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Fireworks (continued from page 1) Paying Old Debt by BalancePro* 3 annual Fourth of July tradition to purchase pounding success as stand owners sit down By Diana Pickernell, Loans Coordinator their freworks on the Chehalis Reservation. with family and watch the show. There were Even with the added pressure a few scary moments during the Paying a credit card or loan in good standing There may be multiple listings for the same from cities that have show but thankfully no one is a pretty simple task – you just go online debt – see which agency has the most recent banned freworks, was seriously injured. or send a check to the address on your report date. Ideally, the collection agency’s customers continue Pyrotechnics are statements. However, if you have older bills contact information will appear on your to celebrate dangerous, but that you were not able to pay in the past credit report, but if not, you may have to with their own worthwhile but now have the means to take care of, it search for it online. Another possible way to freworks to provide may not be so easy. If you have been lucky locate the debt is to call the original creditor show. A few a great enough to avoid a barrage of collection and ask what collection agency they sent it customers celebration calls and letters, you may not know who is to. Then call the collection agency to see if commented of our holding the debt. You also may not be sure they still have the debt. If not, ask who they that freedom. about the best way to deal with a collection sold it to. You may have to repeat this a few they’ve agency or if it is even a good idea to pay the times before locating the debt. selected Thanks debt. Once you fnd the agency that you spots for the Before trying to pay an old debt, you believe holds your debt, send them a letter where Memories should frst confrm how long it has been asking them to verify that they have it. Once there isn’t since you last made a payment on it. you receive it, you can negotiate a payoff. as much Great job Every state has a statute of limitations Most collection agencies are willing to settle pressure Barnaby and that determines how long a creditor has to for less than the full amount owed if you pay from Law his many helpers. sue you to collect a debt. While there are a lump sum. Typically, the older the debt, Enforcement Your work and many reasons that people pay a debt past the bigger the discount you can get. You Offcers stopping dedication in putting the statute of limitations (such as a lender should always get a settlement agreement them from lighting on our show is greatly requiring it to get a mortgage or feeling a in writing before sending a payment. If it them. Others received appreciated Many thanks moral obligation to), others may not feel is not affordable to pay off the debt all at permits providing a safe to everyone who helped it is necessary if they don’t have to worry once, it may be possible to make smaller environment for those clean up after the about legal action being taken against them. monthly payments until the debt is satisfed. who came to their show, including The date of last payment can typically be However, keep in mind that in most states shows. those who came to found on your credit report. You can get a paying even one dollar on a debt restarts At the end the show and our free copy of your credit report from each the statute of limitations, so a payment plan of the day on grounds crew of the three credit bureaus once a year from typically only makes sense for more recent the Fourth, who worked the Annual Credit Report Request Service accounts. tribal and hard the next (, 1-877-322- With a little bit of research and community morning to 8228). negotiation, you can check paying off old members accomplish Viewing your credit report can also help debts from your to-do list. http://www. looked this. you locate the current holder of the debt. forward Also to another thanks to the freworks Fireworks Spending the Day Fishing with show at Committee the ball and Law feld. It was Enforcement Dad Made a Fun Activity for All a spectacular for the time display as they committed the crackles, to inspect each explosions and stand: Pam Youckton, bouquets burst into Joyleen McCrory, Chris the sky above Ortivez, Chris the Chehalis The beautiful displays of crackling palms, Richardson and Reservation. bouquets, and the salutes ended the fourth alternate Shoni The salutes are of July celebration for many stand owners. Pannkuk. always a heart Making it a celebration to remember. Preparing Early for the Winter Months Helps the Environment By Glen Connelly, Environmental Specialist If you use a woodstove or freplace for heat painted or treated. They produce toxic in the winter, now is the time to split and dry chemicals. your wood. Seasoned (dried) wood burns Wood smoke is the leading source of hotter and cleaner in your freplace. This air pollution in our area and we all produce means less soot in your chimney and less some of it. Every little bit we do to reduce smoke blowing towards your neighbor. Here pollution from wood smoke makes our are a few reminders: community healthier for the elders, the Store your wood off the ground, so air can children and those folks with respiratory circulate and dry it. (Old pallets work great.) illnesses. Tribal members can apply for The Fatherhood fishing day created many fond memories for parents and Split your wood before stacking and it will a free frewood gathering permit at your children as they spent the day fishing. Picture (L-R) are: Teresa Mowitch- dry faster. Chehalis Department of Natural Resources, Johnson, Mikaelah Mowitch-Johnson, MaHanah Mowitch-Johnson, Christine Cover the wood pile with a tarp, or build a so don’t wait. Get your frewood stored now, Edwards, Lucille Kilburn, Donnelle Edwards, Todd Edwards wood shed to keep the rain off of it. and you’ll be ready to burn clean, dry wood Never burn garbage, or wood that has been next winter. By Fred Shortman, Editor Fatherhood Fishing Day 2010 on June 18 Head Start with rods, reels, gear, and bait, th Enterprise has was another success with smiles all around. allowing everyone to fsh. The kids also opened a new The weather cooperated and was partly enjoyed a tasty BBQ provided by Head Start business located cloudy with little wind and comfortable and cooked by Andy Olson with help from by the Great Wolf temperatures. The event was held on the youth worker Skyler Baker. Lodge and EOT III Tribe’s Ponds property in Grand Mound Fishing with Dad was fun for the in Grand Mound, with coordination from Greg Burnett who approximately 30 children from Head Start called Burger leases the property from the Tribe. and their dads, grand-dads and other family Claim. They The Natural Resources Department who participated. Natural Resources and the offer burgers and Fisheries earlier planted over 700 fsh Fisheries Department look forward to next and breakfast. including some from the new fsh hatchery. year. Special thanks to Greg Burnett, the You can eat at Both large and small fsh were planted, Chehalis Head Start Program and everyone the quick serve some as large as fve pounds, to add to who helped with the event. restaurant or go the excitement. The kids were outftted by through the drive thru. Stop by and check out the Helpful Tips for Preventing menu. Back-to-School Chehalis Tribal Youth Heat-Related Illness Celebration Baseball Tournament  Dress for the heat. Wear lightweight, directed to do so by a physician. August 20, 21, 22 light-colored clothing. Light colors will  Slow down. Avoid strenuous activity. Wednesday, August 18 Come and enjoy a weekend watching refect away some of the sun’s energy. It If you must do strenuous activity, do it Starts at 11:00 AM the youth play baseball is also a good idea to wear hats or to use during the coolest part of the day, which is At the baseball feld an umbrella; usually in the morning between 4:00 a.m. There will be four different baseball  Drink water. Carry water or juice with and 7:00 a.m. Come pick up your children’s school divisions: High School, Babe Ruth, Little you and drink continuously, even if you  Stay indoors when possible. supplies. There will be a barbecue and fun League and T-Ball, and a barbecue on do not feel thirsty. Avoid alcohol and  Take regular breaks when engaged in flled activities for the family throughout Saturday for all the teams. caffeine, which dehydrate the body. physical activity on warm days. Take time the day. Please contact Cheryle Starr or  Eat small meals and eat more often. out to fnd a cool place. If you recognize Any questions, contact Nathan Floth at Joyce Thomas at 360-273-5911 or email Avoid foods that are high in protein that you, or someone else, are showing 360-709-1578. cstarr or jthomas@ which increase metabolic heat. signals of a heat-related illness, stop the  Avoid using salt tablets unless activity and fnd a cool place.
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