurer Cheryle Starr, Secretary our common interests and cultural Every time I got into the elevator and I’d Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member background. see a Native American youth I asked them 420 Howanut Road Respecting your elders seems to be lost who they were and what tribe they were Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: in some tribes, and very strong in other from. They’d look at me with a smile on (360) 709-1726 (office) tribes. Many youth are proud to sing and their face and tell me with so much pride (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator. Go to this direct link drum, while performing native dances that about how this was a great experience for for online newsletters copies: www. were passed down to them from their parents them. It made me feel really proud to be a Articles and opinions expressed in this and grandparents. I met many young people Native American. Hearing those youth say publication are not necessarily the opinions who were not afraid to talk to me and shared that made me feel that there is so much faith of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal a little about their lives. They really enjoyed and pride in that our youth for who they are Business Committee. themselves at the Great Wolf Lodge. Yes, and that their not afraid to say who or where The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages it is a fun place to be, but I said workshops they are from. tribal members to submit letters, articles, frst, and play during your free time. The So respect your elders and “don’t talk photographs, and drawings to be considered workshops involved drum making, dream back,” Stand Tall to be proud of who you are for publication. These are subject to editing. catchers, cultural and fashion clothing. They and where you’re from. If you didn’t get that Contributing writers, artists, and were taught photography and much more. message at the conference, then someone photographers include Chehalis tribal These were great workshop for all the youth didn’t get why we were there. I hope our community members and staff. who attended. tribe will be one of many tribes to join in The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis I found a little sit down time to talk with the effort to “keep the “Standing Tall Youth Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... other chaperones. Ken Stevens told me that Conference” going for many more years. Printed: Each month “People of the Sands”
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