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Agent Continued.... grew until I could use it without employees to take their offcial to borrow a handful of nails.” Agent Eells was the most any hesitation and (I) frequently annual leave of thirty days, After following this advice for fuent user of the Chinook I addressed groups of Indians in which Alice and I seldom did. a long time, an occasion arose have ever known, yet he advised Chinook. In lieu of the offcial vacation, when it seemed an act of mercy me to avoid using if I could The daily program for the we would take a short time off to loan a sack of four to Indian do so, as we were trying to get school year of ten months was as duty, when it was necessary to Choke, and I let him have it after the Indians to use the English follows: go to Seattle or elsewhere, to deciding the action I would take language as well as their own. give something needed attention, if he did not return it. Most of the Indians could make 5:30 a.m. – Morning bell, for all when we could be spared from As Mr. Eells had intimated, me understand when they wanted to arise. our duties. I soon had other requests to something of me; but when it 6:30 a.m. – Breakfast The most impressive part borrow four, which if refused was the other way and I wanted 8:00 a.m. – School bell. All of the advice given me by Mr. would offend the applicants, so to tell them anything, few would pupils go to school-rooms. Eells the frst evening we were I told each one the only sack of admit they understood, making 10:00 a.m. – ffteen minutes at Chehalis was, “Of course, four I had to loan was at Choke’s (it) necessary for me to get an recess. Smaller pupils play until you will be just and fail in house and as soon as he returned interpreter. noon. your dealing with all and treat it I would gladly loan it again. This went on for about two 12:00 noon – Dismiss school for Indians kindly, but frmly, and Whether the applicants used years, until when Marion Davis, the day. guard against word and act that any pressure on the borrower a young man educated at the 1:00 p.m. – Work bell. Boys go might cause them to lose faith or not is unknown; but that one Chemawa Indian School in to the Industrial Teacher, ready in your good intentions. Never sack of four was returned and Oregon, was in my offce one for work; and the girls to sewing undertake to do anything, or tell day, and we were talking about room. an Indian to do anything, and again loaned many times, until Indian language. I said to him, 5:00 p.m. – Quit work and then change your mind and let getting to Thomas Heck’s house, “Marion, suppose that when I prepare for supper. him know it. It is better to make where it still remains, as far as was in Olympia the last time, I 6:00 p.m. – Supper your word good, even if you I know. This ended the loaning put a package on the shelf above 8:00 p.m. – Chapel exercises should do differently, but do not experience. the door to Littlejohn’s livery in the school-room, after which get wrong too often.” Saturday, October 123th, stable and forgot to get it when I pupils retire to their dormitories. This was the opposite to all was the third anniversary of our came home, how would I tell you my views on the subject, as I had wedding. On that day Alice, in Chinook to go there and bring On Saturday, the pupils been taught to acknowledge an Miss Humphry, and I went it to me.” His reply was – performed such duties as were error and correct it, when made; to the Chehalis River, a short assigned them by the Industrial but I accepted and followed his distance south of the school, to Me-si-ka klat-a-wa ko-pa Teacher and the Matron. advice, although I did not then get some salmon Mr. Mills and Olympia, ko-pa Littlejohn ya-ka The winter program was know his reason for giving it. I the school boys had caught. A You go to Olympia, to Littlejohn the same as the above, with the found out later that with many number of Indians were there his exception of the rising bell and tribes there is no knowledge of spearing fsh in the river. While Kui-a-tan house, ik-tah mit-lite breakfast, each of which was what is meant by being mistaken. we were talking, (a) large salmon sagh-alie ka-pa la-pote one-half hour later. Sunday- With them, a change from an was seen swimming slowly Horse house, package remain School and the Church Service original intention is done with an up stream. One of the Indians above the door, began at 9:30 a.m., on Sunday. evil purpose in mind, and they handed his spear to me and said, Is-kum pee lo-lo pa ni-ka This seemed a pretty stiff lose confdence in the person “Spear it.” I did, sending the Get and carry to me. program, but we soon found making it. His advise was for spear through the fsh. I did not it was necessary if the work the purpose of preventing me know at the time that the act was I committed Marion’s before us was to be carried on from making the error which any a joke on me because (I was) reply to memory without any successfully. uninformed person was likely to spearing an “old man salmon,: thought of ever using it, but The school vacation of two make, and I have always been occasionally it was convenient months during the school year grateful to him for it. one that had been in the river so to use a word or two instead of was always a time of relaxation, Another piece of advice was, long after coming up from the getting an interpreter to make as all the pupils were at their Never loan anything to an Indian, ocean that its fesh was spoiled an Indian understand what I was homes and no one but the because if you lend a handful of and unft to eat. trying to say to him. Almost employees left at the school. nails to an Indian, every Indian unconsciously, my vocabulary This was the usual time for on the reservation will come Continued in April Issue...    Page 7
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