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4 Halloween (continued from page 1) Veterans (continued from page 1) there is a frst-come, frst-served policy in did that night was an expansion of how place. The tribe, casino, SARE Electric and all Natives feel about warriors. Navy Travers Electric contribute the facility, food Veteran George Youckton simply explained and door prizes. Tribal fshermen donate it by saying, “It should be done to give their time and skill to catch, flet and cook appreciation to veterans, plus to recognize the salmon. Many other volunteers help set the families of the people who didn’t come up, serve, and keep the evening program back.” fowing. Many of the hundreds of veterans there This year, before the doors opened at had attended multiple times. Yet they were fve, a line of veterans wove past the buffet, visibly affected by the honor and gratitude almost reaching the gaming room. “I don’t expressed through the free salmon dinner, think there is anything in Southwestern the elaborate decorations, the singing of Washington like this,” said Geoffrey Neal, a God Bless America by little Annie Burnett, Navy veteran who lives in Rochester. the gifts, the music by the American Legion Neal mirrored the feelings of many Band, the flm presentation of Pearl Harbor, veterans. Throughout the region there were the special honoring of World War II vets, parades. A few community colleges held the ending poem and prayer by Jimmy mid-day veterans events. But no one could Burnett, and, by the evening send off of name a comparable fancy evening event for hand shaking by Chehalis tribal youth and veterans. other tribal volunteers. Navy Veteran Darla Smith, daughter of Many veterans went out of their ways to Elders, adults and youth volunteered in making the haunted house so memorable for many tribal and community members. They enjoyed getting Air Force Veteran Sid Smith, explained it shake the hands of tribal members, to look dressed up in the spirit of Halloween. this way, “Natives treat veterans with a lot them in the eyes and let them know how Photo by Cheryl Starr of respect.” much the celebration means to them. She said that the honor she felt from the What started out that evening as a tribute Employees Halloween Party Haunted House. tribe is nothing new. When she was stationed to veterans expanded into every person’s Friday, October 29 the Employees Still feeling all warm and fuzzy from in Mississippi and feeling homesick, her heart as a sincere thank you: thank you family and the tribe regarded her with Halloween party was held at the Community the greeting by a happy group of witches, respect and fully supported her decision to veterans for your sacrifces, thank you Chehalis Tribe, for not forgetting. Center Gathering Room. Employees dressed the kids entered the frst room thinking this join the military. up for the costume contest in costumes from would be a piece of cake. WRONG! The “This makes me feel thankful to my Our Hands Go Up in Appreciation in cute to scary. haunting began as you stepped into Alice in family and the tribe,” she said. Honoring our Veterans Employees brought deserts for a potluck Wonder Land. To your right the Mad Hatter Curtis Dupuis, who served in two Green with the main course of spaghetti. One was sipping tea with the Queen of Hearts, Beret Special Forces in Vietnam, clearly Lori Tovrea sends out many thanks to all dessert was called cat turds. It was made in the Cheshire-Cat faded in and out before remembers the difference between how the volunteers who helped make this year’s the spirit of Halloween as a trick, but was your eyes. But where was the White Rabbit? the tribe and the mainstream population Veterans Appreciation Day event another a tasty treat, consisting of a brownie mix Too late, jumping out from the dark was a regarded veterans. “When we came back huge success: “To the special speakers, though it wasn’t appealing to the eye. Many demented White Rabbit with six inch fangs from Vietnam, there were a lot of hurtful refused to eat it.t Those that did try it, closed and he was not looking for a cup of tea. comments and anger directed towards us, General Jim McElroy, Richard DeBolt, TC “Tomcat” Nelson (Pearl Harbor survivor their eyes trying not to gag. But the gag To escape the fangs of a non-veggie except in Indian communities,” he said. & POW for 3 years), and Bob Job. To our turned to smiles as they tasted it. eating crazed rabbit you rush into the He said that tribes have always honored Lucky Eagle cooks and Tira Sabandal for There was a raffe, games for the day: Twilight Room. Yep! Vampires and veterans at powwows and other gatherings. her tireless hard work the she did. To R. Who would eat this? Employees were Werewolves were waiting to bite anything So, he was not surprised to come home from Curtis who came from Seattle to sing the offered by Cheryl Starr, Events Coordinator moving. Ohhh wonderful! Maybe the White Vietnam and be honored, but the treatment National Anthem. Chehalis Tribe’s Veteran’s to enter this contest. She walked around the Rabbit was not so bad. After all it was just of the mainstream population did surprise Committee - Lori Tovrea, Nancy Romero, room inviting anyone to eat some very gross him, not a room full of biters. But wait there him. Gloria Jones, Scarlett Romero; Raven John, looking food. There were a few that tried it is hope; you see an opening and run for it. “Any segment of the population needs Johnny Bumgarner, Merrill Goldstein, Lindy with Theresa Pannkuk eating 25 of the icky You enter a grave yard, on your right and to realize that if you are going to enjoy morsels and Pam Youckton fnishing second left are the tombstones of the living dead. your way of life, someone’s going to have Waring, Rita Wiley, and Kristina Nielson.. A special thanks to Carla Thomas, Geo, Junior place eating 20 pieces. Yuck! Halloween Thriller Music surrounds you and Michael to protect it,” reminded Dupuis. “If the and Elaine helped out from the start 9:00 Pong: Winners were Amil and Bev Starr fst Jackson and his armies of the risen dead veterans are not here to save it for you, am – 10:00 pm helping with the clean-up. To place and Shawn Ortivez and Eli Snell took are jive’n to the beat. Wanna Dance?” No you’re not going to have it.” Chehalis Tribal Fisherman for donating and second. way! Keep running; it’s got to be better then What the Chehalis Tribe and its members Costume Contest winners were Don sticking around here. Wrong again! providing the delicious salmon dinner.” Terry dressed as an Over-the-Hill Geisha You have landed on the worst street in Girl won the Best Costume. Winner in the town, Nightmare on Elm Street. And Freddy witch category were Winona Youckton. wants to play. Leaping out at you from Cutest was Sue Ortivez, Scariest was Amil behind hay stocks with long metal claws Starr who came dress as predator. Freddy is hoping you can’t wake up or fnd If laughter is the best medicine than the your way out. Finally you see a lighted area. employees sure received a lot of it. And you dart to safety. Thank Goodness it’s a doctor. Maybe Activities at the Community Center he can treat you for the Nightmares Freddy Created Fond Halloween Memories gave you. OHHHH NOOOO! There are body parts everywhere, blood dripping Saturday, October 30 was a day to remember down the walls. His operating table is full for the 200 youth that came to celebrate of bits and pieces of body parts. What is he Halloween. The community center was making? But before you see anything else, a decorated in lavish Halloween style, with crazy chain saw carrying guy with a hockey hay bales, jack-o’-lanterns, bats, skeletons, mask jumps out of the wall, and I do mean witches, spiders and spider webs, eerie right out of the wall…Run! Run! Run! castle walls, head stones and other cool If you made it through the gantlet Volunteers for the Veterans day Dinner at the Lucky Eagle bring honor to stuff. of crazies waiting to scare you, you everyone that attended. Top row: pictured (L-R) are Makko Slighte, Junior Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator and got out. Everyone could hear the Jack, Geo Jack, Mark Tovrea. Middle row pictured (L-R) are Carla Thomas, her group of volunteers out did themselves scream of little kids as they tried to get Lori Tovrea, Gloria Jones. Front row (L-R) are Rita Wiley, and Nancy Romero. in preparing for this year’s Halloween party. through the maze of the scary room. Some Photo by Cecilia Kayano There were fun games done such as the cake didn’t make it and ran back out the front walk, best costumes contest, haunted house door. HeHeHeHe! But not to worry there Cancer Walk (continued from page 1) plus lunch was provided by the Lucky Eagle were cookies, candy, games and prizes for Casino. everyone, even if you didn’t make it through stressed the importance of Self Breast Susan G. Komen foundation. The youth center provided many of the the Haunted House. Exams because “You know your body best”. Assured Imaging was also here with their prizes and toys for the youth to win. The Donna encouraged all the ladies to “Get motor coach during the event performing zombie clowns and Big Foot were there to Many Thanks to everyone that helped your mammograms and do your breast self mammograms. Twenty-four ladies hand out candy as the children. Mr. and Mrs. make the 2010 Halloween a huge exams.” She also said, “If it doesn’t feel participated in having mammograms and Wilson had their balloon game and gave out success! right, get it checked. Breast self-exams are were given a pink rose. prizes and cookies. By Cheryl Starr, Events Coordinator very important.” In appreciation for her Walkers enjoyed baked salmon, chicken, Volunteers Made the Haunted House a story and example, Donna was then wrapped rice, veggies, salad, and triple berries for Big Success. Many thanks to our Elders volunteers: Annie with a Pendleton Blanket from the NWWP. lunch. All were given a raffe ticket, a tee- Jones, Dianne Devlin, Sally Pikutark and All breast cancer survivors were honored shirt and a small information packet about By Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator Tony Medina. Your contribution made this with a blanket and a survivor lapel pin. We breast care health when they signed in. At the best Halloween ever. then honored all other cancer survivors the end of the day there were lots of raffe This Halloween was the frst time the And our Haunted House volunteers with a blanket. As part of the walk we ask drawings. Tribe hosted a Haunted House at the new Charlotte Lopez, Monique Lopez, Brandon walkers to raise money for the NWWP; this We would like to thank everyone who Community Center. Cheryl Starr recruited Palmer, Makko Slighte, Akasha Slighte, helps cover services the NWWP program participated: by helping out, walking a long list of helpers who helped make the Jerry Youckton, Correna Young, Josh does not cover. We honored Daryl Beckwith (especially those who also carried the AVON Haunted House both scary and fun. The fun Terry, Jason Lyons, Junior Jack, Baby Gary (Chehalis Tribal member) with a blanket banner) and enjoying the nice day out. A big part was working on the Haunted House. Ortivez, Andrea Youckton, Jason Gillie, Big for raising $320.00 for the program. Funds “Thank You” goes to all the grantors who Many long days and nights went into putting E (Elaine Myer), Theresa Pannkuk, Maria raised for the program by walkers totaled support NWWP: AVON, Centers for Disease the project together. Adams, Marla Medina, Ray Banjuelous Sr . over $1,042.00. Thanks to all who helped Control (CDC), and Susan G. Komen. The Haunted House was divided into Our High School Seniors: Ann Marie raise money. Thank you to Chehalis Tribal Enterprises for fve theme sections. As unsuspecting Youckton, Monica Lopez, Bobby Jones, Representatives from Susan G. Komen their donation of the two gas cards which children entered the Haunted House they Jeanette Boyd, Raymond Banjuelous, Jr., for the Cure, Puget Sound Affliate, Elisa helped Pam and Shawn who watched over were greeted by a kindly group of Hogwarts also thank Josh Terry for making the CD Del Rosario and Chisula Chambers, who the walkers and handed out water. Thank witches and wizards from the Harry Potter mix for us. And the people who help set up gave us a mini grant to help pay for this you for supporting this event and remember, World of Wizardry. Muggles (a term in the Haunted House and did all the shopping event, also attended. They led a quick forum “The Best Protection is Early Detection!” the Potter books that means non-magical and all their ideals. Job well done couldn’t on what were “barriers” for ladies to get Our next mammogram clinic is November persons) were welcomed and each given a of done it without everyone pitching in and their mammograms. Everyone was willing 30, 2010 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the glow in the dark bracelet or necklace and helping make it a success, hope next year to raise their hands, and yell out answers, Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. pointed in the right direction to enter the will be bigger and better. and a few won small gifts of thanks from the
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