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Tribal Member Goals and Dreams Becoming a Reality When I graduated from high two years the student diversity fellowship with K&L school, eight years ago, I had and then body was Gates LLP, one of the biggest law no idea that I would become transferring low. I had frms in Seattle. I worked at K&L a lawyer. As a freshly minted to a hard time Gates during both summers that I graduate, my biggest concern Washington ftting in, was in law school and returned to was how to cover my living State as most of the frm after graduation. I passed expenses while in community University the students the bar last year (even while college. to fnish came from a suffering from a broken leg) and my studies. much more At least I knew that I was I applied affuent am now offcially a lawyer! going to college. I was lucky. to every background. Many of my fellow students scholarship Instead of As I sit in my offce in downtown did not consider college a I could fnd. focusing Seattle, I can hardly believe viable option, either due to I worked on our where I have ended up. I did not a lack of encouragement or all four Amber Penn-Roco is pictured with differences, imagine this future for myself insuffcient funding. I was years I was her mother at the University of eight years ago. As an 18-year- fortunate, however, to have the in college, Washington graduation ceremony. I tried to old, I had only a hunger for support of my family and my through use my knowledge and a willingness to background tribal community. My mother, work study programs. Ultimately, to make positive changes in work hard. If my experience has a teacher, had emphasized that I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the law school. I devoted my taught me anything, it is that you college was a privilege and an Business from Washington State should not let the expectations opportunity that most do not University, graduating summa free time to increasing diversity of others limit you. We are not receive. Out of my entire high cum laude. awareness. While at law defned by our past. Do not be school class, only three of us school, I served as President afraid to strive for something have earned a college degree. Law school was next, and it of the Minority Law Students presented a whole new set of Association. better, because you will be My biggest obstacle was funding. challenges. I was one of the few surprised at the opportunities you I saved money by attending Native American students in My efforts to diversify the legal receive when you are open to community college for the frst my classes and diversity among feld in Washington led to a change. Enterprise Adds Tribal Members to Their Management Team Bryan Sanders Christopher Klatush Starbucks Supervisor, Eagle’s Landing Hotel Manager, End of the Trail II Bryan was born and raised in Chris is an enrolled member of Oakville and is an enrolled the Chehalis Tribe and he started member of the Chehalis Tribe. his CTE journey over a decade He was valedictorian of the ago at End of the Trail and left Le Cordon Bleu program at for a new adventure with the Western Culinary Institute construction company. Chris is where he studied Hospitality and back with EOT II, thankfully Restaurant Management. He is his heart had never left! In total excited to bring the combination Chris has worked for CTE over of his schooling and years of 11 years. “I had good sensei’s,” practical industry experience Chris said. It is our pleasure to back home and to the Eagle’s announce Chris as the new EOT Landing Hotel. He truly enjoys II Manager. Please say hi as you spending time with his wife and are getting your gas and snacks! their four children. Page 2   
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