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Youth News Tribal Students Look To Make College A Reality Chehalis Tribe Students of The Youth Development the Month for September and Higher Education Programs sponsored Deidra Hawkes (9-12) field trips for High Deidra Hawkes is a Senior at School Students explore Oakville High School. She scored a colleges, universities, 3.77 GPA for the month of October. and trade schools. She has participated in basketball, expressed that she came away fast-pitch, and a local dance team. from the event with more Deidra plans on going to college confdence. “It was a wake- after this year to study business and A number of tribal community students up call to me to get ready, to get serious. It art photography. She is proud of ushered in the fall with a commitment to feels like there’s huge support in the Native having corrected her past mistakes the pursuit of higher education. Three community there. It helped me feel less to get where she is at today. trips sponsored by the Youth Development awkward about going to a large college, Program with assistance from the Higher knowing that there are other Natives you Her advice to other students is to “Stay On Track!” Education Program sent a total of 11 students to the city to explore colleges, can relate to, going through the same thing. Kamryn Couillard (6-8) universities, and trade schools. You’re not an outcast there.” To qualify for the trips, students were Kamryn is a student at Rochester On October 26, three juniors and seniors Middle School. His favorite journeyed to Portland to attend the National required to have a 2.7 GPA, be on-track subject is Math College Fair at the Oregon Convention for college eligibility, and have no grade Center. A week later, on November 2, a less than a ‘C’ in any class. Impressively, What advice would you give to group of 8 students traveled with Youth 16 students initially met this standard, and other students to help them be Development Manager William Thoms to received an invitation. “It goes to show successful? His response “turn in the Washington State Convention Center that if you raise the standards, the kids your work on time.” in Seattle, which also hosted the National will rise to the occasion,” said Education What qualities make you such a College Fair. Participating students Manager Nathan Floth. “With the efforts successful student? His response met one-on-one with representatives of the Youth Development Program, we’re “turning in my work on time, and not talking when I’m not from colleges and universities to discuss well on our way to meeting our goals. The supposed to” admission and fnancial aid opportunities kids and the whole community beneft from at their respective institutions. Counselors these types of experiences. We’re very Kamryn also enjoys playing baseball for Larch Mountain. were available on site to help students proud of them.” Participating students determine the colleges that meet their included Makayla Ortivez, Deidra Hawkes, Kirsten Secena (K-5) requirements regarding major, location, and Gary Ortivez, Desirray Klatush, Alyssa Kirsten is a student at Rochester other areas of interest. Students had access Albert, Sid Cole, Farley Youckton, Heather Elementary.. Her favorite subject: to over 300 schools from North America Daniels, Jordan Merriman, Kayley Sharp, Math. and around the world. and Natosha Lewis. What advice would you give The Chehalis Tribal Youth Development to other students for them to be Meanwhile, on the north side of town, Program provides enhancement Higher Education Coordinator Racheal opportunities for all Chehalis Tribal successful? Mendez escorted students Makayla Ortivez Member and Community Youth to develop Her answer “ Help others, and and Heather Daniels to participate in the skills they need to secure living-wage turn all of your work in.” the University of Washington’s Native careers, advance to higher education, and Are you involved in any clubs or American Student Day. The event was thrive in our community with a passion for sports? Her answer “basketball” created to encourage Native students to civic and social involvement, reweaving the pursue higher education as well as give inter-generational fabric of our community. What quality makes you a great student? them the opportunity to experience the UW. Special opportunities are available for our Her answer “Turning in all of my homework” Attendees met with current UW staff & most promising and committed youth. faculty as well as future classmates. They From the Education Department: As a reward for their learned about campus programs, received To learn how the program may help your commitment to school and personal growth, each student of assistance with their UW application and student, contact Youth Development the month will receive a $50 gift card from the Education & discovered the diversity and unity that exist Manager, William Thoms: 360-709-1897 or Development Department. Congratulations, Keep up the good in the UW community. Makayla Ortivez work! Page 10   
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