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Interview of Neighbor’s Reveals Memories of Chehalis Reservation 3 People, Part 4 Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator These writings come from the book years old and a smallpox epidemic broke the heads off the wheat and toss them into of a shopping trip to the store in Gate. “Glimpses of Gate” by Judith Upton. out. They made them go into the river to her basket. She would get a half of sack of On her way over from the reservation, They were compiled from interviews with cool the fever. Those that weren’t swept wheat heads, then sit fat on the ground in she would stop and visit friends like Mrs. surrounding neighbors of the Chehalis downstream by the river or didn’t catch the barn yard to beat, pound and winnow Schultz or Mrs. Austin, and maybe have Tribe. The information is taken from pneumonia, like as not survived. When she out the grain cereal. She ground it in a coffee or a bit to eat. After she completed excerpts from the book with the person came out she was blind for sixteen moons as small coffee mill. She would wait for Papa her shopping, she would put her goods in a (Wright Brewer) to come home and over a result. When the whites came she was still who was interviewed and provided the and evermore with bad eyes. dinner with him, tell him her troubles. Once basket, or carry them using a head strap, and information is in parenthesis. (Lillian Pilcher) one of the white neighbors pastured their stop to rest and trade or “talk old times’ on The book can be purchased from the Grandma Heck was very much a part of cattle on her land without paying her, saying her way back home. author for $25, which includes tax. The both the reservation and Gate communities. she wasn’t using it anyhow, so they might as Mrs. Heck’s children had bunk beds in address is Judith Upton, 8333 Camano She was respected as a midwife, and would well. He felt bad about it, but there wasn’t the back of the house. When some neighbors came by to visit, the little kids went crawling Loop NE, Lacey, WA 98516, come in to help the settler women with anything he could do. under the bunks and pulled out a bear housecleaning, or laundry in time of need. (Carolyn Brewer Lonborg) somebody had brought them for a plaything. Grandma Heck When Minnie (Vean’s sister) Hunter was Lucy Heck was the mother of Silas, a girl, the Indian Mrs. Heck used to work There was an old Indian lady we called The bear scratched like everything but they Adam, Peter and Edith. Earl Hunter asked for her mother Sarah. Then when Minnie Grandma Heck. We lived right straight back wanted to show it off. Grandma Heck how big she was when she grew up, she married Charlie Heck. Now, of the depot at Gate. She would walk over Mrs. Heck’s son Peter, a policeman saw the frst white man. She was nine or ten there’s no relation (to the tribal family), there from the reservation and get cattails and bishop of the Shaker Church, married years old. She lived near Vean Hunter’s and cause Charlie’s folks come from Germany, out of that swamp back of where we lived George Jack’s sister Lena. They had Edith, heard they come down the river in a boat. his mother didn’t speak English at all. When to weave baskets out of. She would stay at John, Ralph, and Art. When Mrs. Heck’s She thought they had funny clothes and Mrs. Heck met Minnie Heck and found out our place, then if the car happened to be son Silas was 90-some, Lyle Erskin talked whiskers, and ran out in the woods and hid their names were the same, she was just there, why we’d load up her cattails and take to him about logging on the reservation behind a mossy log. tickled pink. her back the next morning. She would visit for Silas. Lyle remembered him as easy The Indians lived all along there, on that (Dutch Pilcher) with mother. They were hyas tillikum (great going, very intelligent, and “expert at (north) side of the Black River. Grandma When the grain had been cut, Grandma friends). Grandma Heck knew English. lookin’ ahead”. He quoted Silas as saying, Heck was born in that little swale by the east Heck would come over to our farm and Mother knew a little Chinook, and so did I. “Timber’s gotta be taken out. We need the ford of the Black River in front of Grandma glean in the feld. She had a little basket on (Otis Parish) ground. The way things are going there’ll be Brown’s place. She said they were living her back and a little knife, and she would a day when there won’t be enough ground to there when she was about ffteen or sixteen go all around the edges of the feld and cut Grandma Heck would make a day’s outing feed people. News from the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Internship Program Promotes  “Dear Provider” Program available to answer health questions Employment to Tribal Members The Staff at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center our staff another way to communicate. The (CTWC) want to hear from you. We invite you questions can be anonymous. You do not need to By Mike Lusky, General Manager of Grand Mound Great Wolf Lodge to participate in a new monthly column: “Dear sign the letter. CTWC Provider”. You can write a question to The drop boxes are located at the Wellness Great Wolf Lodge, in an effort to promote has and allows both the candidate and the the CTWC Provider of your choice---or just a Center and Tribal Center for your letters. the employment of Chehalis Tribal department to see what positions would general question. We hope this will be a good service for our We hope this will give our community and community. We hope to hear from you soon. Members, does a variety of programs to potentially be a long-term match. The assist in getting Tribal Members in to the program has been very popular and highly Vitamin D3 – The Sunshine Hormone! lodge to see what positions might be the successful. The lodge always looks to By Dr. Maribeth Duffy, CTWC Provider best opportunities for each candidate. The promote from within and this is a great opportunity for someone who is interested Internship program that they put into place a little over a year ago allows interested in growing in the hospitality industry to take Our bodies need Vitamin D3 as young skin. If our skin is candidates the opportunity to get a good the frst step. “Vitamin” D3 more olive or brown in color it requires understanding of virtually all the positions We invite tribal members interested in (not actually more sun exposure to make the same amount available at the lodge. From Sales to Front this internship program to contact Human a vitamin, as of Vitamin D3 (the increase is melanin is a Desk and HR to Aquatics, this program is Resources at 360-273-7718 or stop by it turns out, natural sunscreen). designed to give the interested parties a the Human Resources Offce to fll out an but actually a The Pacifc Northwest has more Vitamin unique glimpse of the role each department application. hormone!) in order to have a good immune D3 defciency due to both the gray days and system. the high latitude. Our days are mostly spent Vitamin D3 helps keep us from getting indoors, different from our ancestors, and Featured Tribal Member: Anthony Olney colds/viruses, have less joint pain, fght so we make signifcantly less Vitamin D3. off cancers, have strong bones, and to feel Most of us work indoors all day, so have no happy. The winter time in the northwest chance to make this hormone for most of My name is Anthony since, including catering, Olney. I was previously brings with it an increase in mood disorders the year. Even our children are not outside a tribal intern with fairs, helping family such as Depression, Bipolar D.O., Anxiety playing, making their Vitamin D, due to the Great Wolf Lodge friends with salmon D.O., and SAD – Seasonal Affective fact that the cold wet weather can’t compete until I was moved in bakes including serving a Disorder – these correlate with a drop in with the draw of television, video games, wide variety of academic Vitamin D3 levels in our blood. These and computer time. to a regular position in scholars from throughout March as Banquets Set- conditions are improved with taking a We need a minimum of 1,000 IU daily in Up. On the Banquets the world. I’m married Vitamin D3 supplement! the northwest. We absorb it better from an team I tear down and to Nicole and have two We get Vitamin D3 naturally from our oil or capsule form. We can become toxic if set up tables to prepare wonderful daughters skin, which makes it when our skin is taking over 4,000 IU daily for a prolonged with her. Nicole spends exposed to sunlight. However this exposure time. Your blood level of Vitamin D3 can be for banquet functions. her time fattening me I’m like a roadie but also causes skin cancer. This isn’t an issue tested, but most patients are in good ranges for the food industry! up with her wonderful in the Pacifc Northwest for the most part, if they supplement appropriately (1,000- I’m trying to get my cheesecakes and baked as we have much less sun than most areas of 2,000 IU daily). hands on all aspects of goods; if you ever need the United States. If you have any questions, please see Dr. Anthony Olney an awesome cake, call How much sun exposure is needed Duffy, or your Primary Care Provider (PCP) the banquet department, Banquet Set-Up us! including serving and depends on a few things. Older skin needs at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. bartending. Conference Center I’m looking forward to more sun to make the same amount of Great Wolf Lodge growing within the GWL I come from a family Banquets team with my  Contract Health Services Contacting the Clinic of eight with six sisters and one brother. eye on Banquets Supervisor. I know I can I started bussing tables at 8-years old and provide many years restaurant background Main: 360-273-5504 have been in the restaurant business ever which can serve to beneft our GWL team! BRING IN YOUR MEDICAL BILL’S & EOB’S Hours: Monday—Friday Tribal Landowners Meeting Available 8 AM to 4:30 PM I am here to assist you. Question about a medical bill, stop by. Community Diabetes Walk to Hear Your Voice on Land Issues Have an insurance question, call me. Either way I am here to help you. Every third Thursday of the month. It’ll be on May 19. PRESENTED BY: BUREAU OF Joyce Thomas, Contract Health Contact Lynn or Pat at 360-709-1744 after you do your 20 minutes of walking. Services at 360-273-5504 INDIAN AFFAIRS-NORTHWEST REGION AND OLYMPIC Quote of the Day! Pilates Classes PENINSULA AGENCY Every Tuesday and Friday at the " I think I should have no other Wellness Center. With Pilates you improve mortal wants, if I could always muscle strength, fexibility, balance and This is a meeting for Landowners to SHOALWATER BAY TRIBE coordination. All are Welcome! have plenty of music. It seems to Contact Christina Hicks, 360-709-1741 for discuss issues, concerns and to learn about If youth own land, you are invited. infuse strength into my limbs and more information. the services provided by the Trust Programs ideas into my brain. Life seems to (e.g., Realty, Forestry and Probates) Wednesday May 11 go on without effort, when I am Water Aerobics If you have any questions please call flled with music. " 360-533-9100 (BIA-Olympic Peninsula From 2:00 PM TO 8:00 PM Tuesdays in 10-12 AM Agency). Wednesdays & Thursdays George Eliot, English novelist. 5:30-7 PM CHEHALIS TRIBE (The meeting will be at the (1819-1880) at the Community Center Pool COWLITZ TRIBE Squaxin Island Little Creek Please contact Lynn Hoheisel at SKOKOMISH TRIBE Hotel/Casino Grand Ball Room) 360-709-1744 to sign up. SQUAXIN ISLAND TRIBE
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