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Chehalis Tribal Artists Strive to Share Their Art with the Community By Dianne Devlin, Cultural Coordinator Bead Work Classes Three Artists from our community of the year. Our Tribal Artists are Beginner Beading have come forward to teach others home grown teachers who learned Classes: is offered the traditional skills they had their craft from their families by Master Beader learned. Chehalis Basket Weaver passing on the arts, and at times Charlotte Lopez every Artists Evelyn Penn and Walter from community artists. In some Monday night in the Lewis offered weaving classes of the classes other Tribal members Cultural Class Room to the community in the month contributed to the class by sharing at the Community of September. Additionally the what they have been taught. Now Center. The class is “Beginner Beading Classes” is tribal artists are passing on the art to presented as a walk-in being taught by Charlotte Lopez their people. class. What does that every Monday night till the end mean? It means every Monday Night from Insuring tribe artistry, Cultural Coordinator DeDe Devlin sponsors local 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. artist to instruct classes. If you want to teach a class please call: DeDe Community members Beginning Beading Class Devlin @ 360-709-1621. We are always looking for community artists. The are invited to attend by walking in, sign-in and join the class. So far 34 class can be any traditional craft or a new twist on traditional art work. people from the community have dropped in at one time or another to learn Thank You. to bead. The class is great for learning new ways to bead and everyone has Basket Weavers been enjoying the classes. Charlotte has taught people several styles of Basket Weaver and Elder Evelyn earrings: the peyote stitch, which is used to bead around objects like pens, Penn taught basket weaving lighters, or just about anything you can imagine beading around. Presently classes the weekend of September everyone is learning to bead appliqué designs. Appliqué designs are often the 22 and 23 in the Cultural used on moccasins, hair barrettes, medallions or to embellish regalia. nd rd Class Room. Evelyn instructed 10 community members how to in the world of weaving, but he cleaned, split and carefully cut for weave the “Cedar Baseball Cap.” shows great skill in his art and his each of the kits need for students in The class began each day at 10:00 teaching style. Walter offered color their class. Special tools often have AM and ended at 5:00 PM in the died cedar strip and color raffa to to be designed by the teachers to Community Center Cultural Class his students to add personal style for help ease the participant’s craft and Room. Evelyn added a special part learner’s who wanted uniqueness to work with cedar. to her class teaching everyone how their sun visor. Walter will fnish the to make doll size baseball cap in list of people who signed up for his Thanks to the dedication of tribal addition to the adult hat. classes the Wednesday the 17 and artist our cultural is strong among th th Madoleen who attended the class Cedar Baseball Cap Class Thursday the 18 of October in the our people. Watching our art evolve with her grandmother Jessie adaptations the Chehalis people evening and closing out the classes to meet the styles of today’s’ tribal th Goddard asked for a baseball cap to like to create with cedar. Another the weekend of the 20 and 21st in people is great to watch. We like to ft her Barbie Doll. We think there example I am sure many of you October. put our own spin on anything new in will be a lot of dolls or stuff animals have seen is the Fedora Hat. the world around us, yet it still has running around our community with Both basket weavers prepared their that Chehalis touch to it. little cedar baseball cap. Hehehehe! An added favorite hat we like to classes with handmade hat molds to Evelyn Penn will be offering a make is the Cedar Sun Visor Hat; ft the many hat sizes second class for Cedar Baseball Cap Basket Weaver and Wood Carver that would be needed in November. Evelyn’s class will be Walter Lewis stepped up to show for the participants. for ten people. Ten spots go fast, so eager weavers how to create the Preparing to teach watch for the fyers. Anyone who Sun Visor from yellow and red classes requires has taken her class before is not cedar. Students who signed up materials. There is no eligible for the November class. for the class where divided into going to a craft store four classes. Two of the classes to purchase what you Putting a spin on cedar hat making where taught the last two weeks need. Each artist has long been the creative art of in September in the Cultural Class pulled their own cedar basket weavers. Wearing a cedar Room and each class was for two from Washington hat that looks very much like the nights during the week. The third Forests. To get ready baseball cap we wear during our and fourth classes are scheduled for for class the pulled baseball games is one of many next month. Walter may be young cedar had to be Cedar Sun Visor Class.    Page 3
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