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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER October 2012 Free Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk Takes the Path to Healing The Chehalis Tribe hosted the survive the self-inficted gunshot First Annual Suicide Prevention wound. But he did survive and Awareness Walk on Sunday now he shares his story, because September 30. September is God had “saved” him “for a National Suicide Prevention higher purpose”, to help stop Month. There was a huge turnout the cycle of suicide! Arnold with over 100 community went through many surgeries members walking in honor of to reconstruct his face and he suicide prevention. The walk could not speak for two years kicked off the event starting at and he became legally blind. He the Community Center. Each took on the challenges to learn participant received a T-shirt, how to talk and use his other buttons, and dog tags. Mother Tribal and community members travelled along Niederman Road senses. Arnold learned to read Nature smiled down on the during the Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk. Braille, later attended college walkers giving some vitamin D 1991 he has been speaking to one another. From his own story and on May 7, 1999 he graduated to all on this brisk cool morning. communities throughout the United he shared that others blamed his from the University of Utah with a Pam Youckton and Konner were States, Canada and Europe. His girlfriend and some his mother, but Masters degree in Social Work and also crucial volunteers, out there message included: “Life is a gift. as a survivor he stressed there is bachelor’s degree in Psychology. on her quad to provide water and Live it!” He used many different no blame. In fact, he spent a great safety for the walkers. analogies in order to illustrate his deal of time making amends and Towards the end of his presentation there was an open foor for others Participants came for a wide array point. But his central theme was to apologizing to those hurt by his to speak and ask questions. Among of reasons to the walk. Many keep life in balance. When feeling actions. I like to think that those those taking the opportunity to families walked together to help depressed reach out to someone we have lost would do the same, if speak about their losses, perhaps heal from this terrible tragedy. through whatever means necessary they could. helping others, or simply say what Individuals who choose this path to ease this burden. Arnold Thomas combines both was on their heart was: Amanda have their own reasons which Life will give you challenges, and personal experience and research Vernon & Akasha Slighte: (Sisters vary, but the aftermath leaves so opportunities, and never give up data to convey his message. He many unanswered questions for hope, not just for you, but as a loved basketball and Continued on Page 2... the surviving family and friends. Tribal people. Communication is was being touted This walk was a moment to heal the key to success. Go to someone as a collegiate and also an opportunity for talking like the professionals, church, or basketball player. In and letting those emotions out. whatever means to lift your spirit his sophomore year, Not deadling with them will only when feeling depressed. When however, his father hurt you, because tears are a path someone comes to you to vent or took his life. This to healing. This was a point well- feel sad; listen to each other, treat trauma stayed with established by the speaker, also. others kindly and in a positive him, as he started It was an amazing dinner of our manner. If you do hear someone’s doing drugs and traditional foods. Salmon cooked story, make sure you don’t try alcohol and “lost the Chehalis way always delights and take it on all by yourself, all harmony and the palette. Cold cuts were listen and engage more support as balance” resulting in available too! appropriate. him trying to end it all in 1988. Speaker Arnold Thomas’ When tragedy does happen, don’t presentation focused on never play the blame game. Support each At that moment he losing hope. Arnold is a member other, work through the problems thought all the pain Families carried a sign honoring a loved of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of together. We are a “resilient” and suffering would one lost by this tragedy. Pictured (L-R) are the Duck Valley Indian Reservation people, with humor, traditions and end. He never Karen Klatush, Susette Klatush, and Little of Idaho and Nevada. Since the abundance we need to care for thought he would Bear Davis
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