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Youth News Park Reopened after Receiving New Chehalis Tribe Students of Playground Equipment the Month for November The Makum Park across the street from the children Sid Cole (9-12) th Sid Cole is a 10 grader at the tribal center was closed for renovation were invited Oakville High School. He for a few weeks. Watching the removal to play on the scored a 3.19 GPA for the of the existing playground equipment new playground frst quarter. Sid is active in brought many mixed emotions for tribal equipment. There the National Honor Society, members. The new playground toys was so much fun Rachel’s Challenge, and just installed met current safety standards for stuff to do it was fnished up the football season. all children to enjoy. hard to choose His favorite classes are math from: including On Friday, December 7 was a day to a climbing wall, “’cause it’s easy” and metal remember. Jenee Penn performed a ribbon big toy with slide, shop because he enjoys honing cutting ceremony for the park. Winona spring toys and a Janee Penn his welding techniques. He Youckton, Terry Youckton and Bones rotating net. The performed the plans on going to college after blessed the park witnessed by Elders, new swing isn’t ribbon cutting high school and urges others to Adults and the Head Start Program. Wow! completed yet and ceremony to “Never Give Up.” What a transformation seeing the new toys one set will have officially open Kelsey Bray (6-8) that were installed. handicap swing. public access to Kelsey Bray is in the 7 grade th Screams of joy and laughter could be the park. at Rochester Middle School. heard as the ceremony was fnished and The Planning She fnished the quarter with Department appreciates your patience during the a 3.57 GPA. In addition to construction phase her studies, Kelsey was just of the project. Enjoy invited to a select basketball and be safe taking team. She says the key to her care of our new success is by following “The addition of activities Three R’s: Ready, Respectful, for our young and Responsible.” Her advice children. to other students is to “do their work.” Head Start Program students Cameron Hjelm-Snell (K-5) spent the day Cameron Hjelm-Snell is attending Oakville Elementary enjoying the in his 5 grade year. His favorite subject is Social Studies th new playground because of all the cool equipment offered projects involved. He and his at the park. classmates are designing a series of trading cards which celebrates the great explorers like Sir Francis Drake. Cameron likes his teachers because, “they are all pretty nice and they do a lot of fun activities.” He hopes kids will “work hard and don’t give up.” From the Education Department: As a reward for their commitment to school and personal growth, each student of the month will receive a $50.00 gift card from the Education & Development Department. Congratulations, Keep up the good work! Page 10   
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