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Tribal Health and Wellness News Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Staff Profile: Willie O. Hunt My name My goals will Achieving good health outcomes and community. I look forward is Willie O. be to: involves a partnership between to working with you. Hunt ARNP, „ Provide the patient and the provider. The and I will be screening best outcomes are achieved when You can make an appointment working with of women both the patient and the provider with the New Native Women’s the Native for breast are working together. I look Wellness Provider by calling the Women’s and cervical forward to meeting and working clinic to make an appointment at Wellness cancer. with you to assist you in the best 360-273-5504. Willie is here one program. I health possible for your family day a week. come with „ Provide an extensive best-practice Woman’s Health Corner: Vaginal Yeast Infections background breast and By Willie O. Hunt; Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner, CTWC and cervical Question: “I keep having problems the counter vaginal creams; it is experience health care to with itching in the vaginal and vulva important to use the 7 day treatment. in Women’s women. area. I treated myself with an over This will insure better success than Health. I am „ Raise the counter yeast medicine for 3 with a 1-3 day treatment which is excited to be Willie O. Hunt, ARNP community days, but I still seem to be having not as effective, and may not fully working with Women’s Native Wellness awareness the problem. What gives? “ resolve the problem. If you are the Chehalis Program about the need having persistent and recurrent Indian Tribe. for breast Answer: Yeast normally lives in yeast infections, it is advisable the vagina and usually does not to come in and be checked by a Women are the heart and soul and cervical cancer screening cause a problem until they start to health care provider to confrm the of the family and community. including early detection and grow beyond their normal balance diagnosis and to make sure other When women have access to routine yearly exams. in the vagina. This can be caused health problems are not causing the health care screening and follow „ Improve and maintain good by antibiotics, female hormones, yeast infection. In addition, if you up; this benefts the family and health outcomes for the women birth control pills, diabetes and a are having any symptoms feel free to come and be diagnosed and treated community. of the tribe. depressed immune system. When at your community clinic. treating a yeast infection with over Nike Air Native Shoes Available to Tribal Members Order Form: NIKE Air Name: _____________________ Size: M or F size _____ Black or White Native Phone:_____________________ Tempo+N7 Size: M or F size _____ Black or White or Email:___________________ Size: M or F size _____ Black or White WOMEN’S MEN’S Checks to made out to the Chehalis Tribe. Allow 10-14 Days for order to Total Received: ____________ $58 / pair arrive - you will be contacted when prepaid available. There is a 1.5 size difference between men and women’s shoes. If a NAME Size: M or F size ___________ BLACK or WHITE woman wears a size 7 and wants a men’s shoe, she would order a 5.5, if Contact Cindy Beck or Lynn Hoheisel at the Chehalis PHONE or EMAIL Size: M or F size ___________ BLACK or WHITE a man prefers a women’s shoe style and wears a 9.5 he would order an Tribal Wellness Center to place an order. Checks to be made out to Chehalis Tribe Size: M or F size ___________ BLACK or WHITE 11 in women’s. Allow 10—14 days for order to arrive—you will be contacted when available TOTAL received There is a 1.5 size difference between men and women’s shoes. If a woman wears a size 7 & wants a men’s shoe, she would order a Page 4    5.5; if a man prefers a women’s shoe style & wears a 9.5, he would order an 11 in women’s.
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