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Tribal Health and Wellness News Transformation Implementation Governor’s Interagency Council Plan (CTIP) with the coalitions on Health Disparities, State of First Year second year of activities for the once the community assessments Washington Department of Health, Accomplishments Community Transformation Grant are complete. Northwest Portland Area Indian (CTG) with our community. We Health Board, South Puget Sound The end of the frst year of the had 4 goals for our frst year, all The CTG team are so excited for Intertribal Planning Agency, City grant’s ‘Building Capacity’ phase of which have been met or are in everything that we will learn and of Oakville, Grays Harbor County is here and various goals have been progress. In the second year our plan together. We look forward to Public Health and Social Services accomplished. The following list plans are: working with you and hearing your Department, The Evergreen State shows some of the more signifcant hopes and plans for our community. College, State of Washington Health ones: „ Continue to meet monthly with Community Care Authority, and American our community coalitions. Indian Health Commission for WA „ Creation of a leadership team and Support and Involvement State. a community coalition „ Continue the Community Health Needs Assessments. ‘Making a healthy living „ Participation in community easier’ requires the passion and events within the Reservation and „ Offer opportunities for commitment of multiple people, Oakville. community members to organizations and institutions getting participate with CTG through: together willing to transform. We „ Two public opinion surveys Personal Opinion Surveys, would like to acknowledge our „ Social media tools are in place: Key Informant Surveys, Focus community partners: Tribal Business logo, Facebook, Twitter, and our Groups, Convenience Surveys, Committee, Lucky Eagle Casino, very own email address Community Town Halls, CTG Eagles Landing Hotel, Great Wolf Walk with a Cop! Community Events, Facebook, Lodge, Chehalis Tribal Wellness „ Consultants from the University Twitter and our webpage. Center, Healthy Families, Native The opportunity has arrived to get of Washington have been hired to Woman Wellness Project, SDPI, to know your public Safety Offcers, help with the ‘Community Health „ Share the results of the surveys Chehalis Tribal Enterprise, ask questions and get your 30 Needs Assessment’ with the community. K-12 Educational Program, Chehalis minutes of daily activity. We walk „ More community members have „ Work with and support other Tribe Health Board, Vocational from the little store to the Casino and Rehab Program, Chehalis and back at noon every Wednesday. expressed interest in participating community organizations and Tribe Public Safety, Chehalis Tribe in the project events to improve the health and Facilities, Oakville School District, For more information contact Second Year Goals well-being of the community. Methodist Church, Friends of the Shannon Sullivan at Ssullivan@ We are so pleased to begin our „ Develop a Community Library, Oakville Fire Department, or call 360-709-1771 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month NOTICE TO CONTRACT HEALTH ELIGIBLE PATIENTS: PLEASE BRING IN YOUR MEDICAL BILLS AND STATEMENTS (Labs, x-rays and related services) If you have been billed that means they don’t have all your billing information. Please don’t assume we have the bill. S T R E N G T H H O P E C O U R A G E B E L I E V E C U R E This applies for pre-authorized services ONLY - no exceptions. “The Best Protection is Early Detection”    Page 5
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