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4 Christmas Party (continued from page 1) Operation Natives (continued from page 1) make this so successful. The raffe and silent Thank You and Bless Your Hearts to auction at the Elders Bazaar raised $1,629 everyone involved! when the fnal numbers were counted. Joyce sold Indian Tacos at the General Council Operation Natives Helping Neighbors raising another $500. From there word was Committee: Joyce Thomas, Carla Thomas, spreading and volunteers stepped in to adopt Chris Ortivez, Janice Latch, Virginia families. The fnal numbers between the Canales, Joan Martin, Marlene Hjelm, money and donations was over $20,000. Charlotte Lopez, Cheryle Starr, Penny Great Job everyone! Gleason, Josh Terry, Elaine Meyer, Ang Our community stepped up and adopted Youckton, Jamie Smith...Your time and families in need. What really became commitment is truly a gift within itself! inspiring were tribal employees shopping THANK YOU! and buying Christmas gifts out of their own pocket. Each family was shopped for as a Volunteer, Carla Thomas expressed, number with no name to it and a list saying “Wow, this is totally awesome! It whether it was an adult, child, age, male brought tears to my eyes, and joy to or female. There were a few families made my heart to witness everyone make this up of the same dynamics; as dad shopped for the dad, mom shopped for the mom, operation so successful! Bless you all grandma shopped for the grandma, and so and thank you for helping! I would like forth. to extend a special thanks to everyone The Haukom Families spend the day together enjoying the activities, and the Then delivery came as the Christmas involved. It was truly an exceptional company of fellow family and tribal members at the community Christmas presents were bagged up and delivered. contribution and gift of giving to help party. Pictured (L-R) are Dakoda, Jeff and Yvonne Haukom. The joy of Christmas and the gift of giving make our neighbors Christmas a lil’ them out to the families. Thank You Volunteers became a reality as families received them better.” Tony and Marla Medina sat and handed with heartfelt thanks as their gifts were out gift cards from Target to help provide From Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator delivered. memorable Christmas for all they youth to enjoy. I would like to give a BIG, HUGE, Special Thanks for the Awana Bible Studies Door prizes were offered to everyone THANK YOU to the volunteers who helped that came to the Community Christmas out with the 2010 Christmas Party, the By Tony Medina, Director of Youth Center party having to fll out their raffe tickets. shopping, wrapping, deliveries, pictures, There was three different categories from candy baggers, and bingo runners.. For almost 20 years you could set your cookies and cupcakes. Mr. Wilson would Elders, adults and youth. Many gifts were THANK YOU to all who helped our calendar on Thursday 4pm at the Youth recite bible versus with happily given out as the winning ticket was community Christmas party a success. Center. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson residing in the Youth and also announced. At the end of the raffe, tickets Without you, it wouldn’t have happened! Tenino, Washington would travel to the bible songs, which were drawn until all the presents were given Christmas Elves: Tony Medina, Marla Chehalis Reservation to meet is always away. Medina, Nancy Romero, Teresa Pannkuk, with the Youth for bible studies, snacks fun. Youth were entertained by the magician Don Secena, Mary Secena, Annie Jones, and food prepared by Mrs. Wilson. You as they laughed and watched in amazement Bobby Jones, Bev Starr, Amil Starr, Joe could always enjoy her home made baked on his personalized magic show. Meyer, Violet Starr, Ang Youckton, Jason goods every Thursday. Also during special Tony Medina, Youth Center Director Lyons, Baby Gary Ortivez, Burbs Youckton, days like Halloween with her ‘famous’ honored and thanked two great people who Jasmine B, Racheal Mendez, Erica Mendez, Monster cookies; enjoyed by the youth and have worked with our youth. Mr. and Mrs. Jodie Smith, Jeremiah Jones-Baker, the also parents would look forward to them Wilson receiving a loud, warm and sincere Crew (Josh, Penny, Tom, Ang, Correna), The all year. Christmas time for the Christmas applause as the they were acknowledge for Bingo Callers, Shawn Ortivez and all Youth their commitment for the past 20 years. Council members whom helped Santa with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson recognized for They received a sincere, warm and loud his presents and anyone else who helped… their commitment to the Tribe at applause from everyone in appreciation for Community Christmas Party. their hard work. Thank you again! CStarr Tribe Acquires Sections of Pearson, Nativity Scene (continued from page 1) couldn’t do the faces. They remained blank Salmon, and Howanut Roads touches on the Nativity Scene. until JJ, one of the many gifted artist of our Dawn Boley and Fred Shortman not only helped paint some of the fgures but they Chehalis Tribe step up to help fnish the also help cut out the animal people from the project. By: Devon Tiam, Offce of Tribal Attorney plywood. The project would not have been Ray Secena’s department personnel set completed if not for JJ Shortman and Jason the Nativity Scene up at the Community On January 10, 2011, The Grays Harbor the County to save the cost of servicing Gillie from the TELO Program, who jumped Center and helped light the area for night County Commissioners executed the last of and maintaining those roads. The Tribe three deeds transferring ownership of parts will now be responsible for monitoring, right in to help fnish the task. Jason help cut time effect. of three roads located on the Reservation servicing, and maintaining the newly- out the fnal pieces and JJ drew all the faces Thank you one and all. It really was a to the Chehalis Tribe. As a result of the acquired road sections, and as part of the on the people. I drew all the scenes, but just community effort. transfer, The Tribe is now the new owner of transfer of Howanut Road, the Tribe passed Salmon Road, a small dirt track connecting a Resolution that continues to hold Howanut Howanut Road to the Chehalis River; about Road open to the public and states the Employees Entertain Displaying one half of the length of Pearson Road, Tribe’s commitment to maintain that road, from the intersection with Howanut Road at a minimum, in the condition it has been Their Talent at Christmas Party toward Highway 12; and a large section of previously maintained by the County. Howanut Road, from the intersection with The Tribe, though, is hoping to exceed On December 22 the Anderson Road almost to the intersection this commitment. While there are no Employee’s Christmas party with Elma Gate Road. This includes the plans to reopen the acquired sections of was held at the Lucky Eagle portion of Howanut Road providing access Salmon or Pearson Road, the Planning Events Center. It was a great to the Tribal Center, Clinic, and other Tribal Department is working with an engineering day to gather to celebrate government buildings. frm to develop plans and cost estimates Christmas. The tables were The completion of these transfers for a realignment of Howanut Road. Amy flled with employees and refects a number of years of effort by the Loudermilk, who represented the Planning family to enjoy a meal, and the Tribe’s Planning and Natural Resources Department in the Tribe’s discussions with fun activities the Tribe had to Departments, and the Offce of Tribal the County, commented, “The Howanut offer. Attorney, in working with Grays Harbor Road Realignment Project received the County staff and leadership to come to second highest number of votes in the Winners of the Talent an agreement that works for both the road improvement survey we did with the Contest at the employee County and the Tribe. In December community last year. The community has Christmas party. Pictured 2008, upon the request of the Tribe, the expressed a strong interest in improving (L-R) are second place Grays Harbor County Commissioners Howanut Road and we’re responding by winner 11 year old pianist passed a Resolution directing the County’s realigning the road to reduce the sharp Max Warnke son of Jeff Public Works Department to draft deeds curves and moving the road away from Warnke, playing the song transferring ownership of the roads to the Willamette Creek. This will improve “Tequila.” First place Tribe. Representatives of the Planning fsh habitat and water quality and keep winners Tracy Bray and Department, Natural Resources Department, cars from going into the creek.” The Jason Gillie dressed like and Offce of Tribal Attorney then met with Planning Department expects to fnish Sonny and Cher, singing their counterparts in the County government those realignment plans soon, and will “I Got You Babe.” to identify the best way to complete the then consider options for funding the new transfer. The Offce of Tribal Attorney construction and improvements. Public Notice: The Chehalis Indian Tribal Court. Oakville Washington researched Washington State law related to In the future, the Tribe plans transfers of County property, and determined to evaluate whether other roads located Che-J-11/09-380, 5/08-070, 11/06-307 In re K.S., D.H., R.S, that a transfer could be accomplished with on the Reservation that are currently Notice of Guardianship and Child Support Hearing a simple “Quit Claim” deed. The County held by neighboring counties would be To all Fathers and Mother of K.S., D.H, R.S, agreed, and as a result, the Tribe was able good candidates for a similar transfer of to acquire these properties without making ownership to the Tribe, so that the Tribe Anyone having any interest in guardianship and Child support of K.S. DOB (11-04- any cash payments to the County. Instead, can take the leading role in servicing and 2009) , D.H. DOB (05-28-2008), R.S. DOB (11-23-2006) Chehalis Indian Children. the County will be “compensated” in maintaining more roads on the Reservation. Mother’s name is Tiffany Simmons. A petition for Guardianship and Child Support has that the transfer of the roads will allow been fled in the Chehalis Indian Tribal Court a hearing is set for February 16, 2011 at 2:00 PM. 30 Niederman Rd., Oakville WA on the Chehalis Indian Reservation. Any Correction from December 2010 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter: Page 4 questions please feel free to contact the Tribal Court at (360) 709-1615. Pictured (L-R) are Chairman David Burnett, Chops Youckton and Vice-Chairman THIS COURT HEARING MAY RESULT IN AN ORDER OF GUARDIANSHIP Don Secena AND CHILD SUPPORT BEING GRANTED.
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