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4 Haunted House (continued from page 1) Men’s Wellness (continued from page 1) Helen Thayer is a best selling author, international speaker, National Geographic explorer, gifted story tell and motivator. She can inspire you to “Make it Youth were happen -- Achieve your seen racing ultimate success!” through the dark and to reach her goal through ice storms, over unshakable belief in the ability to reach a sinister unstable sea ice, and polar bears. How a goal, fnally bring the reward of success. haunted Inuit dog named Charlie saved her life from Helen’s dynamic energy and positive house that these awesome but dangerous animals. It is enthusiasm was very captivating, keeping snaked an inspirational story to inspire audiences us on the edge of our seats, inspiring throughout and to be motivated to reach for their own people of all ages to look to higher levels the goals and push their horizons to the limit. of achievement, plan for success and forge community She shared her powerful slide program ahead in the absolute belief that the goal will centers gym showing the beauty of the Polar Ice Cap, and be reached in business or in life. What Helen floor. Not the polar bears that live there. Helen wrote shared helped us to realize our dreams, set knowing what the best selling book “Polar Dream” (Simon goals, and reach for the top and succeed. She to expect & Schuster, NewSage Press second edition) said, “I’ve been there and here’s how I did around the about her historical journey. it.” next corner. Helen Thayer presentation was This was more than just an “armchair educational, entertaining, and highly adventure” presentation, Helen motivated us the families gather with their kids dressed big success thanks to a lot of people who motivating. Her narrative and on-location to believe we too have unlimited horizons. from spooky to adorable. Door prizes where did the hard work behind the scene to make photography was very powerful as she Helen believes, “My journeys are like life handed out to guest of all ages. Bags of something memorable for the kids of our shared her adventures frst hand in regards itself. We all have our North Poles and our goodies and a costume contest for various Tribal Community. Great job Cheryle! to her challenging goal to reach the north- Gobi deserts, but we can all reach our goals age groups from babies to elders followed pole. Allowing the audience to comprehend just as I did, one step at a time, never giving the lunch. Pumpkin Carving was added this Thanks from Cheryle Starr, her struggle to survive, one is led to the up on ourselves. If we reach for the top year, but you had to bring your pumpkin Events Coordinator’ understanding of how problem solving and believe we can do it, we can make our pre-carved. and overcoming obstacles, along with an dreams come true.” The Culture Program’s contribution to Thanks goes to Tony Medina, Marla the Haunted House was a giant eight foot Medina, Tony Olney, Phillip Youckton, Rez-opoly (continued from page 1) tall monster constructed from wood with Tom Hayden, Derrick Youckton, Josh Terry, an extended hand that looked like he was Sonny Youckton, Carla Thomas, Jodie Suicide Prevention grabbing you. The Monster display was Smith, Dianne Devlin, Charlotte Lopez, specifc to Native used for the Halloween “Photo Shoot at the Dawn Boley, Sally Pikutark, Annie Jones, Americans and Haunted House” the afternoon of the 29 of Jeremy Fanning, Baby Gary Ortivez, Justin Crime Victims th October. Youckton, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, Evelyn Penn, information, the Actually I got a lot of help in the making Jay Lyons, Scott Freeman, Ang Youckton, people at the tables of the photo display. Ray Secena’s staff Correna Young and all the ones that answered any helped rough cut the form of the monster helped clean up after the party was greatly questions. and assembled the 6 pieces that ft together appreciated. There were to form the outline of the monster many fun activities and his extended hand. The painted and interactive features were aided by Elders, Sally games as parents Pickutark and Evelyn Penn who played along-side guided the hand of young artist as we their children: painted the details of the monsters from interactive face and hand. Resident Artist and computer dance Elder Sally Pickutark said, “You and sports games. know we need to name him.” As we Children lined up worked on him we came up with the for air tattoos or name Wall Street for “The Nightmare playing basketball, from Wall Street”. We joked that Pacman, Frogger, Wall Street looks like he is was Dance Dance Part of the Rez-opoly Sheryl Spahr asked Devin Boyd a gobbling up the poor 99% (99% is a Revolution, and so question about his knowledge about a program. It was term used by the occupiers of Wall on. one of the ways to earn a raffle ticket for the prizes. Street, meaning 99% of the people in Dianne American are poor and 1% is rich). Devlin, Cultural Might be a little too political for Coordinator and her sister Sally Pikutark Luna, from Crime Victims spoke a bit about young minds, but the name stuck. were there to teach how to make dream her program. Then Barb Sanders, Mental During the Saturday afternoon catchers and fancy hair decorations. Health Counselor, spoke about Suicide Dawn Boley and Charlotte Lopez There was an opportunity to get your Prevention, the signs to look for, where to helped me to document photos of photo taken with your friends in the photo access help/provide initial interventions, over 200 family members posing with booth, with many displaying their dream how to talk to someone showing signs of their “Trick or Treaters.” We printed catchers and hair decorations in their suicidal thoughts and that telling someone around 150 photos for guest who sign- Nightmare on Wall Street was added to pictures. else, if they were concerned, is a positive up to take a picture with Wall Street. this years haunted house. Giving families As you walked around everyone was step. She also covered the ABC’s of Each photo was placed in a card to an opportunity to take a photo with this seen smiling and laughing enjoying a great Suicide Prevention that was included in the mark the date and event. scary ghoul. Pictured (L-R) are Dawn evening as they munched on popcorn or handouts. Several audience members had The 2011 Haunted House was a Boley and Dianne Devlin. nachos. Not many minded going to jail that good questions, such as what are symptoms night as they went to spin the wheel to get of depression and tips like if someone is out of jail. giving away their valuable items. Then as The Dinner was a delicious combination the evening winded down the raffe tickets On Friday, of chicken and barbecue ribs. The dinner October 28th was blessed by Teresa Youckton. Felita winners were announced by Gail Hurst, Teachers CDP and Dawn Boley, Domestic Violence and parents Prevention Advocate, who took the were the main Head Start children coordinators trick-or- of the night’s events. Yes, treating many agreed in their it was a great Halloween costumes. family event! They stocked up on the goodies employees had to offer. A popular Elders Christmas Community Christmas attraction was to get Bazaar Party an airbrush Saturday, December 3 Sunday, December 18 tattoo at the 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM At the Lucky Eagle Casino Rez-opoly At the Lucky Eagle Casino Doors Open at 11:00 AM event. Bingo Hall Correction from October 2011 Chehalis Tribal Newsletter: For Chehalis Tribal members and There will be 80 vendors. Loads of good community members of the Chehalis Page 2: Chapter 6-Dealing with the 2000’s Family Edition a comprehensive guide with food, Native crafts and many different dependable information for Parents/Teens. It is also important to know that suicide is not items to choose from. Come out and fnd Reservation. a heroic act, even though sometime media images can make it seem so. that special gift. Do all your Christmas Lunch begins at noon, Bingo and shopping in one place!!! Santa afterwards, raffes for the youth, Page 3: Employees wear pink in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness. Caption: For more information, please contact adults & Elders. Join in the fun and Front row (L-R) are Janee Penn, Judy Jones, Debbie Shortman, Sylvia Cayenne, Maria Nancy Romero at 360-480-2911. games. Delacruz Tawni Willis.
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