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Staff Profles: Family Services ICW Caseworker and Director of the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center My name is William Yates, Bill Military Police School at Fort Staff Sergeant. My career in the In December of 2003, I accepted to my friends. I am a 39 year old McClellan Alabama in May of 1992 army ended abruptly in August of a position with the state in DSHS, married father of six children with completing the training in July of 2003 and I returned with myself and JRA working at Maple Lane School. ages ranging from 19 years old to 4 the same year. my two children back to Centralia. I worked as a Security Offcer for years old; I am also a grandfather to Once back home, I was able to get the frst four years. My next four one that is 2 months old. I believe I was stationed all my affairs and a half years I spent as a case that they keep me young and grow in many back in order. I manager for the youth. In my time me old. It is a happy medium. My locations there I had many youth on my case wife, Kim, is a retail manager of a across the am not one to load and got to know them all fairly well known corporation. globe including not be working; well. Germany, I am kind of As time went on, Maple Lane closed I was born and raised here in the Korea, and a workaholic. and I was moved to Green Hill. I Pacifc Northwest, Centralia, where in the U.S. I I started saw a need to broaden my career I went to and graduated from deployed to working at the path and found that the Chehalis Centralia High School in 1991. Prior many places Lucky Eagle Tribe had a position available in to graduation, I enlisted into the and had many for Security exactly what I had wanted to do, Washington Army National Guard experiences in October of Indian Child Welfare. I was familiar and went to Basic Training at Fort with all walks 2003. Again, with the job as my brother Mike Benning, Ga. in June of 1990. of life. I feel I met many does the same job for the Cowlitz Upon completion, I fnished my last that these different people Tribe. year of high school then returned interactions and learned to Fort Benning to complete my with others William (Bill) Yates Now that I am here, I hope to serve Advance Individual Training as an have helped to Family Services even more the Chehalis Tribe as best I can and Infantryman. A few months after make me who I ICW Caseworker about life, hope to meet many people to learn AIT, I decided that I enjoyed the am today. I also myself, and as much as I can from them. If you life of the military, and joined the attended many schools while I was others. Though see me walking around, please feel Active Duty Army. I enlisted as a in the Army and progressed through my time was short with Security, I free to introduce yourself, I am Military Police Offcer and attended the ranks normally to the rank of did leave with good feelings. always available to talk. Hello, my name Public Health & is Doug Wangen Social Services Let Us and I became your (LCPHSS). My start Wellness Center public health Something Director on May experience 2, 2012. I am includes both for your child very familiar with direct patient Parents! Did you know the Chehalis Tribe has a partnership this area as I grew care and with Big Brothers Big Sisters? Your child is able to up near here and community attended Tenino outreach. experience the benefts of one-to-one mentorship at the High School. I community center once a week for an hour. Bigs and Littles received my AA I am very play games, create crafts, work on homework, and have a from Centralia thankful my ton of fun! Community career path To learn more, please call Tribal Partnership Coordinator, College, BS Doug Wangen, has landed from Idaho State Director of the Chehalis me here with Cindy Medina at 360-628-7120 or visit University, and Tribal Wellness Center the Chehalis my MPA from Tribe. I have Looking for Volunteers Evergreen State College. very much enjoyed participating I have worked in public health for in the cultural activities that have Are you looking for a fun & meaningful way to serve your community? approximately 20 years. My early taken place since the start of my work in public health includes employment. My goal as the Meet an hour per week with a child in our tribal community. Help them working in physical therapy for two Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center with their homework, listen to their stories, create something, or just hang hospitals while attending college in Director is to make a positive out and play a game Washington State & Idaho. For over difference for the community. It’s the time you spend together that make all the difference. 11 years, I worked at Lewis County    Page 11
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