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Continued from Page 6... especially as there seem to be no hard with him. The punishment of these the head of a “riffe,” or shallow swift that came to my notice. Many of the feeling on the part of the Indians. fve men did have a quieting effect on fowing place in the river. Shakers attended the Church Services the Shakers at Chehalis, because we regularly, and while there, appeared From this time and during the year had no further trouble with them up to The platform was about six feet to be pretty good Presbyterians, Agent 1885, little was seen or said about the time we were to begin work at the square, and when fshing, three or Eels came on May 9 and remained Shakers at Chehalis. Rev. Mann Puyallup Reservation, June 30, 1889. four of us would be standing on it th three days, he said, “to congratulate continued his monthly visits and I with pitch torches in our hands, which me on the good that had been conducted the Church Services in his ...Voting Documentation: ---I voted caused the eels to be easily seen in the accomplished.” Be that as it may, absence. On Sunday, February 1 , the at Oakville, just off the reservation water. Coming up through the swift st he would not compromise with the Indians complained about not being November 4, 1884. Indians did not water of the riffe made the eels tired Shakers in any way, and told them to permitted to speak at the Church have the right to vote at that time. and when they reached the upper end, “do as Mr. Chalcraft says to do.” Services, which was true because As [Grover] Cleveland was elected they stopped to rest, making it easy neither of us thought the time had [President], we were looking for to grasp them with the right hand, On June 11 , Mrs. John Smith was arrived to permit them to do so. On some interesting times after he was which had previously been rubbed on th at the school. While there she tried Sunday, may 17 , Mr. Mann brought inaugurated on March 4, 1884, but the inside with resinous leaves from th to pull, or shake, rheumatism from with him Rev. Peter Stanup, an things moved on in about the usual a local plant to overcome the slippery a school girl’s arm when they were ordained Presbyterian Indian Minister, way until his second term in offce surface of the eels. alone in a room. Seeing Mrs. Mills, (and) also Joe Swa-eil and Coates, began. the Matron, coming towards the room elders in the Church of Puyallup. We caught a good supply. Alice caused Mrs. Smith to hustle off as fast They all took part in the services and The second section of the Dawes cooked the choice part of one, but the as she could go. On August 2 ,while spent a couple of days visiting the Allotment Act granted citizenship and favor was too strong for us to eat an nd passing Charlie Walker’s house, I Indians. Their visit had a good effect the right to vote to all Indians who of it. There was good fshing for trout heard a bell ringing in the house, which was felt for a long time. had accepted individual allotments and salmon in the Chehalis and Black “Shaker fashion,” but I thought it best of land, to be held under a Trust Rivers, and they were more attractive to take no notice of it, nor let anyone Practically nothing more concerning Patent issued by the Government. By to us than the eels were. know what I had heard. Shakers took place until February 27, this time practically all the Indians There was excellent hunting on 1887, when I personally caught a lot [living] on reservations under Agent The issuing of passes began on the of them at George Walker’s house Eells’ jurisdiction had complied with and near the reservation. Deer were plentiful and they were frequently in day the Police Court enacted the pass doctoring Puyallup Bill, an Indian this law and were now ready to vote our felds near the school. I remember provision. The frst was issued to Cap from the Puyallup Reservation. Ten at the next election, November 6, Jim Walker killing three one day Carson, good for two days, to take were arrested and brought before 1888. I went to the voting place at within a mile of our house. The a horse to Mud Bay and return. The the Police Court the next day. The Oakville on that date and found a regular price for venison was seventy- second was issued to Harry Ho-wa- testimony showed that Puyallup Bill large number of Indians there, but fve cents for a ham, large or small. nut permitting him to go to Tumwater, had been spitting blood at time for none had voted. There seemed to be Elk were not so plentiful as deer, but fve miles from Mud Bay, to visit a a month or two, and had come to no special objection to the Indian the Indians killed several. One day sick Indian and good for one week. I Chehalis to have the Shakers cure vote, but the Judges were uncertain as was suspicious that the real object in him, which they were doing by giving to its being legal. After reading a copy Sam Smith, one of our pupils, killed four elk and I had the horns of one of asking for these passes was to inform him the usual treatment in such cases. of the law I had brought with me, and them several years. John Slocum and his followers at John Smith, assisted by Peter Yo-kum, [following] a short discussion of its Mud Bay of what was going on at Thomas Heck, and George Walker, terms, the Judges became satisfed My favorite hunting was for grouse, Chehalis. There were requests for were in charge of the doctoring, as to the legality of Indian voting. usually on horseback and sometime passes nearly every day and Alice and with the patient, Puyallup Bill, Marion Davis was the frst Indian to accompanied by Alice, on her pony represented me in issuing them while were given a sentence of ten day at vote and he was followed by all the “Daisy.” We would put our little dog I was away from home. No Indian hard labor and to be locked up in the others. “Nixy” on the horse behind one of was ever refused a pass, and as far skukum house. The other fve were In 1924, Congress passed an Act us and ride about a mile to the edge as I know, no Indian ever left the found “not guilty” by unanimous making all Indians born within the of the timber surrounding the prairie reservation without having one. decision of the Court and were United States full citizens and entitled discharged. The guilty fve served to all the rights of white citizens. where the school was located. The On October 1 , the shaking element their full time of sentence. Since then there have been no non- grouse is a fne bird for the table and st apparently had lost enough of its citizen Indians. we killed many of them. When at the vigor to permit discarding the Pass A strange feature of the case, to me, timber, we would put Nixy down on Order, for a time at least, and on that was that none of the fve showed ...Fishing and Hunting: There were the ground and it would not be long date I issued an order to the effect that any resentment in the matter. When plenty of eels in the Chehalis River. until the dog had frightened a bird up passes were no longer necessary. This Mr. Mann came the next time, My frst experience in fshing for into and tree and we would hear him was just one year from the time we he was pleased with the Shakers’ them was the night of August 1884. give a yelp or two. When we rode to began work at Chehalis Reservation. punishment, and said he had come In company with Joe Walker, Johnnie him, he would be found sitting upright In looking back over the period in to the conclusion that it was useless Dick, Bruce Jack, Johnnie John, on his haunches awaiting our coming. our lives, Alice and I agreed in that it to try to do anything more with the Mosale Bill, Pe-ell Case, and Jessie When the bird was killed, Nixy got was the most strenuous we had ever older people, but best to concentrate Mills, we went to the river where we one of the feet as a reward for his experienced, yet it had been the most the work on bringing the younger found the Indians had a platform built work. This was the usual procedure in interesting and thoroughly enjoyed, generation into a better life. I agreed about eight inches above the water at hunting birds.    Page 7
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