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Tribe Honors our American Armed Forces Veterans at the Lucky Eagle Casino 3 to talk about it. That every veteran can stand up now and be acknowledged for their sacrifces for each and every war or confict the armed forces they served in. Each speaker and veteran received a roar of applause as they stood up and were recognized. The Veteran’s committee recognized and each speaker received an embroidered jacket. They also recognized the oldest veteran, longest Leslie Moore II, World War II veteran received serving veteran, and youngest a jacket in recognition as the oldest surviving serving veteran. veteran at the Veteran Appreciation Day There was two raffes dinner. He’s is 95 years young. during the dinner and all the Every year volunteers assist in making this annual event a huge success. They spent many hours decorating the room, helping out where they are money raised was donated pit crew, and Lucky Eagle line cooks. needed. to the Wounded Warriors Organization. This organization takes veterans on Thanks to the following for their By Fred Shortman, Editor fshing trips and other activities. Donations: Lucy Eagle Casino, SARE It made all of us proud to be theri to Electric, Chehalis Tribe, Travers Electric, Friday, November 11 the Lucky Eagle our tribal fsh pit crew and the Lucky witness such an event. What a patriotic Jay May, Coast Offce, Tatt Time Tattoo hosted the Chehalis Tribe’s 10 Annual Eagle line cooks did another outstanding and special night for all the veterans in Shop. th Veterans Appreciation Day. It was a well job preparing other dishes. The beautiful appreciation as they were recognized. attended and honorable day for all those cakes were made to represent each that came to this annual event to honor all individual armed forces. Many Thanks from veterans who served in American Armed The Olympia Highlanders entertained Lori Tovrea, Nancy Forces. The veteran’s committee and the audience by playing their bagpipes Romero and Gloria their volunteers did an outstanding job in during the dinner on stage. Jones preparation for this year’s event The patriotic speakers gave a Gary Schneider, Master of Ceremonies inspiration speech to honor all veterans Chehalis Tribal did an outstanding job, keeping the for those who did come home, and for Youth, Chehalis activities for the night moving along those that gave the ultimate sacrifce of Tribal Princesses, throughout the evening. The pledge of their lives for this great country: Curtis Marla Medina, allegiance was performed by our Chehalis Dupuis, Tribal Elder and 5 Special Correna Young, th Tribal Princesses: Deidra Hawkes, Dede Forces. SPC Antonio Mendez, US Army, Raven Johns, Adams, and Payton Simmons. David Michael W. McMunn, Sergeant First John Grantham, Patriotic speakers gave credit to each and every Burnett opened the ceremonies with an Class, Jim Martinson, Vietnam Veteran. Merrill Goldstein, veteran that served in our American Armed Forces. inspiration speech. . Crediting each and every veteran that Josh Terry Lindy Pictured (L-R) are Michael W. McMunn, Sergeant First Jesse Goddard blessed the food. The without their commitments and sacrifces Waring, Kristina Class; Antonio Mendez, US Army; Curtis Dupuis, 5th delicious salmon dinner was cooked at they would not be able to be here today Nielson and the fsh Special Forces; and Jim Matinson, Vietnam Veteran. Law Enforcement Staff Profle: Jessica Mahon Tribal Building Receive New Signs While traveling through out the reservation classes are still offered at the Community My name is Jessica Mahon. I am you’ll notice new signs that have been Center on Wednesdays from 5:00 to 7:00 originally from Idaho, but have lived in posted at our tribal buildings. Culbertson PM. For more information you can contact Washington for 8 years. I enjoy many Signs have been awarded the contract to do him at 360-709-1747 or email at Dpenn@ outdoor activities such as hiking and this important work. It enhances the tribal running. grounds and allows visitors to I have worked with the public in get to their destination with various settings for over 15 years. I tribal programs. worked for another police department An added plus is the use for about a year before coming here. I’ve of the Chehalis language successfully completed the State Police written below each sign. If you are struggling to pronoun Academy. it, please contact Dan Penn, I am excited to be working for the Language Coordinator to Chehalis Tribal Police Department and Jessica Mahon assist you. When you get look forward to serving this community. Police Officer the basics and with a little This is the new Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Chehalis Tribal Police Department practice, it’s not as diffcult sign. New signs are being placed at the Tribal as you may think. Language buildings throughout the reservation. The Chehalis Tribe Hosts the 2011 12th Annual SPIPA Native Art Auction and Dinner at the Lucky Eagle Casino By Fred Shortman, Editor On Saturday, November 5 the Chehalis see during the live auction. You could as his banter enticed bidders to compete of this worthy cause. It wouldn’t be Tribe Hosted the 12th Annual SPIPA hear across the speakers as each silent against each other. such a success without the help of the Art Auction at the Lucky Eagle Casino. bid tables were about to close. There The event Emcee was Elaine Miles, volunteers and contributions making this SPIPA works hard in maintaining their was a rush of bidders as they competed Cauyuse/Nez Perce from Northern annual auction a huge success. motto of “Building Communities for the to win their favorite item. Exposure who entertained the audience Future.” They continue to commit to During the live auction was a with her simple deliver social, human and health service Raise Your Paddle in memory of Bob but funny by providing training and technical Bojorcas. While on the SPIPA Board comments. The services, resources, development and of Directors, he took in troubled and Entertainer Swil planning to the fve tribal communities homeless Indian and non-Indian youth Kanim, Lummi they service. and got them involved in co-curricular Nation played Seventy-fve percent of the proceeds and extra-curricular activities to keep his violin during from the art auction and dinner will be them out of trouble. He worked dinner activities. invest into an Endowment Fund. The very hard to assure that children at What a delicious remaining twenty-fve percent will be the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe and seafood dinner of used to meet the immediate needs of the other Indian children would receive oysters, clams and fve tribe’s youth and Elders programs. presents during the Christmas holiday Chehalis cooked There were about 250 people who season. SPIPA continues to raise funds salmon by Don came out to bid on the beautiful and in his honor as he was called SPIPA’s Secena and his stunning artwork that was donated by Indian Santa Clause. Dedicating group of helpers. local artists. There were challenges to Bob’s commitment to the children and When it get there with the Exit 88 being closed, continue with the work he began. All was over many but it didn’t deter those that wanted donations will go into the “Bob Bojorcas people were seen to come out to this annual Native art Children’s Christmas Fund” and used leaving with auction and seafood dinner. to purchase Christmas presents for the their beautiful There were two types of bidding for children of the fve consortium Tribes. handmade items the items, either the silent auction or There are many talented tribal artists that there winning the exciting live auction for 132 items who donated to this auction. What an bid gave them. It that were available this year. Volunteers exhilarating evening, witnessing artist was a great night, During the “Live” Auction volunteers walk the floor were seen displaying each individual and weaver donated items being bid on as the Chehalis displaying some beautiful Native American artwork. item throughout the foor and was also in the live auction. The auctioneer kept Tribe is always a Picture here is Katie Ikerd holding auction item 116: available on the big screen for bidders to things rolling and he laughed and joked strong supporter “Raven the Trickster” by Odin Linning, Tlingit.
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