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P. 1   FREE January 2011 Vol. CHEHALIS Interesting Information 1/5 on Page 3: Program TRIBAL  2010 Elders Christmas Party. News NEWSLETTER  The Book "Glimpses of Gate" shares neighbors memories of past Chehalis Reservation people. Informational Line Available  Casino Management Program for When an Emergency is Tribal members-Part 4: Featured Declared  “People of the Sands”  Kevin Bray. Emergency Information Phone Line: 1-866-623-8883 Youth recognized at Oakville high When will an Emergency be declared? school sports banquet Emergencies will be declared by the Emergency Manager. The Emergency Manager monitors river levels, power  Tribal youth inspiring play receives recognition award outages, and adverse weather conditions. Any of these things could constitute an for the 2010 football season, page 2 emergency. When do I call the Emergency Phone Line? Community Efforts Help Operation Christmas Party Any time you are concerned about adverse weather, power outages or other Native Helping Neighbors Spread Brings Families emergency situations. Together *** For power outages call: *** Thurston County, Puget Sound Energy: Love and Hope With Heartfelt Gifts Grays Harbor PUD: 1-888-541-5923 1-888-225-5773 By Fred Shortman, Editor The community Christmas party was held What happens once the emergency is on Sunday, December 19 at the Lucky Eagle declared? Casino. Christmas spirit flled the air, and Once an Emergency is declared the the sound of Christmas flled throughout the emergency line will be updated with the Casino. As the doors opened families came appropriate information regarding the and sat together to enjoy a fun flled day situation. of activities that was offered by the Tribe. Cheryle Starr and her group of volunteers Where do I go if I cannot remain in my have made this a very popular event. home? Dinner was provided by the Casino The Community Center has been and their staff. It was a delicious mixture designated as a safe center during of prime rib, clams, mashed potatoes and emergency declarations. Any person is all the fxings for a great meal. With their welcome to go to the Community Center. appetites satisfed onto the next stage of the There is no food and beverages provided Christmas activities. unless there is a major emergency in which Helpers handed out bingo packets, and case group meals will be provided. This daubers so everyone could play. There was information will be available to you when 10 games played to have a chance to win you call the Emergency Phone Line. In the tribal center Operation Natives Helping Neighbors volunteers are a price with different age brackets. Each finalizing lists and signing Christmas cards for the adopted families. game winner was limited to only one youth Can I go to the Hotel? Pictured (L-R) are Dawn Boley, Carla Thomas and Penny Gleason-Wheeler. and one adult. Families laughed and joked The hotel has been designated as a safe with each other focusing on daubing their center during times of emergency. It is By Fred Shortman, Editor numbers, so as not to miss that unique being reserved for At-risk individuals who Operation Natives Helping Neighbors was opportunity to holler “BINGO!” Proudly are not able to be safe and have their needs a brainstorming idea by a very impressive The Christmas spirit took fre, starting small raising their winning card in the air awaiting met in the community center. group. Seeing these people and great minds and became something to make everyone verifcation from Santa’s little elves. proud. Volunteers and programs joined in to Who do I call if I need help? work together as one was awe inspiring. help families struggling with the economy to Santa arrival was announced as it For life threatening emergencies call 911. Originally, Joyce Thomas had started a food make this Christmas a time to remember. echoed throughout the event center, “Look For other non-emergency assistance call and toy drive because she cared with all With families still struggling with the Everyone, Santa has arrived!” A cheerful Law Enforcement at 709-1603. Remember her heart, mind and soul that we, as a tribe economy, losing their jobs, health issues, or and loud applause was received as he offcers are busy during emergency should give back to the community and her an income that barely supports their family. answered, “HO! HO! HO!” Children eyes declarations and will respond as soon as way was via Christmas. This idea and dream Families don’t enjoy going to food banks, quickly searched the room to fnd him. As they are able. grew way beyond even her expectations. but you do what’s necessary to feed your he traveled through the aisle ways, children This year’s Christmas food and toy family. Our community has been raised to were seen smiling as they reached out to drive began with a couple of phone calls. help each other out in a time of need; when give him a high fve as he walked to his Exercise Room Available for There are a few outreach programs in we have plenty, we share, when help is destination to have his picture taken and Use to Keep in Shape our community that help families in the needed, you help. So when the call came hand out Christmas presents. Children area. The Roof program and Oakville Fire out, individuals stepped up and helped. The were seen lining up anxiously to get their Year 2011 has arrived and so has our Department readily provided this year’s list timing was perfect; Christmas is a time to gifts. The photos were printed and laid out new year’s resolution. To assist tribal and to work from. Operation Natives Helping spread the feeling of love and hope. for them to pick up later in the day. Many community members in achieving their Neighbors took off adopting 24 families. There were two huge fundraisers to help thanks to Bev Starr for her time in getting getting healthy goals, the exercise room and equipment are available at the community See Operation Natives, page 4 See Community Christmas, page 4 center. The hours it is open are week days from 8 AM to 4 PM. Program and Tribal Artist Contribution Creates a Very Please respect the equipment, and children under the age of 13 will need Beautiful 2010 Chehalis Tribal Indian Nativity Scene parental supervision. This is a Use-at- Your-Own risk facility. A waiver is being developed in order for the exercise to be use. By Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator Let’s exercise and get healthy together! For more information contact Cheryl Big thanks go out to all the Basket as a gift for Baby Jesus. Starr, Events Coordinator at 360-709-1524. community members who helped The Animal People depicted in in completing the “Chehalis Tribal Please leave your name, a short message, the scene have come to witness the and return phone number. Indian Nativity Scene.” birth of Baby Jesus. Our traditional Under Tony Medina’s direction stories passed down through the Youth Program’s young families tell us each of the Animal artist lined-up to help paint the People taught something that made Animal People, Indian Angles us better, stronger, or showed us and Medicine Men portrayed in how to survive in this land. The the Nativity Scene. The Bear and Eagle represents Edifcation and PO Box 536 Eagle where painted entirely by Spiritual Enlightenment; Wolves young budding artist, who each represent family and working City, ST Zip adding their personal touches to together; Bears represent strength, Street Address Oakville, WA 98568 the project. not just immense power from The Chehalis Nativity Scene without, but immeasurable strength * Return Service Requested Chehalis Tribal Newsletter is depicted with Joseph at the left from within. Next year we hope to FirstName LastName of Mary carrying food back for add to the Nativity Scene. Watch his family. Like a good hunter for fyers. and husband, he is shown in the Special thanks go out to Elder Nativity Scene providing for his Ray Griswold who led the effort wife and new son. Above the Baby at the wood shop showing us the PRSRT STD Jesus are three Angles. If you proper way to use the jig saw to cut PERMIT No. 2 OAKVILLE WA look closely you will see that the out the fgures. Additional thanks US POSTAGE PAID Angel in the center has long gray Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator supervises the youth as they go to Tribal Elder Sally Pikutark ©Copyright 2009 CHEHALIS TRIBAL braids. She embodies the Elders paint the Nativity scene. Many talented artists contributed to who helped paint the fnishing NEWSLETTER is a publication of the of our Tribe and is shown holding making this a successful community project. Pictured (L-R) are Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. the Tribal Logo of the Chehalis Dianne Devlin, Payton Simmons, Shayna Pickernell. See Nativity Scene, page 4
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