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4 Homeowners Tips on Preparation Awards (continued from page 1) for the 2010-11 Winter Weather The Penn family was proud to be The 2010-2011 Winter Forecast is predicted from bursting. recognized to be one of the worst in Pacifc Northwest  Know how to shut off water to the home at the history according to Charles Wallace, in case a pipe should burst. dinner for Deputy Director of Emergency Management  Leave a food light on in your pump house completing for Grays Harbor County! It appears La during freezing weather. their level of Nina is defnitely taking hold in the Pacifc.  Don’t forget to put antifreeze in vehicles. education. Water temperatures are two to three degrees  Have a battery-operated radio and Pictured below normal which is a strong indicator of fashlights available; and don’t forget (L-R) are a harsh winter for the Pacifc Northwest. extra batteries. Amber Penn, Chief Meteorologist,  Check on elderly and disabled neighbors Sasha Penn, Joe Bastardi, predicts the winter’s worst to see if all winter preparations are up to Elder Evelyn cold and snow will be in the Pacifc speed. Penn and Northwest reaching all the way to the Great  Be ready for icy walkways and steps with son Tony Lakes. Cities like Portland and Seattle rock salt. Check shovels and the snow Olney. who experienced mild winters last year are blower to see that the tools are in good forecast to be much colder and snowier this working condition. envelopes, pass out fyers, or set up time. encourage and assist you in advancing your year.  Don’t Take Chances in Winter Weather They were all there ready and willing to educational goals, even if it is only one The harsh cold air we receive in the Every year people die from winter-related help. It’s great to know that our tribe has a class at a time. Education takes time and winter months comes from Canada to incidents and accidents. According to an great group of people so dedicated to help commitment to complete as long as you Washington State. It is predicted that the online news report from the U.S. Consumer our people in education. Thanks again! put your mind to it you will be successful. Canadian winter will be very harsh this year Product Safety Commission (CPSC), titled, The Higher Education Program is a great So if you like to be part of our next Higher compared to the mild winter last year, which “CPSC Warns of Deadly Fire and Carbon program that the Chehalis Tribe offers to Education dinner in two years let me know means that we could be in for many more Monoxide Hazards with Winter Home all our tribal members. I want everyone how our program can help you! sub-freezing temperature days than the few Heating”, the U.S. Fire Administration to remember our program is available to we experienced in early December last year. (USFA) estimates that more than 150 It looks like we should prepare for severe residential fres resulted in more than 200 winter storms, colder temperatures, more deaths since Thanksgiving, 2008. Burger Claim (continued from page 1) snow and freezing rain this winter. Families continue to struggle through It may only be August, but it’s never tough economic times. People look delicious breakfast to kick off their day. For hardy, old fashioned corn-dusted buns that too early to prepare for what the experts for alternative ways to heat homes and lunch there is an assortment of burgers and compliment the burgers. The buns are made are predicting to be a severe winter for our sometimes the choices can be deadly. hand cut fries to fll up on. Top that off with from Montana wheat, have no preservatives, region. Learn to be Pro-Active. Visit Grays More than ever, neighbors are encouraged an ol’ fashioned hard ice cream milk shake and offer a healthier choice for diners. Just Harbor Emergency Management website to watch out for each other. Ice can cause in a variety of favors. The Burger Claim like the old mining days of long ago. at: dangerous falls for elderly people, and also offers no sugar added Shakes with sugar Burger Claim is open 6:00 AM to 11:00 DEM/Index.asp. shoveling snow can cause heart attacks – free favors for those watching their calories PM. So swing by for a bite, courtesy with a Regardless of where you live, it’s two more reasons for neighbors to look out or sugar intake. smile and a great meal. Phone orders can be essential to check heater units, clean vents, for each other. Avoid prolonged exposure to Where Burger Claim separates itself made at 360-273-9347 and picked up at the and replace old or worn weather stripping. freezing temperatures. from other fast food restaurants is that drive thru to speed you on your way. The Heat costs money, and the harder the heating Preparing for winter weather is a matter everything is fresh. The special ground beef Burger Claim also has a self-ordering screen unit works, the more money that comes out of survival for residents that live in the is never frozen; lettuce, tomatoes and other in the entry where you can order and pay of the budget to pay for fuel. northern U.S., but southern residents have vegetables including salads and French fries with a credit/debit card to avoid any long Winter survival in the north and mid- to take precautions to stay safe, as well. are cut fresh daily. Popular sweet potato lines. Dan and Rena look forward to serving west depends on proper winter maintenance When making winter preparations, don’t fries and the old fashioned shoestring fries you. for a home. Neglecting or putting off cold forget pets, pipes, and plants. Winterize the are also on the menu. weather and winter storm preparations home and vehicle and stay aware of weather Guests love the special presents a dangerous safety hazard. conditions to avoid unnecessary stress. Equipment breakdowns could result in costly repair bills later on. Failing to test a Plan ahead for winter storms. The new business home’s heating source to see whether or not Play it safe by preparing ahead for winter enterprise opened it is working properly could result in injury storms and blizzards. Be sure to winterize Burger Claim on or death if the unit is faulty. your manufactured home by following all July 14. Managers Tips to start winter weather home the tips in the winterizing section above. Don and Rene preparations: Remember, these storms can cause loss of Morris are working  Check the home’s heating source. Clean electricity, heat, and telephone service and hard to make this or change flters, check the thermostat, can trap you in your home for a few days. a successfull and have the unit serviced if necessary. It’s important to have ample supplies on business venture Check the chimney for any problems. hand in your home including: for everyone. Both  Avoid using portable heating units that agreed saying, “The emit dangerous fumes or don’t have the  Flashlight and extra batteries Chehalis Tribe have safety turn-off feature should the unit tip  Battery-powered NOAA weather radio always treated us over. & portable radio to receive emergency like family. It’s been  Dispose of units with frayed cords, information. These may be your only great to be invited missing parts, or units that don’t work links to the outside. back!” properly.  Extra food & bottled water. High energy  Make sure the freplace works properly. food, such as dried fruit or candy, and Remove any soot or debris from wood canned food requiring no cooking or freplaces and check the pilot light for a refrigeration is best. Health Fair (continued from page 1) properly burning fame in gas units.  Manual can opener. Program [CHP] also donated many Cabela’s or below 250% Federal Poverty Level.  Have carbon monoxide detectors  Extra medicine & baby items. gift certifcates. This program is part of a  50-64 years of age. and smoke detectors in working  First-aid supplies. SPIPA grant, which includes: Chehalis,  Have a direct family history of colon order with fresh batteries. Keep a fre  Heating fuel. Fuel carriers may not reach Nisqually, Shoalwater Bay, Skokomish, cancer (frst degree family). extinguisher within easy access. you for days after a severe winter storm. Squaxin Island plus Cowlitz and Quinault. If you would like to know more about  Store an ample supply of seasoned wood  Back-up heating source, such as a The Colon Health Program’s focus is to the Colon Health Program or Colon Cancer for wood burning stoves and freplaces. freplace, wood stove, space heater, etc. increase colorectal cancer screening rate in please contact the Patient Navigator for the  Make sure the home has enough  Be sure to carry a survival kit in your the U.S. for all persons 50 years of age and CHP, Cindy Beck at 360-709-1810 or email: insulation. car that contains: Cell phone, blankets/ older.  Check weather stripping on doors and sleeping bags, fashlight with extra You may be eligible for this screening if Thank you to all who donated to this windows and install or replace as needed. batteries, knife, High calorie, non- you are: event, and to those who participated.  Cover window AC units to keep cold air perishable food, can & waterproof  Without insurance or limited insurance at out. matches to melt snow for drinking water,  Insulate pipes with insulation material sand or cat litter, shovel, windshield purchased from a home supply store, or scraper, tool kit, tow rope, jumper cables, use newspaper and plastic. Allow faucets water container, compass, road maps, to drip during hard freezes to keep pipes extra winter clothes and boots. The men’s health fair provided a drum making class taught in the gathering Parrot feather was being hand picked to remove this noxious weed from room. Harry Pickernell, Jr., shows his completed drum as his father Harry Davis Creek slough along the Chehalis River. Pictured are (L-R) Bobby Pickernell, Sr., continues to finish his drum. Jones and Andrew Starr. Back ground are (L-R) Shawn Goddard and Tommy Photo by Cecilia Kayano Colson.
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