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4 Picnic (continued from page 1) Dams (continued from page 1) Dale Klatush Sr., on the Chehalis River will improve the also be impacted as dams hold back gravel son of Mena Secena water quality of the river and help salmon, and logs that fsh need for spawning and and Walt Klatush, but our Tribe has seen how dams hurt fsh rearing habitat. Overall, the effect on salmon displays his hand runs. A good example is the Lower Elwha if dams are put in place is expected to be carved red cedar Dam on the Olympic Peninsula, now being severe. paddle that he ‘deconstructed’ after years of struggle by Jurisdictions working together on these received for 33 years the Lower Elwha Indian Tribe to have it issues are known as the Chehalis River of service. Gathered removed. The Wynoochie Dam was built Basin Flood Authority. The Tribe is one of around him are his for food control frst and hydro electricity eleven agencies working to fnd solutions daughters (L-R) generation was added later. Land below the to controlling food damages. The Tribe Colleen Klatush, dam still fooded during the 2007 and 2009 has strict rules about building in the food Joyleen McCrory, foods when the river came over Highway zone, while some other areas continue to and Bev Starr at 12. allow people to build in the food plain. the 2009 Employee With the Wynoochie food control dam Unfortunately, this increases fooding that Picnic. He retired in in place, a trap and haul system is used affects all of us. If you are interested in these December 2009 at to move adult salmon upstream. This has issues and want more information check out 81 after working for not been successful and the downstream the following websites: the Chehalis tribe migration of juveniles is disastrous. The in. He devoted over South Fork of the Chehalis and the main basin-food-authority 33 years to the Tribe river past Pe Ell are prime spawning grounds in different areas. that would be wiped out by construction Thank you, Dale, for of dams. This spawning area produces 40 restoring-rivers/dams/dams-dam-removal- your dedication! percent of the fsh runs for Chehalis River trp.html New Program Information Will Help Basin. Fish ladders will not be practical Contact Mark White, Director of Natural because the dams will be too high. Trucking Resources at 360-709-1551 for the dates of the returning adult salmon would be the You Plan Ahead for Bad Winter only option to get them past the 250 foot the Chehalis River Basin meetings. tall dams. Smolt heading out to sea would Weather forecasters are warning Puget refrigeration or cooking with minimal water. Sound residents to plan now for a colder, 5) Keep the following supplies stored Renewing Fishing License by wetter and snowier winter. A La Nina together for use in case of emergency: weather pattern is likely to bring nastier  Band aids, sterile bandages, gauze pads, weather to the region, especially in late fall and adhesive tape. October 31 Saves Money and early winter. The weather pattern occurs  Hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, when the temperature of the ocean’s surface instant cold packs. cools near the equator, sending storms to the  Scissors, tweezers, safety pins, needle & By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist Pacifc Northwest. thread, pocket knife. The 2010-2011 Tribal Commercial fshing commercial opening occurs. We will try to A new program called “Take Winter by  Splinting materials. licenses will include a refective sticker include commercial fshing openings that Storm” has been set up to help people get  Moistened towelettes, bar soap, liquid which needs to be picked up in the Natural are scheduled well in advance in future ready. It includes a website, http://www. soap, toilet paper. Resources upstairs offce from Charlotte newsletters as time allows. with advice on how  Latex gloves, plastic bags Lopez or Andy Olson. The refective Please pay your fshing fees at the to prepare. Washington State Emergency  Aspirin & non-aspirin pain reliever stickers are for the fshers’ boats for easier accounting offce. First Time license buyer Management Division offers the following  Antacid and any other similar medications identifcation and safety in dark/poor fee is $35.00, and renewal fees are $5.00, recommendations regarding storing needed. weather conditions. due before October 31st. Bring you receipt emergency supplies:  Paper cups, plates, and plastic utensils. Tribal fshing licenses expire October to the Fisheries offce and pick up your boat  Battery-operated AM radio. 31, 2010. Renewal by then saves $30 at sticker. Watch for fyers on opening and 1) You may have to rely upon supplies you  Extra batteries. a renewal cost of $5. The fees go up to follow the Chehalis tribal fshing ordinance have available in your home for a period  Flashlight. $35 for everyone, renewal or not, after when participating in each fsheries of time following any major disaster. Store  Non-electric can opener. October 31st. An announcement will opening. Please contact Andy Olson for these items in something that is portable  ABC fre extinguisher. be posted if an extension is granted due more information at 360-709-1559 or email and easily carried, like a plastic tub with a  Roll of plastic and duct tape to seal to a lack of commercial opportunity. tight-ftting lid. In the event of fre or rapid broken windows. This extension would be in effect until a evacuation, you’ll appreciate having more 6) Always preplan for prescription drugs than just the clothes on your back. and medications. During an emergency, it 2) The container should be able to withstand will be extremely diffcult to obtain these The 34-space Chehalis moisture, insects, and some abuse. If you items. Also plan for other medical concerns Tribal RV Park, located have a large family, several smaller tubs like extra eye glasses, contact lens solution, near Highway 12, is may be easier to carry than one large denture adhesive, baby diapers, food, and basically self-service. container. Place items in plastic bags to formula. Keep copies of important papers RV customers protect against condensation, which causes including insurance policies, bank account reserve and pay mildew and rust. Locate these supplies as numbers, and an inventory of valuables. for their overnight close to your primary house exit as possible. Other things to consider are a family picture, stays at the touch- You may have to fnd it in the dark or after family records, and games and books. screen reservation the upheaval of an earthquake. 7) Consider adding items like blankets or and payment kiosk 3) Plan to rotate the items in your kit sleeping bags, sturdy shoes, warm socks, a located at the on-site annually. This includes making sure the hat and gloves, and one complete change of registration building. clothes you have stored still ft. clothes. The $25 per night 4) Keep at least a three-day supply of water For more information on planning for fee includes electric, and non-perishable food for each person in emergencies, come see our Emergency water and Wi-Fi. your household. Select foods that require no Management table at the Annual Meeting. There is a single RV waste station available for RV customers who Temporary Program Office Relocations stay at least one night. The Lucky Eagle Behavioral Health-They are located at the Vocational Rehabilitation Program- Casino offers free Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. To contact The Vocation Rehabilitation Program is shuttles to and Gail Hurst call 360-709-1682 and leave a located in the Family Service Building. Any from the casino. brief message. questions please contact Barb Churchill at Reservations will be 360-709-1633. able to be made on the Domestic Violence-The Domestic Violence web in the near future so that customers Program is located at the New Community General Assistance-The General Assistance can plan their trips in Center. Dawn Boley can be reached at 360- Offce is in the Elders Building. George advance. 709-1874. Youckton can be contacted at 360-709-1572. Register for the Grays Harbor County Parrot Feather the Next Battle in the Fight Notifcation System Against Aquatic Invasive Plants Did you know that the Grays Harbor County Management issue which could impact your Department of Emergency Management has family and the County. By Andy Olson, Fisheries Biologist a website and that you can follow them on The Grays Harbor County Department Twitter? On the website, you can sign up of Emergency Management website address In 2010 the war on Brazilian Elodea seems Several acres were cleared in Davis for the Grays Harbor Notifcation System is to have been won with a few small plants Creek Slough on and near the Tribes which will send e-mails and text messages DEM/Index.asp. Registration is about half remaining, but Thurston County noxious property on South Bank road. The work as well as phone messages regarding way down the page. The Twitter account weed is mopping them up. The new began at the mouth of Lincoln Creek in hazardous weather, disaster information and is GHCDEM. You can also reach Grays opponent is Parrot Feather; this invasive the town of Galvin and the guys came other important information you’ll need in Harbor County Department of Emergency plant is unique in that it can live in the downstream to a major concentration in the critical situations for your family. On the Management by phone at 360-249-3911 ext. water or on land so it is quite a battle. The Slough at the mouth of Davis Creek. This Grays Harbor County Notifcation System 290. crew that Maynard Starr and his company will be an ongoing process as long as we Form, you can also request to be added to The Grays Harbor County Department Freshwater Nuisance Specialists did another can continue to get grants to fund Invasive a daily e-mail list to receive current news of Emergency Management is continuing great job pulling more than we had expected plant removal. Hopefully it’s a war that can issues about weather, PUD information and with a pro-active approach to communicate and were very productive. The work was be won just like the Brazilian Elodea that is on Emergency Preparedness Issues on a information about planning, preparation, hard, wet, muddy, and stinky but they did now under control. Maynard’s crew include daily basis. The website also provides you response and mitigation to county citizens their work hard and earned their money Tommy Colson, Shawn Goddard, Andrew with an opportunity to read recent articles and welcomes feedback with your this year. All in all the crew pulled over Starr, Bobby Jones, and Jimmy James. and have access to sites where you can comments, questions and constructive 36,000lbs or 18 tons of Parrot feather. obtain information about any Emergency criticism.
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