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DEPOSITION OF CHEHALIS ELDERS: Topic of Housing 3 March 19, 1927, Oakville, Washington from Mary Heck, Marion Davis, and George Jack Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator These excerpts are taken from the had another place, what we call Grand cut a stick of anything. She couldn’t go back of the Upper Chehalis Tribe. deposition of Chehalis Tribal Elders. Mound. You see that mound this side of to the localities where she used to live in He was questioned regarding the houses For brevity, we have taken the liberty Centralia; there was a village there of 7 her younger days, on account of the white that Mary described and asked if he had seen of extracting only portions of their houses. They were all big houses, because people took possession of it. She said they them and he replied that he had. When asked testimony and other editorial privileges. that is where they practiced the Indian belief never got paid, never got nothing. When if the white people ever paid anything for I have the deposition in its entirety at of tamahnousing, that is where they sing out they go back to their places where they used the land or houses they took, he said they my offce. You can contact me at and call on the spirits. That village practiced to live the white man threatened their life. never paid anything for them; they just took 360-709-1748. that. They even mutilated their graves. She said them away. The white man used the lumber Right in this part of the Territory there the government sent an agent up here to look for their barns or anything. He was asked if was something like 5 houses. Down here after us and help us. Mary said the agents the government ever paid them anything and HOUSES about a mile from here; there was another just visited one another and got a big salary he replied no, just took it. place. The place has no English name. from the government, but they never helped He was questioned on the size of the Mary Heck was produced as a witness There were 2 houses there, permanent the Indians with nothing. houses. He said at the time he was a boy so on behalf of claimant and sworn through an residence. Made it a purpose to gather fern Under cross examination, she was asked he couldn’t judge the exact size. interpreter, to tell the truth. Her occupation roots. That was noted for fern roots. if she had been to each and every one of is making Indian baskets, that she is 92 Right where a certain place there, one those 10 or more villages. She said yes George Jack was produced as a witness years of age. locality; there was about 7 houses. At because it was her territory; she went from for the claimant and sworn to tell the truth. The houses were very large, made out of Cederville, there were 3 houses. village to village. They questioned her His occupation is that of a woodsman; that cedar and they lined their houses with the There was a place they call Klukwulum. fgures that the usual houses were 6 fathoms he is 61 or 62 years of age; that his residence mats. They had a place where they sleep, The city of Elma is within a mile of it long by 4 ½ fathoms wide. She said just is Oakville and a member of the Upper a platform around the border of the inside. and there were 4 houses there. There was because she had been converted into the Chehalis Tribe. There was another one a little farther up that another place where the city of Elma is now Christian religion; she is not going to lie to When asked who owns the buildings they used for sleeping purpose too. They and there were 4 houses there. you. She is sure of her fgures. She saw it in the villages, he responded the bands stored dried fsh, dried meat and berries She said they were substantial houses, on with her own eyes. As a little girl, her father that worked on the buildings do. The head overhead, a place prepared for that. They account of the posts were set in the ground used to make that lumber and she was right builder has more say about the building had 6 fres in one house and a large space in and they were hard to move or blow down or there. than the rest. He said that instead of letting between reserved for entertainment. can’t hardly break it down. Whenever they They questioned her regarding her a poor fellow freeze to death outside they There was a village near where the city go out in the summertime – go out camping statement that the houses had 6 fres. She would let him in even if he wasn’t related of Chehalis is now located. At the mouth or hunting and fshing – they loosen the said yes, the ordinary house had 6 fres. Six- or had helped build the house. When cross- of the Neweukum River; there were 3 large roof boards and slide it down. This airs the fre houses, they called it. examined about the crowd that builds houses there, permanent residences. There house and never gets stale and that way they Another person cross examined her and the house owns the house, he replied that was another village further up the river; it kept healthy. asked her if knew of any one of the old not really owned but have a right to live is a place where a little town by the name When asked what became of the house, houses ever being sold or exchanged or there. They asked him if he understood the of Adna is, with 4 houses there. Another she said the Indian custom was pretty strong. traded away. She replied that no they never difference between the right of ownership village further up the river at a place what When a whole family dies out and there sold a house, but they sold the lumber to and the right of occupancy using a blanket they call PeEll now and there was 6 big is not one left of that family, they take the another house. or canoe and that of a house as an example. houses there. house and destroy it with fre. When the He said a blanket is personal property and Where the city of Centralia is was a large white man came in they built their houses Marion Davis was produced as a witness the house is owned by the chief of the village, comprised of 10 houses and what or lived right near our houses. They took for the claimant and sworn to tell the truth. building and all those who assisted him in they call now a potlatch house. People possession of the land. They plowed the His occupation is that of a farmer, that he building it. might call it a community hall, where people land and burned their houses. is 76 years of age, that his residence is the get together and entertain other tribes. They The white man didn’t allow them to even Upper Chehalis Reservation and a member Eagles Landing Hotel Manager Lucky Eagle Management Training Glenn Brydges Retires Program Helps Tribal Members Become Successful Managers By Rodney Youckton, Director of Business Operations The Lucky Eagle Management Training members are undergoing in an effort to Program is designed for our tribal members achieve their goals. They all have dreams and their success working at the casino. and set goals to reach those dreams. Tribal The casino reports quarterly on the Management Training Program employees program so that the Tribal community has hope to be good role models and mentors for an awareness of what efforts are being those wanting to be successful in the career made with our tribal members employed of their choice. We all have dreams. Never, at the casino. We are building success never, give up on your dreams. Reach for the stories which will be refected of the stars and make it happen. Succession Plan. We are hopeful the large “Our commitment is to provide an number of young adults will read about unparalleled entertainment experience that the hard work and sacrifces fellow Tribal exceeds our guests’ expectations.” Featured Tribal Member: Joseph DuPuis slot foor layout and improving is participating in the Casino the overall ambiance of the The hotel staff honored Glenn Brydges with a retirement party at the Eagles Executive Development Program casino foor; Landing Hotel on Monday, September 27. Glenn Brydges is pictured here and is working toward the  Successfully implemented with his wife Joann by the memoriabilia board that was signed by all who General Manager Position at the Cash in/X2 on all of the Tribal attended. Lucky Eagle Casino. In 2003, Lottery Systems; The hotel staff gave a retirement party he said he was close to retirement, but would he received his Bachelor of Arts  Successfully implemented at the Eagles Landing Hotel on Monday, establish a solid ground work for the tribe to in International Business from the Bally One Ticket Solution September 27 for Glenn Brydges. It was continue to make this a successful business Fort Lewis College in Durango, System on all of Tribal Lottery attended by many of his co-workers, friends venture. Colorado. He has six years Systems; and family, who also honored him for his Lucy Hill, a tribal member, was hired of gaming experience and is Tribal Member  Project Manager of commitment in helping get an important last year in a training program that had been currently responsible for the Joseph DuPuis, the installation of the IGT, enterprise started for our tribe. established to pursue her career in hotel oversight and direction of Casino Executive WMS and Multimedia M11L Mr. Glen Brydges started working for management. Lucy will be the assistant the Video Department. This Development Program Tribal Lottery Systems; the Chehalis Tribe July 3, 2005 bringing hotel manager until she completes the includes, but is not limited  Project Manager 43 years of hotel management experience. training program. Until that time, Debbie to: strategic planning, project of the installation of the The Eagles Landing Hotel has been a great Kydland serves as the interim hotel manager. development, quality assurance, proftability, Planet Bingo system, an electronic WAN success for the Chehalis Tribe. When hired budgeting and implementing the priorities of  progressive bingo system; senior management. DuPuis is responsible Successfully completed the gaming Community Halloween Annual General Council for the staff development of over 60 management certifcate from the Party Meeting employees and the overall performance  University of Nevada, Reno; of the slot foor, including the slot foor Successfully completed the Executive Saturday, October 30 Saturday, November 6 layout, game mix, installation, repair and Development course for Gaming At the Community Tribal Election Polls will be located maintenance of over 850 slot machines. Executives from the Wharton School of Center at the Community Center His previous positions at the casino include Business, Penn University; 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM the Assistant Bingo Manager, Marketing  Successfully completed the Executive Open at 8:00 AM Analyst, IT Special Projects Coordinator and Development Program at the University On Saturday, October 30 a Close at 5:00 PM Slot Technician. of Nevada, Reno; th Community Halloween Party and  Participated as a speaker on Slot Haunted House will be held at the Lunch will be provided. There will His accomplishments include: Technology at the Northwest Indian be booths in the Gathering Room for Community Center. Bring your programs to provide information.  Successfully completed an expansion Gaming Convention in 2007 and 2008; children and dress up for Halloween. Watch for fyers for the agenda. Any of the casino foor, doubling the square and was Join in the fun and games. Prizes will questions please contact Sharon Hall, footage of gaming space and adding 151  Featured in an article in Indian Gaming be awarded to different age groups. Secretary at 360-709-1541 new slot machines while creating a new Magazine.
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