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Tribal Elder receives Northwest Indian Commercial Fishing License Renewal Housing Association 2012 IHA Award Deadline Notice In recognition of her 27 years of service to the Chehalis Tribal Housing Tribal fshing licenses expire include a refective sticker. The refective stickers were not October 31, 2012. Renewal before Authority, the Northwest Indian Housing Association honored Virginia this date will cost $5. After October welcomed by commercial fsher’s, “Dolly” Canales with the Indian Housing Authority Staff Person of the Year. 31 , the fees go up to $35 for as many felt that it made their st Dolly was presented everybody regardless if it is a new boats potential targets by non tribal her award at the license or a renewal. There will boaters. Annual Award Banquet be an announcement posted if an on September 12, extension is granted due to a lack 1012. Congratulations of commercial opportunity; this Please pay your fshing fees and thank you Dolly extension would be in effect until a at the accounting offce. First for your many years commercial opening has occurred. time license buyers fee is of great service to We will try to include commercial $35.00, and renewal fees are the Chehalis Tribal fshing openings that are scheduled $5.00 due before October 31. Housing Authority. well in advance in future newsletters as time allows. Watch for fyers on openings and Virginia “Dolly” follow the Chehalis Tribal Fishing Canales displaying 2012-2013 Tribal Commercial Ordinance when participating in her award for fshing licenses will NO LONGER each fsheries opening. Staff Person of the Year with Brook B. Free Broadband Internet & Computer Kistovich, Chair, NWIHA Offered to Chehalis Tribal Members Chehalis Tribe has been awarded a grant to supply Chehalis tribal members Free Firewood Available to living in Clark, Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacifc, Pierce and Tribal Members! Thurston counties with free broadband access and a notebook computer. The goal of this initiative is to increase opportunities for those households without Internet broadband service. Glen Connelly – Environmental Programs Manager A member of the tribal member household will need to have basic Tribal members can get a free dry before this Winter. understanding of computer fundamentals, web browsing and virus frewood gathering permit at the protection. Chehalis Department of Natural „ Store your wood off the ground, Resources. There’s a pile of so air can circulate and dry it. There will be training available to assist you in increasing your level of logs ready to be cut up into (Old pallets work great.) computer knowledge. free frewood, all you need is a „ Cover the wood pile with a tarp, Qualifed recipients will receive: permit. You can cut up to 2 cords or build a wood shed to keep the of wood for your household use. rain off of it. „ Free high speed Internet access for 24 months. (The frewood cannot be sold and „ Never burn garbage, or wood that the permit holder must be present has been painted or treated. They „ If you are new to computers and the Internet, there is free computer while cutting it up.) produce toxic chemicals. training of a minimum of 10 hours. You will need to demonstrate profciency to qualify. Dry Firewood Burns Cleaner Wood smoke is the leading source of „ Laptop that is offcially “on loan” to participant until successfully - Seasoned (dried) wood burns air pollution in our area and we all completing a 24 month program, at which time, it becomes the hotter and cleaner in your create some of it. Every little bit we participants. freplace. This means more heat do to reduce pollution from wood This program is available through the frst half of 2013, or until recipient smoke makes your community in your house, less soot in your healthier for the elders, the children quota is fulflled. This opportunity will go to the frst 200 qualifed chimney, and less smoke blowing and those folks with respiratory individuals. towards your neighbor. Here are illnesses. So don’t wait, get your few reminders: frewood cut now, so you’ll be ready If you have any questions about the program or about the application, or for the season. Do your part and you are unable for any reason to read or fll out the application, please give „ Split your wood now and it will burn clean, dry wood. us a call at 360-864-4552. All information will remain confdential.    Page 11
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