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Public Safety If you have an Emergency Call 9-1-1 „ Communities Can Work Together to Protect Themselves Against Property Crimes By Scott Freeman, Community Resource Offcer „ Consider installing a home will watch out for your home or Many communities reported „ Make sure you have dead bolt security system. There are a apartment when you are away, if property crimes during the recent locks on all external doors. variety of home security systems you ask them. They can and should storm and nationally concerns Sliding doors can be secured with available. report suspicious activity to the about property crimes are on the a dowel in the inside track to jam If traveling: police or to you while you are away. rise because of the hard economic the door. „ Don’t post your travel plans Between them, good neighbors times. Fortunately there are ways on social networks, such as can see to it that normal services to help protect your home and „ Make sure all windows are Facebook, Myspace, etc. Crooks continue in your absence like neighborhood from crime. From secured with locks or pins. scour these sites for potential picking up your mail, newspapers, simple steps like locking your doors „ DO NOT hide keys around the victims. handbills, and can inspect the to serving on a Resident’s Advisory outside of your home. Keep an „ Leave shades and blinds in outside or inside of your home Committee. In fact Chehalis Tribal extra key with a trusted neighbor normal position to maintain the periodically to see that all is well. Law Enforcement is looking for or friend in case you are ever appearance that someone is home. Good neighbors will occasionally people interested in serving on a locked out. „ Invest in light timers, especially park in your driveway to give the Resident’s Advisory Committee for outdoor lights. appearance of occupancy while you (RAD). „ Outside lights make excellent What about outside of your home. are on vacation. deterrents for burglars. If you have ever found yourself „ Make sure shrubs and trees do not Where do you leave things like Allowing a neighbor to have a key locked out of your home, you block windows or doors. These gas cans, generators, and quads. solves the problem of hiding a probably tried to get back in by can be excellent hiding places for These are attractive items to people key outside the door. Experienced “breaking in.” Now if you were burglars. looking to make a fast buck. burglars know to look for hidden successful, just imagine how easy keys in planter boxes, under it would be for someone else to „ Make sure valuables, such as Be a Good Neighbor doormats, and above the ledge. do the same! The best way to TV’s, stereos, computers, jewelry, Good neighbors should look out for protect yourself, your family, your etc., are not visible from the each other. In our small community If you see something or someone home and your valuables against street. Don’t entice the crooks. we are lucky to know each other that doesn’t look right in your a burglary is to take preventative „ Get to know your neighbors. better than people living in big neighborhood report it. Your measures. Here are a few tips that They can keep a vigilant eye for towns or cities. Communicate police department is here to may help keep your property safe any suspicious activity in the often, and establish trust with investigate suspicious activity in the and secure: neighborhood. your neighbors. Good neighbors community. „ Traffc Death Rate For Native Americans in Washington is 3 Times the Rate for Non-natives! We hope this headline got your „ 20% of all deaths occurred from impact video, and a number of if they become distracted. Not attention because it sure has ours, July to August. The fewest other resources to educate students surprisingly, they text more than and it is also why Law Enforcement were between November and about the dangers of texting any other age group and the is excited to announce the “Arrive February. while driving. The simulator numbers of young drivers who Alive Tour” April 25, targeting safe „ Speeding, Alcohol/Drug allows students to experience text is only increasing. In addition driving for teens. Before we tell Impairment, and Distracted in a controlled environment to the “Arrive Alive Program” you about the tour, take a moment driving were the 3 most common the potential consequences of there will be information booths, to look at some startling statistics contributing driver errors in fatal distracted or drunken driving. One and guest speakers like Thurston for the State of Washington (2004 crashes. of the most commonly recognized County Coroner Gary Warnock, to 2008). driving distractions is cell phone and the Lucky Eagle Casino will be „ Between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM hosting lunch. We are inviting the „ Males age 16 to 25 accounted for distracted driving caused the use. About 89 percent of all community to participate, but ask Americans have a cell phone, 52.3% of deaths involving young most fatalities. that adults wait until the students drivers. according to CTIA - The Wireless have fnished before experiencing Law Enforcement is hosting Association. Drivers under 20 years the simulator. This event is not „ 56.7% of the deaths involving Junior and Senior High School old have the highest proportion of appropriate for anyone under the young drivers were on rural students from both Oakville and distraction-related fatal crashes, age of 14, and anyone with children roads. Rochester High Schools in a day- according to the National Highway under 14 will be asked to leave. „ Two out of Five deaths occurred long program to promote safe Traffc Safety Administration. Their The event will be Wednesday, April on Saturday and Sunday. An driving for teens. The Arrive Alive lack of driving experience can 25, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at additional 14.8% were on Friday. program uses a high-tech simulator, contribute to critical misjudgments the Tribal Community Center.    Page 3
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