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PART 3, DEPOSITION OF CHEHALIS ELDERS: Lands of the Chehalis 3 March 19, 1927, Oakville, Washington from Mary Heck, Dan Secena, Marion Davis, George Ben, Joe Pete, and George Jack Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator Third part of excerpts are taken from Reservation and a member of the Upper He said that there were all good discussed it with all 86 of them the deposition of Chehalis Tribal Elders. Chehalis Tribe. fr trees, cedar, hemlock and good George Jack was produced as a For brevity, we have taken the liberty He said that there was some prairie merchantable timber. The character of witness for the claimant and sworn to of extracting only portions of her the land, but most of it was hilly and the land was good and rich and the hill tell the truth. His occupation is that of a testimony and other editorial privileges. covered with timber. The prairie land is lands were very fertile. He said that all woodsman; that he is 61 or 62 years of I have the deposition in its entirety at my gravel and it is not as good as bottom parts of the territory was were available age; that his residence is Oakville and a offce. land. The hilly land is good all over. He for traveling by canoes in the river, that member of the Upper Chehalis Tribe. thought about a third of the land had the river was the only highway of travel He said that the character of the soil LANDS OF THE CHEHALIS light soil or gravel. at that time. was number one and that the timber Marion Davis was produced as a Joe Pete was produced as a witness was the very best that the country could Mary Heck was produced as a witness for the claimant and sworn to for the claimant and sworn to tell the produce. He said a small portion of witness on behalf of claimant and tell the truth. His occupation is that of truth. His occupation is that of a retired their land was prairie, maybe a quarter. sworn through an interpreter, to tell the a farmer, that he is 76 years of age, that farmer, that his age is 62 years and that He was asked how many feet, board truth. Her occupation is making Indian his residence is the Upper Chehalis his residence is near Oakville. measure, of timber would average on baskets, that she is 92 years of age; that Reservation and a member of the Upper He was asked if he was the president 160 acres. He said 160 acres would her place of residence is Chehalis Indian Chehalis Tribe. of the Tribe and he said he was the produce about 5,000,000- 6,000,000 feet Reservation and she is a member of the He said that the Chehalis territory Chairman. He said the country of the of standing merchantable timber. He said Upper Chehalis Tribe of Indians. was full of frst class timber, fr tree, Upper Chehalis people had some what there were 4 characters of soil, sandy She said this country was just full of cedar, hemlock and so on. When they call upland and some bottomland loam, shot clay, and on the prairie, black timber, all kinds of timber. The timber questioned whether the rivers and and some prairie land. He said that soil. was what we call virgin timber. The hills streams afforded a means of navigation originally it was heavy timber, outside He was asked about whether the were covered with good timber. She said to all parts of the country, he agreed. He from the prairies. rivers went dry and you had to drag their these prairies, what we see now was so said they used the canoe to travel up and He was asked if he knew the history canoes over the rocks. He said that about far back she doesn’t remember; but she down the rivers. He said that sometimes of the Tribe, to know the boundaries of the last part of August and September, says there have been prairies here since in the summertime, the rivers get pretty the country that formally belonged to before the rains came, that the rivers creation. Mary said the prairies were dry and you couldn’t hardly drag the the Upper Chehalis Band of Indians. He were navigable but you would have to inclined to be gravel, but the land was canoe up the river. said he knew my by general knowledge. work pretty hard to get over them, not all fertile enough to produce the roots of all George Ben was produced as a Upon cross-examination, he was asked gravel and riffes. kinds for their food. witness for the claimant and sworn to if he studied the history of the Upper He was asked if it got cold enough Dan Secena was produced as a tell the truth, through an interpreter. Chehalis people. He said that no, he for people to freeze to death. He said witness for the claimant and sworn to His occupation is that of a farmer, that didn’t say he studied the history; he just there were days when it got below zero, tell the truth. His occupation is that of a he is 70 years of age, that his place of knew from general knowledge. He was that he had seen it get 8 below zero. He farmer, that he is 69 years of age, that his residence is Oakville, WA, and that he is asked if he discussed the boundary with said the ordinary winter was very mild. place of residence is the Upper Chehalis a member of the Upper Chehalis Tribe. all his people. He said that yes he had Honoring Our Baseball Legends Lucky Eagle Management Training Program Helps Tribal Members Become Successful Managers By Rodney Youckton, Director of Business Operations The Lucky Eagle Management Training members are undergoing in an effort to Program is designed for our tribal members achieve their goals. They all have dreams and their success working at the casino. and set goals to reach those dreams. Tribal The casino reports quarterly on the Management Training Program employees program so that the Tribal community has hope to be good role models and mentors for an awareness of what efforts are being those wanting to be successful in the career made with our tribal members employed of their choice. We all have dreams. Never, at the casino. We are building success never, give up on your dreams. Reach for the stories which will be refected in the stars and make it happen. Succession Plan. We are hopeful a large “Our commitment is to provide an number of young adults will read about unparalleled entertainment experience that At the Honoring Our Legends event awarded three tribal Elders with recognition for playing baseball for our beloved Oakville Tomahawks, and the hard work and sacrifces fellow Tribal exceeds our guests’ expectations.” continue to contribute to baseball memories. Pictured (L-R) are Dale Klatush, Sr., Mel Youckton and George “Chops” Youckton. Featured Tribal Member: Photo provided by Jesse Goddard By Jessie Goddard Vanessa Youckton has an areas such as: Assistant October 9 , two events took place in regards goes on. Then again, the “good ol’ days” Associate of Arts degree Compliance Offcer, th to baseball. A meal was provided with have not been totally shared to the fullest. I from Centralia College, Accountant, Title 31 and a baseball feld designed cake to share. laughed as my Uncle Chops and dad as they Over 50 people attended, with t-shirts wanted to tell a story about the other, yet and a Bachelors Degree Cage Auditor, Cage cashier and baseball caps given out from each being unsure if the other has more of a story from Central Washington and Cage Manager. While event. Honoring Our Legends was held to to tell than them. All good times, I guess. University. She is currently employed she received recognize three of the oldest tribal member Another name of the past, Gordon in the Tribal Enterprise extensive training in Title men that played baseball for over 60 years “Gordy” Klatush was remembered for his and Gaming Management 31, NIGC MICs, and other beginning with our beloved Oakville time in baseball. Ray Secena, Jr. spoke of his certifcation program training. Her previous Tomahawks. Dale Klatush, Sr., George memory of Gordy and what Gordy meant with Tacoma Community employment here at Lucky “Chops” Youckton and Mel Youckton to him as an individual and as a baseball College. Planning to Tribal Member Eagle was in the Gift Shop. received vests embroidered with their name manager. The original design was made by taking some additional Vanessa Youckton Vanessa said, “I would and a symbol of “Honoring Our Legends”. the late Lisa Goldman. This design had to accounting and business Tribal Enterprise and like to continue my work Stories were told, encouragement was given, be redesigned as a replica due to the original classes before beginning a Gaming Management experience in Finance to and everyone enjoyed reminiscing as family work for this tournament being done solely second Bachelors degree in Program coincide with my next members shared some very fond memories by Lisa, which copies or setups were not about baseball. available to reuse, for this gathering. Business Management. education endeavor. In the Often times, many people are not The plans for 2011 will be to schedule Vanessa current position future, I would like to work recognized for what they have contributed both of these gatherings, during our regular is the Compliance Offcer at Lucky in the capacity of Financial Analyst, or brought to us in our communities. This baseball season. Thank you to all of those Eagle Casino for just over a year. possibly CFO or General Manager of the recognition was provided to hear about “the that participated and provided food for this Previously she was employed at Yakama Tribe, depending on where my education good ol’ days” and a little bit of history for event. Looking forward to what next year Nation Legends Casino for almost and work experience are best suited.” the younger generations to share as time will bring. Best wishes to all of you. nine years working in several different Elders Gather to Celebrate Halloween were seen smiling, Elders along By Fred Shortman, Editor laughing, and joking with family On Friday, October 29 Nancy Romero, in their costumes as Janette White Claw in the spirit of members Elders Coordinator scheduled a Halloween (Dressed as Aunt Jamima) won frst prize, Halloween enjoying enjoyed the Party at the Elders Center. Yes, celebrating second went to Diana Devlin (Dressed as the evening as they cake walk Halloween is for all ages and what fun a witch) and third went to Evelyn Penn, spent together with which was they had with the activities. There were dressed as the mummy), The winners were their friends and one of the games like candy pong, pin-the-heart on the selected by applause on the best costume family. It was a good fun activities mummy, cake walk, Halloween bingo, and a and what a great night it was for the elders time! Many agreed at the Elders pumpkin toss. that attended. they were looking Halloween Some Elders were seen decked out It was a fun and playful night as Elders forward to next year. Party.
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