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A Chehalis Legend: The Story of the Flood 3 Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator (Chehalis Tribal Archives - Unknown Author) A long time ago, the animals and Nevertheless, his wife’s parents everything. There was no place made for you so that you can be birds lived as people. Thrush still insisted. Then they gave him for them to go. Many drifted safe”. The People called that wanted to marry a certain young an ultimatum. “If you don’t wash away and were never seen again. mountain Tiger Lily Mountain. girl, but her parents did not your face, we’ll take our daughter Thrush, his wife and his It is known today as Black approve of him. The young girl, away from you.” So Thrush in-laws landed their canoe on Mountain. however, wished to marry him. fnally gave in, “All right then, this side of the land, in Upper After the water receded and The girl persisted and fnally I’ll wash my face”. Chehalis country. There was only the earth dried up, the earth was her parents gave their consent. He went to the river to wash the top of one tall fr tree sticking found to be covered with dried Thrush and the young girl were his face and sang, “Father-in- out of the water. And that is whales (fossils). At Gate, not far married. law, Mother-in-law, Keep moving where the People tied their canoe. from Mima Prairie, the earth Thrush always had a dirty back from the river.” They got together and planned still remains in the shape of the face; he never washed before he He washed his face. The what they should do next. They waves. It extends like this for 4 or ate. His mother-in-law asked him dirt rolled off, leaving his face agreed that someone needed to 5 miles. “Why don’t you wash your face?” streaked all over. Then it began to dive in the water and see how After the water subsided, the Thrush did not answer. The next rain. It rained all day. deep it was. Muskrat dove into earth was just like new and the morning she asked again “Why Thrush told his in-laws, “Move the water and came up with some People could begin all over again. don’t you wash your face? It’s back from the river. I washed my dirt. He dove down into the water It was said “There shall never getting dirty.” Thrush once again face as you asked.” 5 times. Each time he brought again be a person who will cause did not reply. She asked him the The river continued to rise. up some dirt. From the dirt, he a food when he washes his face.” same question for 5 days in a row. It rained many days and nights. made a little mountain. He told Thrush turned into a bird and Finally on the 5 day, Soon there were no places for the People to land there, that they few away. th Thrush said “If I wash my the people to stand but in the would be safe. He told the People face, something will happen.” water. The water rose and covered “This is the mountain that I have Classic Car Rod Run Shares Love The Benefts of Indian Health Service of Hobby at the Lucky Eagle Contract Health Service By Cindy Gamble, Director of CTWP The Indian Health Service (IHS) provides CTWC. This is a Federal Requirement for the base funding for the direct service IHS.. operation at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Another Federal requirement is that CHS Center (CTWC) and for Contract Health funds cannot be used to pay for primary care Service (CHS) funding. services which are offered at the CTWC. IHS. requires an American Indian/ In other words, patients can’t choose to go Alaska Native (AI/AN) to be a member of to another primary care clinic and ask the a Federally Recognized Tribe to be able CTWC funds to pay that bill. Of course to access care at IHS funded facilities. AI/ if a patient has their own funding through AN who live in our service area are able to private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, People above were walking around and taking pictures of this event. There access primary medical care services offered they can choose to go to any health care were 479 classic cars and motorcycles at the Lucky Eagle filling the parking at the CTWC. Patients eligible for these lot and demonstrating their love of preserving part of our car history. provider. If it is for primary health care, services are called “direct care” patients. they would be responsible for any co-pay, By Fred Shortman, Editor Due to the lack of funding for our dental deductible or uncovered charges. program, only CHS eligible or patients who If a CHS –eligible and active patient at the The Lucky Eagle Casino Rod Run hosted owners about the art of car restoration and have alternate resources that pay a standard CTWC goes out for services not offered at by the Olympia Street Rod Association complimenting them on their beautiful percentage can access the CTWC Dental the CTWC and they are referred by a CTWC was held in the Lucky Eagle parking lot on restoration work. Attending these events Program. Provider, any uncovered fees would be paid Saturday, August 14. Restored and original can spark an interest that leads you into the Any AI/AN who lives on the Chehalis for. If a patient goes out for medical care old classic cars and motorcycles flled hobby of classic cars. Reservation, and all Chehalis tribal members services that are not referred by a CTWC the casino parking area on a hot day that Debbie Moreno, Olympia Street Rod living in Grays Harbor, Lewis or Thurston Provider, they can appeal to the TMHF to reached into the 90’s. The event involved Coordinator, said, “We’ve been doing this County, are also Contract Health Service reimburse them their uncovered fees. There over 429 registered owners of motorcycles, for over 15 years. The cars and people are (CHS) eligible. All Chehalis Tribal Members is no guarantee that fees will be reimbursed. model T’s, trucks and cars from the early great and this event has continued to grow. living in the three county areas described The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center staff 1920s to the 1970s to be displayed for the There isn’t any criteria in picking out the above are also eligible for Tribal Member are striving to improve services for all of public. Some of the owners collect and winner, it’s the judges who pick something Health Funds (TMHF) to purchase outside our patients. We want to hear from you on restore these vehicles just out of a love for we like.” or contracted services. The only other what we are doing well and where we need the cars and agreed they had many fond Lynette Hanson from Portland, Oregon requirement for eligibility for either IHS to improve. Please contact Cindy Gamble at memories of driving cars like these when said while taking a photo, “I’m not an or TMHF contract health funds is that the 360-273-5504. they frst came out. Winning is not what it‘s owner, but this is too fun! I take pictures of member must be an active patient of the all about though, it’s preserving our past and whatever makes me grin. I’ve been grinning embracing the honor of the hobby. ever since I entered the parking lot. My Mom Leads the Way with Healthy Habits People walked around and took pictures favorites are the 50s and 60s years. It makes at the event, asking questions of the you appreciate an event like this.” Sue Duffy, WSU Thurston County Extension Gladys Curley knows how good it feels to my children to drink. Once in a blue moon eat well and be active, so she’s helping her I let the kids have soda, but not everyday. children develop healthy habits at an early For the most part they drink water, and age. sometimes we add a little drink powder. The doctor’s news that she had high ‘We go to the park on picnics every other blood pressure was a wake up call for day and the kids get to walk and run around Gladys. As she puts it, “I just wanted to the pond. After we do that, I let them get be more healthy.” So she cut back on junk wet, and they love that. I feel good knowing food and sugary drinks. She also got active, that we are all healthier, and we won’t have attending spin classes at the YMCA with as many health and dental problems.” friends on a daily basis. “I feel a lot better now, better about myself, better about my Glady’s Tips for Healthy Parenting eating, and a lot healthier.”  Drink less soda. Gladys makes sure healthy eating and  Give your kids plenty of water, leave soda physical activity are a part of her children’s and juices out of the bottles. lifestyle too.  Be more active with your children and “I feed my kids lots of fruits and have a good time. There were many beautiful classic cars on display at the Lucky Eagle parking vegetables, and they like that. I try not to  Make sure they are active during the day. lot. Original owner Milinda Shunkwiler stands with her husband Wayne. The bring soda into the house. Once a month I They sleep well at night, and are ready to 1973 Barracuda Coupe named “Sugar N Spice” is their pride and joy. buy it for my husband to get up and do the same thing the next day. John Barnett Memorial SPIPA 8th Annual Intertribal take to work, but I Stengthen the Family Circle is a it for me and don’t buy Traditional Canoe Races Breast Cancer Walk partnership between SPIPA USDA Foods Hosted by Cowlitz Tribe Saturday, October 16 and Washington State University Extension. The program provides simple ways to September 10, 11, 12 Registration starts at 10:30 AM strengthen your family and community At the Gathering Room Mayfeld Lake at in the Community Center through food and physical activity based Ike Kinswa State Park on the characteristics of people living a The walk will begin at 11AM. Incentives, traditional lifestyle: Willing, Committed, Come and enjoy a relaxing weekend door prizes and lunch will be provided. Persistent, Balanced, Purposeful, Patient, of drumming, singing, intertribal canoe Please come out and show your support for Open, Courageous, Adaptable/Flexible, racing. Camping sites available. This is a the ladies in our tribal communities! We Fun-Loving. drug and alcohol free event. will also have a Mobile Unit (Van) at the breast cancer walk to do Mammograms. Any questions contact Taylor Aalvik For more information please contact: at 360-577-8140 or email Taalvik@ Christina Hicks at 709-1741. The Best Gladys Curley and her Protection is Early Detection. daughter Lorena are working towards a healthier lifestyle.
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