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Comedy on the Court Brings Growth and Expansion in Governmental 2 Laughter to Community Operations to Provide Better Services to the Community There are some very exciting changes There are a lot of positive changes in happening in Governmental Operations! the works as we look for ways to improve After much discussion and consideration, we services in a sustainable way for today and are moving forward with some restructuring the future. of departments to better serve you and to foster opportunities to bring new services More Information from to the Tribe. Look for the following improvements to be implemented over the Behavioral Health next three to four months: Family Services will be splitting into two Tsapowum, the Chehalis Tribe’s Behavioral departments – Social Services and Education Health Program, is currently ready to move & Development. back into our remodeled and mold-free  Social Services will include Protective space. Along with the staff in place prior Services with ICW and other related to the temporary move to the clinic: Barb services intended for the protection Sanders, LMHC, Gail Hurst, CDP, Tammy and sustainability of our families. Vessey, CDP and Randy Kempf Domestic Another area of this department will Violence Perpetrator Counselor, now on be Community Services with Heritage, board are also: Charlene Abrahamson, Culture, and Elders and also Vocational Behavioral Health Director, Dawn Boley, Tribal youth played basketball and received T-shirt’s for participating in the Rehabilitation. The Social Services Program Manager, Domestic Violence Harlem Crowns Basketball event. It was very enjoyable to watch. Pictured at Department will also be looking at Prevention Program and Lorrie Bonifer, the very top is Tony Medina. Top row (L-R) are Jake Jenkins, Konner Burnett, growing programs to meet the needs of Prevention Specialist. Additionally, we will Courtney Price, Leo Daniels, Chyler Daniels, and CJ Youckton. Middle row our Tribal Members and community. be posting and hiring for another Chemical (L-R) are Tayleena Klatush, Aalyiah Meddaugh, Payton Simmons, Jeanna  Education and Development includes Dependency Counselor and a Mental Health Atkins, Tres Meddaugh, and Bradley Meddaugh. Front row (L-R) are Carolani Education programs with TELO, Higher Counselor, both with a focus on working Black Tony Groninger, Tre Groninger, Daniel Gitchell. Education, and Language. Early Learning with the youth and an Administrative houses Head Start, Early Head Start, Assistant/Biller. By Tony Medina, Youth Director and Childcare and Youth Services will Charlene arrived from working for On Wednesday, April 6 brought another warmed up to play the Zanny Crowns. be joining this Department too. We are several years with the Squaxin Island year of Comedy on the Court. We started Comedy and laughter was in the air. At half looking forward to being able to expand Tribe and says: “I am very grateful to the this year with having youth ages 4-10 time the Crowns talked to the audience of opportunities for development and Chehalis Tribal people and staff for being so years of age playing basketball against the importance of education and a drug education for our Tribe. welcoming to me and I’m excited to share themselves; There was a lot of running free life, anger management, and drug the goals of the Tribe for the wellness of back and forth, sometimes it seems like awareness. The crowns started the second Behavioral Health will become their people.” Charlene is a member of the making “touchdowns.” Just getting these half of the game by giving the stars an extra a stand-alone Department from Spokane Tribe and has worked in the feld young youth on the court was a feat within 20 points to make it close in the end. for approximately 10 years. itself, although very enjoyable to watch. In Many youth stayed after the end of the the Wellness Center. The community is familiar with both the end they all received t-shirts for their Dawn and Lorrie who have transferred accomplishments. game for the picture and autograph session.  Behavioral Health will include Mental to the Behavioral Health Department, in Again the Crowns were warming up So a night of fun and comedy came to an Health, Substance Abuse, and Domestic order to consolidate resources into what to a crowd of youth, adults, and seniors. end. I would like to thank the community for Violence services and will be working will provide more convenience for those Our Chehalis Stars led by Shawn Ortivez coming for a great family night. hard to expand programs in line with seeking services and allow for collaborative requests from the community. efforts of available support. All of the staff Resources Available to Assist Parents  The Wellness Center will continue to share a love and drive for assisting people to develop their internal skills and achieve a work on developing stability and high in Understanding Their Teen quality care. We are excited about our fulflling life free of drugs and alcohol. Tsapowum is planning an open house in medical staff – our Medical Director From the Behavioral Health Parents/Teens Comprehensive Guide in Dr. Sine and Physician Dr. Reveron are the month of April, please keep an eye out Dealing with the 2000’s soon to be joined by Nurse Practitioner for the announcement and come visit us in This book is a very useful tool in helping reach 18. It is your role as Julianne Westlake and our wonderful the remodeled space we are very grateful to parents gain more tools in understanding a parent to try your best team of nurses will be growing. have completed. their teen. There are 21 chapters covering to get them through those some very uncomfortable issues teens have years healthy, happy, and to deal with while growing up. Due to safe. They may not like you water damage there are only a few copies at the time for doing that, but chances are available and excerpts will be published when they become mature adults they will monthly. For more information please be grateful. contact Behavior Health at 360-709-1682. Chances are, if you know someone else’s child is practicing high-risk Introduction behaviors and you tell the other parent, It is time for parents to realize who they they may not like what they hear. They are… parents. It is not the role of parents may react negatively towards you, which to be their child’s best friend. You can be is unfortunate. However, you cannot let friendly with child, but above all, you must that keep you silent. You don’t want that on be their parent. Kids can fnd friends at your conscience if something bad happens. school or at work or wherever. Kids need a Chances are that child’s parent may already positive strong role model who is there to suspect something and they are not ready to provide support and guidance and lay down admit it or maybe they didn’t think anyone the rules and boundaries. else noticed. Maybe they are completely There are so many parents trying so hard oblivious. It does not matter. Why wouldn’t to “ft” in with their kids and their kids’ you report to a child’s parents if you know Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator, took Elders, adults and youth on a field social lives and friends. The parents want they were in trouble? trip to collect bugs at Borst Park in Centralia. This involved story telling to look cool. That is not the purpose of In life, few periods are more signifcant, and learning how to pronounce the bugs’ names in the Chehalis language. being a parent. You can look cool and be an confusing and full of pressure than the Pictured top row (L-R) are Roberta Youckton, Jasmine Banuelos, Sally effective parent, but you have to be a parent, teenage years. With so much outside Pikutark, Tony Medina. Middle row are Chyler Daniels, Mykale Atkins, Leo not a pal. Your children may not like you or infuences and self-discovery, getting all the Daniels, Jared Simmons, Nathan Wittwer, and Dianne Devlin. Bottom row are at least say they don’t like you, but that isn’t facts and not succumbing to the pressures of Aalyiah Meddaugh, Ares Wittwer, CJ Youckton, Riley Smith, Teelena Klatush, your problem. (Most likely they do not like society can make all the difference later in Tristian Smith, and Tyson Jones. what you are saying not that they don’t like life. The Parent/Teen Guide aims to educate Photo courtesy of Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator you!) teens and adults to raise awareness to the Chehalis Children (under the age of 18) don’t obstacles teens face every day and increase Business Committee know what is best or for them which is why the likelihood of making the right decision Tribal David Burnett, Chairman we don’t consider them adults until they when the time comes. Don Secena, Vice Chairman Newsletter Stephanie Pickernell, Treasurer Cheryle Starr, Secretary 420 Howanut Road Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member Oakville, WA 98568 (360) 709-1726 (offce) Chehalis Tribal Newsletter Staff: (360) 273-5914 (fax) Fred Shortman, Communications Coordinator. Go to this direct link for online newsletters copies: www. Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal Business Committee. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are subject to editing. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal The Chehalis Stars led by Shawn Ortivez played the Harlem Crowns (Blue). community members and staff. It was comedy in motion that gave the audience fits of laughter during an The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis entertaining night of basketball. Submission deadline: 6th of each month Reservation... Printed: Each month Photo courtesy of Marla Medina “People of the Sand”
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