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Focusing on Loved Ones Can 2 News from the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Help You Stay Sober During  Chehalis Tribe Part of Diabetes Success Story Holidays On November 16, 2010 Indian Health blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Director, Dr. Yvette Roubideaux announced Reducing these factors signifcantly the results of the 6 year SDPI Demonstration decreases a person’s risk to diabetes and its Project. The Chehalis Tribe has participated complications. So, get tested; know your By Lorrie Bonifer, Prevention Specialist in the Diabetes Prevention Project since blood sugar number and what that number it began in 2004. The Prevention Project means! Early detection and lifestyle change The Holidays are perhaps one of the hardest 24th Annual White Pass Winter Carnival. results has confrmed that Type 2 diabetes will result in a healthier community. A times of the year for newly sober people. This family-oriented event features a huge can be delayed or possibly prevented in healthier community means a reduction in During this time some drink for joy and snow castle, professional snow sculptors Native American Communities. the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes. others medicate for pain. from around the US and Canada, live This is great news for those individuals For testing contact Lynn Hoheisel, The best way to stay sober this season is music, freworks, a torchlight parade, who have experienced diabetes in their Community Outreach at 360-709-1744. to come up with a new tradition with your a kids carnival, and a snow sports families. The Prevention Project has shown loved ones. Consider family sledding at competition. that small changes in lifestyle can reduce White Pass. The best part is that it’s free.  Take a ride with your family to see Pierce Other ideas are watching movies at home County Parks and Recreation 16th annual with hot chocolate and popcorn. There’s also ‘Fantasy Lights at Spanaway Park’ the family scrap booking, and board games, or largest holiday drive-through display go clam digging. Keeping busy with your in the Northwest, featuring nearly 300 loved ones is imperative to helping you stay elaborate displays and thousands of sober. Your loved ones will cherish the time sparkling lights. The beautiful two-mile spent with you. drive along Spanaway Lake has become Another way to stay sober is to fnd a memorable lakeside tradition for the a project you and your loved ones can entire family that opens from November work on together. It can be a project like 25 – January 2, 2011 with their hours 5:30 fnding someone in need and helping them. – 9:00 PM. You can invite them to your Christmas dinner, help them with cleaning, frewood, The decisions you make today control groceries, or even something like cutting your life tomorrow. Life really is about them a Christmas tree, or making them a choice and consequences. Please be safe Christmas basket with homemade things in for the Holidays, May God bless you! If it. Sometimes just going out of your way to you need help through this holiday season help others can, in turn, actually help you. to stay sober please contact: Lorrie Bonifer 360-709-1717; Cell 360-977-1606 or email: At the SDPI Diabetes Prevention Project meeting in Albuquerque, NM, Family Fun Events My offce is at the results of the 6 year Diabetes Prevention Demonstration Project was  There is a great family event on February the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. announced. Pictured (L-R) are Pat Odiorne, Dr. Yvette Roubideaux, IHS Director, and Cindy Gamble, CTWC Health Director. 27 and 28, which is also free. It is the  Flu Shots Available at the Clinic The Problems Created We want to remind all tribal members and Remember that preventive measures staff that fu shots are in and available at the are still important: Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. You can call and schedule a nurse visit to receive  If you are sick with a contagious illness by Procrastination your immunization. Or you can get a shot with fever, cough or cold---stay home. as part of a regular physician visit—just ask your doctor. Health organizations are  When you are in contact with other people By Lucinda Hughes-Juan encouraging everyone to get a fu shot this with those symptoms, wear a mask. year. This years’ vaccine is a combination  Wash hands frequently. We have all done it at one time or and others affected by it? Am I creating of seasonal fu and H1N1 protection. Yes, another, waited until the last minute to too much stress for myself? Do I create folks still need to get a shot even if they had We wish you wellness this holiday and complete important work tasks. As Native stress for myself? Do I create stress for my one last year. Bird fu is still a risk. The good winter season. A fu shot will help. Contact professionals, we may engage this very co-workers, friends and family? Do I need news is, we need just one shot this year, not the clinic at 360-273-5504 to schedule counterproductive behavior more times than to try to respond to things differently to two. appointments we care to admit. Stressing out, while we try improve, not only my performance, but my to meet time lines or waiting until the 11 chances for success? Better organizational th hour to accomplish things at work. And for skill might be helpful, and if you require some, Procrastination even becomes a life more knowledge or additional resources to habit, as they commonly put things off as complete a task, make it a priority to prepare long as they can, creating ongoing havoc for yourself. If you fnd you are postponing themselves and those around them. But is things for no particular reason, you might there something in our cultural conditioning want to consider why you are doing this and that might lead to this bothersome practice? examine how this behavior may be harmful To start with, we might want to you. to understand some things about Secondly, we might want to consider procrastination. In general it is the acting of what our organization’s procrastination putting off or delaying completing a task, habits are? Are your workers chronic either out of habit or avoidance. It is not procrastinators? How bad is the problem? necessarily an issue of how effectively we How is it affecting our success or possibly manage out time, experts, say, but rather affecting it in the future? Is it interfering a psychological behavior. In some case with whether or not we are able to achieve we procrastinate due to work overload, our goals, or even putting us at risk for confusion, or lack of knowledge, but in losing important opportunities? It might many more cases procrastination is the result be necessary to develop stricter policies of fear, manipulation, defance, or poor self- dealing with meeting time lines or more esteem. We might even use procrastination importantly educating your workforce on the to challenge ourselves and our abilities to problems procrastination is creating for your get things done at the last minute, treating it business or organization. Gain their support like a game. in fnding an effective solution for dealing However, when we consider with procrastination. Highly regulated procrastination from a different perspective business and organization are usually better Glen Connelly, Enviromental Specialist for the Chehalis DNR, is seen here it might represent a cultural dynamic that at meeting time lines (however this type checking on the progress of the new Davis Creek bridge that has been has to do more with our collective behavior of work practice may be too restrictive to built after removing the Wickett Levee. The Davis Creek Restoration or the need for approval or acceptance of be successful when dealing with a Native project will open up 16 miles of spawning habitat for coho & steelhead. a particular action, we concern ourselves workforce. It may also suppress creativity Chehalis Business Committee with who will be affected or is it even our and independence). David Burnett, Chairman place to perform such action. Delay in We thing about how our counter- Tribal Don Secena, Vice Chairman completing activities is a common dynamic productive behavior such as procrastination in many Native organizations. Based on affect not only our individual and Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer NEW Cheryle Starr, Secretary many years of working with tribal work professional lives, but the development of Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member forces and within tribal organizations, one our tribal nations and communities. We 420 Howanut Road thing is clearly required to be successful might fnd value in learning to recondition Oakville, WA 98568 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: among this environment-patience. Whole ourselves and our behavior. Committing (360) 709-1726 (offce) Fred Shortman, Communications tribal organizations included, for instance, to making important changes is something (360) 273-5914 (fax) Coordinator. Go to this direct link most tribal government bodies require an we should defnitely not put off. When we for online newsletters copies: www. excess amount of time and patience when consider how much is at stake and who Articles and opinions expressed in this addressing issues presented to them or is relying on us as role models, effective publication are not necessarily the opinions making decision regarding their business leaders and successful professionals. of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal activities. As many outside business and Lucinda Hughes-Juan has many years Business Committee. organizations who have worked with Native of teaching and training in the felds of The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribe can attest. business and management, with a focus on tribal members to submit letters, articles, So how can we improved out cultural dynamics in Native businesses and photographs, and drawings to be considered productivity and minimize the effects of organizations. She is an enrolled member for publication. These are subject to editing. our procrastination from interfering with of the Tohono O’odam Nation. She holds Contributing writers, artists, and our success as Native individuals and an MBA in global management, and is photographers include Chehalis tribal organizations? currently a Ph.D. candidate in business and community members and staff. First, we might want to examine our organization management. E-mail her at The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis own behavior. Is procrastination a problem or check out her website Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... for me? Why is a problem and how am I at Printed: Each month “People of the Sand”
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