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4 Annual Meeting (continued from page 1) Program Continues to Provide Training to Encourage People to Pursue Business Opportunities A Success Story By Traci Parkinson, Tribal Member When I frst heard about the inspired me to improve Parkinson Painting Indianpreneurship and fnancially literary with my new ideas for the future. I owe it all classes from my mother, Lynn Hoheisel, to the Indianpreneuership class sponsored by I thought it would be a good opportunity Diana Pickernell and the Chehalis Tribe. for me to help advance my position with Parkinson Painting. It is our family owned By Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator business that does painting and drywall and I’m the head of the Customer Service In addition to Traci’s article I would like to Department. You may have recognized us congratulate Lydia Fromm, Jay Sanchez, painting several units for CTHA. It was Anthony Olney, Sky Eagle Schlacta and exciting to be going back to school for the Frances Pickernell in their completions of frst time in nearly 20 years. Building Native Communities a Financial I wasn’t sure what to expect on my frst education class and Indianprenuership day but the instructors, CJ and Ben, made classes. All but one are Chehalis Tribal everyone feel very comfortable. They members who have made the time and At the Annual Meeting Elder George “Chops” Youckton received a Pendleton really spoke to us in layman’s terms to help commitment to make a change in their lives blanket from (L) Chairman David Burnett and (R) Vice-Chairman Don Secena. everyone understand the material. When fnancially. This honored and recognized Chops for his commitment to the tribe for someone didn’t completely understand The Indianpreneurship classes require serving on the 1968 Business Committee. the material, they wouldn’t continue until thinking, putting their own ideas down on everyone was on the same page. We began paper, making a plan for a future business. for the Casino but still need to be aggressive were accepted, bringing our enrollment up formulating our plan through brainstorming All of these people have some great ideas with the economy still impacting business to 844. ideas, class discussions, and homework and have been working hard on their decisions. The allocation plan was presented by between each session. After a few weeks of business plans. Jessie Goddard, treasurer for the Business composing budgets and drawing up fnancial In addition to them taking the class there Great Wolf Lodge Committee. If you don’t have your address statements, it really started coming together. was lunch and drinks provided each class Mike Lusky, General Manager made updated you’re check will not be released to Once the class was completed, we all had day, as well as incentives at the completion an informative report on the operations of you. Tribal members were given the chance a new or improved company. I really feel of classes. the Great Wolf Lodge. The operation is to pick how their per-capita will be paid out like CJ and Ben went the extra mile for us. Overall in 2010 there have been 2 doing well, with a slight increase over the to them- monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, CJ even got me the paperwork for Women tribal youth who have completed fnancial prior year results. They have increased or annually. If you did not fll out the form Owned Businesses on her own time. education classes and 8 Tribal member the number of Tribal employees, and will your check will be automatically made out Now that I have completed the classes, adults who completed Financial Education continue to look for ways to get more Tribal as in one payment. Contact Accounting for it is time to put the information to work as well. Members hired. your address change 360-273-5911. for me. With a newfound perspective of If you as a Chehalis Tribal member are The Constitution Committee positions business, I feel much more prepared to make interested in taking any of these classes we Tribal News were flled by Dolly Canales, Janice Latch, informed decisions and increase my role in will be starting again in January 2011, look George “Chops” Youckton was honored and Jenee Penn. The rest of the committees the management side. The class has given for fyers, or call my offce 360-709-1631 to for his past commitment in assisting the tribe positions will be flled in the next regularly me a much better grasp of bookkeeping, sign up. back in 1968 when he held the position of scheduled General Council Meeting.. fnancial statements, business goals and chairman. His short speech described how Congratulations to our Business things were back then, and he’s was glad to Committee Members: Davis Burnett, see the improvements on where the tribe is Chairman; Don Secena, Vice-Chairman; going economically. Newly Elected Stephanie Pickernell, There was a discussion on the enrollment Treasurer; Cheryl Starr, Secretary; Dan freeze on adults at this time. The audit has Gleason, Fifth Council Member. been completed and General Council voted Many thanks to everyone for their to continue the moratorium. There were commitment for the success of our tribe. fourteen applications for the children that Your dedication and time is appreciated. Elders Bazaar (continued from page 1) those who need help. Thanks to all the the set up and whatever else needed to be donated items and they successfully raised done. To Elder volunteer, Nadine Burnett over $1,300.00. Also to everyone that (Elder’s Committee member) who was donated a raffe or silent auctions. Your there at 7 a.m. to help organize and set up thoughtful gifts helped make this frst part a vendors. Thanks to the other Elders Joan success. Now on to the food/toy drive. Martin, Dolly Canales, Linda Daniels, George ”Chops” Youckton and Gloria Jones Special Thanks who helped with the food and raffe, this I would like to Thank a few of the was a very successful fund raiser for the Traci Parkinson successfully completed the indianpreneurship and Lucky Eagle staff Jana Peters, Allan and financially literary classes and received a certificate of achievement. Thurman Lucky Eagle maintenance staff Elders program. Thanks to all that donated Pictured (L-R) are: CJ Williams, Traci Parkinson, and Diana Pickernell. that set up the event and put up with me!! items for the raffe. A special thanks to (these guys do a great job) And Thanks to those customers who supported our Elders my other half Ray Romero who volunteered program!! Merry Christmas to all! to help arriving at 4:30 a.m. to help with Have a Merry Christmas Living Well (continued from page 1) things about ourselves because we don’t diagnosis, tests, treatments and follow-up. and Happy New Year!! really know and trust our providers. These It is extremely helpful to briefy repeat fears block communication. There are two back to the doctor some of the key points things to keep in mind that will help open from the visit and discussion, to make sure and keep open, the lines of communication you understood correctly. When the visit is with your health care team; how do they ending, you need to clearly understand what feel? It is frustrating for them not to be able to do next. For example, should you return to cure someone with a chronic condition for another visit? Why and when? Any like emphysema or arthritis. instructions? Also, your providers need to They must take satisfaction from know how satisfed you are with your care. improvements rather than cures, or even If you don’t like the way you have been from maintenance of existing conditions treated by a member of your health care rather than declines. Secondly, in this team, let this person know. In the same way, partnership the biggest threat to a good if you are pleased with your care, also let relationship and good communication is your providers know. Everyone appreciates time. Most visits with providers doesn’t compliments and positive words of allow enough time with the patient. With feedback, especially members of your health more time you have a chance to explain care team. Good communication skills help things, more time to explore options. One make life easier for everyone. way to help you to get the most from your We had nine participants that attended visit with the doctor is to take P.A.R.T. the six week class that was held here at (Prepare, Ask, Repeat, and Take Action). the CTWC on Thursday’s from 1:00-3:30 Before visiting your doctor prepare your PM. There was two trained facilitators; “agenda.” What is the reason for your visit? Marisela Martinez and Amy Murphy. This Write down a list of your most important was collaboration between the Chehalis concerns or questions. Mention these at Tribal Family caregiver support program, The Native Nativity Scene is on display at the Community Center. Elders, the beginning of your visit. Another key The Grays Harbor County Public Health adults and youth worked together to complete this project. Dianne Devlin, to effective communication is asking Department, and the Olympic Area Agency Cultural Coordinator, thanks everyone involved for their time and creative questions. You need to ask questions about on Aging. efforts for everyone to enjoy.
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