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Christmas Dinner Provides Elders Time to Gather and Share 3 By Nancy Romero, Elders could possibly eat along with Prime Coordinator Rib and all the trimmings and pies as dessert. The food was marvelous!! On December 16 at the Gathering As the microphone was passed th room there was festival tables decorated around every Elder got a chance to by Nancy and her family. It was wish each other peace and joy thru decorated very Christmassy and had the Christmas season. The Elders candles lit for a warm and festive get that wanted to participate in the gift together. Nadine Burnett and Lynn exchange to each other did so- seemed Hoheisel helped decorate the tables and almost everyone participated and was make a few wreathes for the give away! happy with the gifts they received. Thanks so much! Each and every Elder received a raffe Seemed like all 75 chairs were flled ticket and was able to choose a gift with Elders, community Elders and from the raffe table—from candy, guest. It was so grand to see all of the wreathes and wrapped presents. Elders to come together for a beautiful The evening ended with good vibes occasion. They conversed and seemed and Merry Christmas wishes to each to be laughing and enjoying each other’s other. company. I would like to Thank Tom Hayden, The tables were set and Christmas Penny Gleason, Correna Young that music in the background and the food Elders gathered with their friends, and families enjoying a delicious seafood and prime helped set the tables and chairs up. was delicious, which was provided by rib dinner at the Elders Christmas Party. Wishing each other a Merry Christmas and a safe These guys do so much for the Elders the Lucky Eagle casino staff Kevin holiday season. Pictured (L-R) are Curtis DuPuis, Ellery Choke, Sr., Donna Choke and Gary program and other programs and Bray and Chris Cameron, which Peterson. deserve a big THANKS! HAPPY included all the seafood the Elders Photo by Elder Nadine Burnett NEW YEARS! Lucky Eagle Management Training Tribal Member Employment Opportunity Program Helps Tribal Members for Eagles Landing Hotel Expansion convenience. One single hiring process will Chehalis Tribal Enterprises (CTE) is Become Successful Managers moving closer to starting the expansion enable a Tribal member to work with the of the Eagle’s Landing Hotel expansion. general contractor and/or the subcontractors. Construction is expected to begin early in Anyone who is interested in being 2011 with PNE Construction serving as our considered for employment is encouraged By Rodney Youckton, Director of Business Operations General Contractor. to complete a job application. Application The Lucky Eagle Management Training members are undergoing in an effort to The construction schedule to complete forms are available in the CTE Business Program is designed for our tribal members achieve their goals. They all have dreams the project is approximately 12 months. Offce at 18120 Anderson Road. and their success working at the casino. and set goals to reach those dreams. Tribal We anticipate that during the course To be considered in the frst round of The casino reports quarterly on the Management Training Program employees of construction there will be a number employment positions, applications should program so that the Tribal community has hope to be good role models and mentors for of employment positions available, be received by the CTE Business Offce an awareness of what efforts are being those wanting to be successful in the career both directly with PNE and with their before the end of January. Individual made with our tribal members employed of their choice. We all have dreams. Never, subcontractors. Some of these jobs will be interviews of applicants will begin shortly at the casino. We are building success never, give up on your dreams. Reach for the for a limited duration while others may be thereafter. Paid job training takes take place stories which will be refected of the stars and make it happen. for the entire construction period. one week prior to the start of construction. Succession Plan. We are hopeful the large “Our commitment is to provide an CTE and PNE are working together to This is an excellent opportunity for number of young adults will read about unparalleled entertainment experience that develop opportunities for our tribal members experienced trade-persons or for entry- the hard work and sacrifces fellow Tribal exceeds our guests’ expectations.” to fll as many of these positions as possible. level persons to learn about construction To facilitate the hiring process PNE has processes and techniques. The experience Featured Tribal Member: formed a new division in their company gained here will can only broaden and improve your future employment potential. called PNE Labor Force, which will be selecting candidates for work at PNE and We hope to see many of Tribal members with the subcontractors. PNE Labor Force working on this project and encourage you My name is Kevin Bray, a three-month internship will also be providing job training classes to to complete an application and return it to us and I am the Executive Sous at the Confederated Tribes prepare our candidates for the positions they in a timely manner. Chef at Lucky Eagle Casino. of Grand Ronde’s Spirit are assigned to. If you have any questions regarding the I began my career with Mountain Casino in Oregon. In accordance with the Chehalis Tribal application form, the interview process Lucky Eagle in 1997 when In 2009 I completed ordinance on employment practices, or the kinds of jobs that may become I was hired as a dishwasher. the ten-month educational qualifed tribal members will be given available, please contact Spencer Partridge, Since that time I have program, Leadership preference in hiring for these jobs. Hiring, Construction Manager for PNE, at 1-800- progressed to my current Thurston County. Today, I interviews, pre-employment requirements 533-2867 or by e-mail at spencerp@ position with much support continue to attend seminars such as drug testing and training will be from my family and the and workshops which help done on the reservation for Tribal member Chehalis Tribe. me further my career goals. With a goal of one day I have been with my becoming an Executive Chef, Tribal Member wife, Tracy, since 1997 and I enrolled in the Culinary Kevin Bray together we are raising our Arts Program at South Puget Executive Sous Chef six children. Needless to say, Sound Community College. Tribal Enterprise my kids keep me very busy After graduating with an ATA in the Gaming when I am not at work. degree in 2007, I completed Management Program This will be new look to the proposed Eagles Landing Hotel expansion. Interview of Neighbor’s Reveals Memories of Chehalis Reservation People Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator These writings come from the book the white man came along with his hook, He knew exactly where he was all the time. across the river for home. Before Ben would “Glimpses of Gate” by Judith Upton. they would dig maidenhair fern roots. They (Marion Schultz). come out he told him “Want money, no hay” They were compiled from interviews with would build scaffolds on the riffe, jump Nothing to do but pay the passage. surrounding neighbors of the Chehalis down into the water and grab ‘em with the Dick Case and the Bone Gamble (Andrew Newton) Tribe. The information is taken from fern so they could hold ‘em. The Indian Newton could hear the bone gamble in When Papa (Wright Brewer) was a young excerpts from the book with the person women turned ‘em inside out on a stick the night. They were playing slahal, a game man they had a ferry to cross the Chehalis River, operated by pulling a cable. It was and toasted ‘em over a fre so the grease of hand. They used small bones from a deer who was interviewed and provided the all dropped out. They said the white man leg. One had two brown rings burned around in the winter and Papa, his brother and two information is in parenthesis. put them in grease to fry and they couldn’t it, the other was white – the klootchman other men were on horseback. They were on The book can be purchased from the understand that, as they were too greasy bone. They would line up facing each other this ferry, pulling themselves across and the author for $25, which includes tax. The already. (Andrew Newton) with boards that they hammered with sticks cable snapped. All the horses and men went address is Judith Upton, 8333 Camano and one big one. Ten big ones was a game. into the water. One of the men just threw up Loop NE, Lacey, WA 98516. Andrew Sanders There was a fre in the middle to keep them his hands and went down. Papa said here There were three small Indian warm. One time the Nisquallys and the came Pike, paddling down the river with a George Sanders Longhouses on Grandma Delia Newton Chehalis had a game over at Dick Case’s. little canoe. He came up to Papa and wanted Eel fshers used a big hook, several Medcalf’s place. They relied almost entirely They played a solid week, night and day. to take him out. So Papa got hold of the inches across. When the eel would bite, on fsh, traded up and down the river. The Orlie Newton stopped to see what was going canoe and then he got the other men and the hook would slide off the stick and the Indian speared salmon on riffes. They used on and was told by a friend to go on home. put them ashore. The funny thing is – there eel couldn’t get purchase. The biggest eels spears mad of the little splint in the deer’s Things were not going good for their side. always has to be something funny no matter were three feet long. The night eel fshers leg – with the hoof still on – from platforms. At the end they called it a draw; took their how bad it is – he was in such a hurry hat he used a light. The ones you could see in the (Andrew Newton) kloochmen (women), blankets and ponies set them ashore on the band that was across day were probably old ones. They went to a Fred Bob told me one time about Andrew and went home. the river from where the houses were. Papa spot that was shallow, swift and narrow – a Sanders. He said that when Andrew Sanders (Andrew Newton) said they yelled for him to come back but he riffe. They used to dig little ones out of the was a grown man and he was just a young took off in an awful hurry. mud ditching to the creek. The girls thought boy; they’d go hunting and pack their lunch Pike Benn That was an awfully dangerous place. it was fun to fnd one eel to hang from each with them. They’d go out a ways and put Old Pike Benn earned money putting A man had died violently there, and it is fnger. their lunch up in the limb of a tree. They’d people across the river before the frst a credit to Pike that he did stop, because The Indians used to go down in the be hunting around and Fred wouldn’t know bridge. A young fellow came along with his he was afraid that there were evil spirits spring – George Sanders too – and fnd a where he was at; thought they were lost. girl all dressed up for a party. Pike Benn around. Pike Ben and Dan Secena were drift that you could stick a pole in at the Pretty soon Andrew would look up to the took them across for a dollar and the fellow papa’s “brothers”. They hunted, fshed head of a log jam. They would run the pole sky and say, “It’s time for lunch.” They’d told him, “You owe my father that for hay.” visited together. They told him “You’re the down, jerk it up, and the eel would pop up. walk over there and get their lunch. He Pike said all right. The young man got him palest Indian we’ve got here.” They’d grab it and poke it in a bag. Before knew what he was doing out in the woods. out of bed later on that evening to be put (Carolyn Brewer Lonborg)
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