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Head Start Program Head Start Parent Meetings What have you done to Meetings are the frst Monday of each month starting at 5:00 PM at help a child today? the Head Start Building. For meeting childcare is provided, giveaways, and drawings too. That’s not just a question for parents or child caregivers. Each child is born with incredible potential to learn and contribute to our world Head Start Parents can get involved by joining a committee- Nutrition, in countless ways. It is estimated that more than half of Washington Curriculum, or Literacy (Grant required). children begin kindergarten not ready to succeed, and researchers say children who start behind are in danger of staying behind. Other activities covering Graduation and fundraising (Parent lead). Come join the fun! All of us have a shared responsibility in creating the most child- friendly state in the nation - a safe, healthy state where our youngest For more information please contact Tawni Willis at 360-709-1594; citizens can learn, grow and realize their full potential. or Jamie Smith at 360-273-5514. There are easy ways to acknowledge and value the children you encounter every day. Washington is rich with history, natural TRIBAL HEAD START resources and fun, free things to do! Take the time today - and every day - to help a child in your life. The Chehalis Planning Department is updating the Tribe’s Community Assessment Plan that is used for HEAD START funding. We know of Head Start’s value in the community, but we want to hear your voices. “My husband and I both Here are some ideas: Sing in the car with your child on the attended the Chehalis Tribal way to child care or school - a great start Head Start. Now my three Practice compassion and tolerance in to the day! invests in libraries, public schools, parks, Read to a child, even after the child children attend. I think the your life. Children will notice. Be informed about how your community program is a wonderful has learned to read on her own. nutrition programs and other services that opportunity for tribal Parenting is a challenge. Praise a promote healthy child development. child in your life about a historical event children to get the skills they parent when you get a chance! Make history come alive. Talk to the Submit y need to succeed in school.” Submit your stories via email, our stories via email, Donate a copy of a children’s book that fascinated you as a child. - Jenee Penn written comments dropped off at you love to a child care or youth Let your child help with simple chores, the Tribal Center or call us to tell Remind a child that everyone makes Give a child a notebook and encourage your stories. program. such as dusting or setting the table. Turn up the music and dance with a „ Did you attend Chehalis Head PLANNING DEPARTMENT mistakes. him to start a journal of words and/or Hold your child and have her tell you a Start? GRANT WRITERS: child in your life. drawings. really listen to his answer. „ Do you have pictures (current Jenee Penn Ask a child in your life about his day story. and newspapers around the house and past) we can use? 360-709-1620 Volunteer at schools...for volunteer Keep plenty of books, magazines, anywhere. Anything that makes so children see learning as a part of „ What do you remember about our community better is good for everyday life. prior locations or programs for Brooke Guthrie children. Head Start? 360-709-1622 „ How did Head Start help you For more fun tips and information about how you can help or your family? a child today, visit us at Page 10   
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